The federal government is also responsible for problems being initiated into rural Canada.

Prime Minister Harper, Rural CANADIAN Residents call on your Government to do what the Ontario Provincial Government  will not do.  Protect its citizens!!
Prime Minister Harper, Rural CANADIAN Residents call on your Government to do what the Ontario Provincial Government will not do. Protect its citizens!!

It’s painfully obvious to Rural Ontario that our Provincial Government/Liberals are not listening  and have no intention of listening to the concerns of it’s Rural Population.

The anti-wind movement has been patient.  The anti-wind movement has been resilient.  The anit-wind movement has not and will not go away, it has in fact grown in size and is more determined than ever to be heard!!

It is time for the FEDERAL Government to listen up!!  Prime Minister Harper advocates for individual freedoms and accountable government.  The Anti-wind movement calls on Prime Minister Harper and His Government to stop and take a close look at what is happening in Ontario!!

We lost the Provincial Election to the Liberals but if the PC’s want to stay in power on a Federal Level then they need to stop replying to calls for help by CANADIAN Rural Citizens with ” pass the buck responses.”

This from Jane Wilson of WCO…

One of our members got a quick response from her MP in answer to her email on the policy points regarding wind power in Ontario, and the 2015 election. Her MP told her that the federal government is doing a health study, and that is that: any other contact should be through the province of Ontario.

But we people at Wind Concerns Ontario do not give up!

Here’s what she wrote back:

Thank you for getting to us so quickly, but I beg to differ with your opinion that this problem is only a provincial problem.  The federal government is also responsible  for problems being initiated into rural Canada.
Yes, you have set up a Health Study, but the results will be too late for Canada.  This study will not come out until sometime this year, (and the year is almost over) and then it will have to be studied and examined, etc.

It will take years for any positive change from this study, and from the correspondence we have had with Dr. Michaud, it seems  he started with the premise that there is no problem because the onus of proving irreparable and irreversible  harm is impossible to prove so anyone with concerns has “turbine hysteria”.

The Green Energy Act is  structured in such a way that our municipality or its people will have no right in the matter.

And then, your government, who we support, is helping the Liberal & NDP view by washing your hands of responsibility.The PC’s must stand up for the rights of rural Ontario especially. 

If you do not stand up for us, you will lose your majority to the Trudeau machine that is barreling down the road to the election by doing everything in their power to make our prime minister and the party look bad.

I am enclosing a letter which WCO has crafted to explain this situation to you. Please read it and study it. If you have questions, Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO) would be pleased to help you understand the situation.



Such spirit! Also, respectful, with details, and emphasizing the need for action.
Best wishes to all,
It’s time to send letters on a Federal Level!

Members of Parliament for Niagara Region

Niagara Region is represented by four federal (MP) and four provincial (MPP) elected officials.

Canada – Members of Parliament (MP)

Federal Ridings for Elections

  • Niagara West – Glanbrook
    (includes Grimsby, Lincoln, Pelham and West Lincoln)
    Dean Allison
  • St. Catharines
    Rick Dykstra
  • Niagara Falls
    (includes Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake)
    Rob Nicholson
  • Welland
    (includes Port Colborne, Thorold and Wainfleet)
    Malcolm Allen

Australia is contemplating amending their renewable energy targets (RET)

Australia is contemplating amending their renewable energy targets (RET)  This about face in policy has the wind industry and other renewable developers on the offensive and lobbying extensively to protect their interests.  The following are the executive summary and the actual report that has them so concerned.

RET_Review_Report 2014 Australia

RET_Review_Report_Exec_Summary 2014 Australia

“ Wind Farms”- Tax Farms harvesting a monetary transfer of wealth

Wind Runs on Subsidies

download (4)Around the world markets for renewables industries are directly linked to the flow of money from policies endorsed by governments leading to the enrichment for the proponents of the projects.

In Australia wind developers are currently fighting back in a life and death battle against the threat of the RET being revoked. This is signaling the death knell for the renewable industry in the land down under.

