Energy Facts & Figures

IESOThis chart is supplied by the IESO.  The link provided has the  hourly generator capacity/output numbers.  As of September 2013 wind generators only show forecast and output.  A reminder that in Ontario we now have about 1750 MW of installed wind capacity and more continually coming on line. Ontario’s Electrical Supply

alberta IESO logoAlberta  Electric System Operator

UK Electrical Supply  Picture of UK IESO    This site is entirely privately and personally funded. It takes no donations or grants from any government, quasi non-governmental or commercial organisations whatsoever. It exists simply to provide and present the data as is.  The UK has about 10,000 MW of installed windpower.

Picture of Spanish IESO Spain has approximately 23,000MW of installed wind energy and about 18,000 turbines. Spain’s Electrical Supply

Logo EEXGermany’s Electrical Supply  Currently about 24,000 wind turbines with 30,000 MW of nominal output.  Solar has 32,000 MW installed capacity.

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