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As the Sun sets on Solar….


The shape of things to come ...

Billions of dollars have been wasted on this renewables scam…..once we end the insanity, we will have to begin the “clean up”, and that will be a nightmare!

More evidence of the scam we have been warning people about!!



This scam has nothing to do with our “environment”.  It is all about green–the mean green, the almighty dollar.  They have found a way to rob us blind, with the aid of our provincial government, and we are not the only ones.  This is a world-wide scam, and if it is not shut down, immediately, our entire way of life, will be destroyed.

Dr. Alan Watts, and Alan Jones, of Australia, tell the truth about the wind fraud!

http://stopthesethings.com/2013/12/10/dr-alan-watts-pure-simple-its-fraud/comment-page-1/#comment-19878   Many intelligent, credible, professionals, have come forward, to expose the windscam, but the money-grubbing thieves, work hard to discredit any dissenters.

Dr. Alan Watts

Article contains comments from Michael Smith….this man, is BRILLIANT! A must-read!



Anyone that is not aware, that the “great global warming scandal”, is in it’s death throes, is not paying attention!  There are very few people,  clinging desperately to the AGW notion, unless they stand to make millions, or even billions, on the backs of the ratepayers.     We need their useless “green energy solutions”,  like we need a hole in the head.  The money that is being wasted on this farce, could be much better spent, on feasible solutions, for real problems!

Want to Say No, to Energy Poverty–Vote Conservative.

http://quixoteslaststand.com/2013/12/09/ontario-welcomes-energy-poverty-similar-to-germany-and-the-uk/#comment-11498  The Conservative Party, is the only one, that promises to scrap the Greed energy act, the FIT program, and cancel all projects, not hooked up to the grid.  (The rest, we would have to “look after” later! LOL!)  We can’t afford to allow this scam to go on any longer.  It benefits no one, but the greedy wind weasels.


If you are tired of freezing your butt off, doing 2am laundry, and cooking all weekend, don’t vote for the LIB/NDP’s.  It is NOT green energy, it is GREED energy!

Greenpeace is NOT what it used to be!!!

http://climatism.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/shock-news-industrial-wind-is-a-fraud-of-enormous-consequence/  This explains the agenda behind the environmental fraud being perpetrated upon people, all over the world!  These people should be strung up!

Those lucky Aussies! Ridding themselves of the greenscam!

http://stopthesethings.com/2013/11/18/janet-albrechtsen-joins-the-queue-lining-up-to-kill-the-ret/  The windweasels in Australia are on their way to becoming extinct.  They are definitely on the endangered list.  The rest of us will be following right behind Australia!  End the greenscam!


Changing the Public Perception: Industrial Wind Energy Has VERY High Costs with VERY low Benefits

Blindfold Green Energy PicAn article which digs deeper into the question about what the “Grassroots” issues are and potentially “What we NEED” to be addressing in the debate about Siting of a Turbine vs Fundamental Benefits for all

Excerpts  from the Article ring true for the Mothers Against Wind Turbines…Although the distance of people from  the turbines is a significant issue for those currently suffering…the FACTS remain that:

Industrial  Wind Turbines:

—   They will not solve our energy issues (e.g. they most certainly do not reduce our dependence on imported oil).

— They are not, and never can be, a viable substitute for conventional energy sources (e.g. because they are not reliable, have no Capacity Value, are much more expensive, etc.).

— They will not solve our environmental problems (e.g. contrary to popular perception, they do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions in any meaningful way, due to their inherent limitations as an energy source).

Should we pursue the path to change the public perception of wind energy and call into question the fundamental viability of it? I say yes.

Read original article here: http://www.masterresource.org/2010/06/eric-bibler-to-the-grassroots/