Australian report urges end to renewable energy target

While in the United States project financiers and project builders are breathing easier with the released notice announcing the security of continued qualification for the tax credits, PTC or ITC, if the projects have met the following tests:  wind or renewable energy project had  been started. or paid 5% of the costs by January 1 2014.  The threshold to meet these tests were clarified and the one for the physical work test reads as;

“The Notice clarifies that there is no minimum amount of work or monetary threshold required to satisfy the Physical Work Test

United States: Notice 2014-46 Provides Additional Guidance On Eligibility Of Wind And Other Renewable Energy Facilities For The PTC Or The ITC

Meanwhile the doors remain wide open and  things are swishing , swooshing and sizzling  along for wind and other renewable projects In Ontario.  The FIT 3 line up of approved projects has been made and this round  was mainly comprised of solar installations:

Ontario PowerAuthority -J uly 30, 2014: FIT Version 3 contracts offered

FIT 3  hasn’t changed the appetite for  some in doing business in Ontario such as  Next Era ( parent company Florida Power and Light)  They remain keen to continue to take advantage of Ontario and announced they were looking for even more projects to sustain them…..

Florida firm eyes setting up more wind farms in Ont.

Renewable energy projects grow vigorously with the guarantee of subsidies and Ontario continues to follow the path of sustaining the industry at all costs.

 Good things  grow in Ontario ….. but at the end of the day, You can’t Eat Money.

We would like to invite you to join CCSAGE Naturally Green…

…as a Member but first, some background.

CaptureIn March, 2014 CCSAGE incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation.  The objectives of our group remain the same: we advocate for green energy projects when they are safe and appropriate, and challenge them otherwise.  The proposed wind factories in South Marysburgh and Athol are neither green nor appropriate, and our group strenuously opposes them by initiatives of our own and by supporting the activities of PECFN and APPEC.

As an example of a green initiative that we would support,  Ontario is considering the establishment a long-term power purchase agreement with Quebec.  This is an excellent idea, because Quebec generates almost all of its electricity (95%+) from hydro-electric facilities, perhaps the greenest of all sources.

CCSAGE now has a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee and thousands of supporters who have become engaged in some way in challenging proposed wind projects in the County .  The current Board is made up of Anne Dumbrille (Chair), Karen Empringham (Vice-Chair) and Garth Manning (Secretary).  The number of Directors can be increased as necessary.

Now, with incorporation, we are creating a Membership category, and would like to enroll our more engaged supporters as Members.  As you have shown significant interest in CCSAGE and its objectives in the past, we invite you to join as a Member.

What’s involved?  First, there is the formal aspect: approve the actions of the Board, the corporate accounts and any bylaw changes at an annual general meeting.  But more importantly, the Board intends to utilize the Membership as a focus group to preview plans,  as a source of new ideas, and as invited participants in occasional CCSAGE projects.

As a Member, you’ll receive regular, Members-only, email communications from the Board, and have the opportunity to provide your opinions and ideas direct to the Board.

Individual Memberships are offered at $20 for the first fiscal year, which will include a free “Naturally Green” lawn sign and a “Not a Willing Host” sticker.

To join, send a cheque, made out to “CCSAGE Naturally Green”, to Garth Manning, 17203 Loyalist Parkway, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0.  Make sure to include your name, postal address, phone number and e-mail address (all are required).

With your involvement as a Member, CCSAGE Naturally Green will become even more relevant, responsive and effective.

Anne Dumbrille, Chair


On behalf of CCSAGE Naturally Green:

17203 Loyalist Parkway, Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0


Australian Wind Industry Doomed: Tony Abbott Signals the End of the Mandatory RET

Britian,  Germany, US and Australia all re-thinking the renewable / turbine/ solar thing….meanwhile in Ontario it’s full steam ahead?

STT followers have been delighted with news that Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann have teamed up to axe the mandatory RET (see our post here).

In response to the PM’s mooted plan, the wind industry and its parasites have been reduced to making idle threats of “revenge” and bleating about “sovereign risk”. Despite a rear-guard effort by Environment Minister, Greg Hunt to salvage something of the mandatory RET, his boss has confirmed that his mission is to kill it outright. And that pretty much means the end of the wind industry as we’ve known and grown to despise it. Here’s the Australian Financial Review on the beginning of the end.

follow link to read this very informative post by our Australian friend at  STT : STT, Aug 27 2014

Big Wind’s Last Gasp?

Wind energy development in the United States has slumped.

woman-gaspDespite record installations in 2012, and eking out a 1-year, $12 billion extension of the wind production tax credit (PTC), new wind capacity last year fell to just 1,087 megawatts, a level not seen in more than a decade. Development in 2014 is showing signs of improvement but the year may not fare much better.

The industry blames Congress and the uncertainty surrounding the PTC for the slowdown, but such thinking is overly simplistic and ignores the fundamental challenges facing big wind. This slump, like others that plagued wind development in prior years, can be traced directly to generous government assistance, current energy prices, and the inherent limitations of wind power.

read more: Inside Sources, August 28, 2014 by Lisa Linowe


How many more times does it need to be said?

The problem with intermittent wind turbines

Tübingen’s mayor Boris Palmer demands: “We need to double the number of currently 25,000 wind turbines in order to supply Germany.” What a mistake!

Even 50,000 wind turbines only lead to massive surpluses if the wind blows. Wind turbines have on average around 2,500 full load hours per year, but the year has 8,760 hours. In times of no wind, no electricity is generated, even if one multiplies the number of facilities. Zero times x is zero. The intermittency of renewable energy such as wind and solar require either backup fossil power plants or energy storage capacities.

Storage technologies can only do this tasks with excessive costs. Without fossil power plants to balance the intermittency of renewable energy there will be no guaranteed power supply in Germany, with fatal consequences for the competitiveness of German industry and the manufacturing industry.

It should also be known to the Greens that the expansion of renewable energy due to Germany’s Renewable Energy Law is completely ineffective in terms of CO2 emissions in Europe. The CO2 emissions in Europe are determined solely by the capping of the emissions trading scheme. New wind and solar power, in fact, set more emission allowances free.

These certificates float through the stock exchanges to coal power plants in other EU countries where they allow further increase in CO2 emissions which amount to the same level as the reductions in Germany. Besides additional costs for citizens and the devastation of nature, any expansion of renewable energy will not achieve a single ton of CO2 reduction.

read entire article here: The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 28/08/14 Fritz Vahrenholt, Die Welt

Brazil Tax Exemption Removal Curbs Wobben’s Wind Turbine Orders

Enercon GmbH’s Wobben Windpower is losing contracts in Brazil after tax authorities canceled some exemptions for wind turbine manufacturers in the country, an official said.

The Brazil unit of Germany’s Enercon had a single customer so far this year, Mathias Moser, a vice president of Wobben, said in an interview yesterday in Rio de Janeiro. The company had considered leaving South America’s fastest-growing market after Brazilian tax authorities in April removed a tax incentive and required turbine makers such as Wobben, Spain’s Gamesa Corp., Tecnologica SA and Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems A/S to pay back taxes for the exemption.

“This is definitely a restructuring year for us in Brazil,” said Mathias, who came to the country in April amid a management change.

Enercon, based in Aurich, Germany, decided to stay in Brazil last month after filing an appeal on the tax incentive ruling, according to Mathias. He didn’t disclose how much the company owes in back taxes. Brazil is seeking the previous five fiscal years of back taxes for the exemption.

“We have always produced in Brazil, so we have had the benefit for many years,” Mathias said. “It is a lot of money.”

read more: Bloomberg, By Vanessa Dezem Aug 29, 2014

Van Diesel challenged James Gunn to “Plant a tree for Groot” and James challenges YOU!!

It all started with Vin Diesel starting the “Plant a Tree For Groot” Challenge (Groot is a tree like character Vin Diesel played in the latest release of Guardians of the Universe movie)  Vin Diesel then challenged James Gunns’s and this is his “Plant a Tree For Groot” challenge.

James will donate $5000 to the rains forest trust if he can get 50 people to meet his challenge.

If you’re looking for a tree to plant you can get your white pine tree (sampling) from Mothers Against Wind Turbines $3 for one or 4 for $10.00.

You can challenge a friend or family member and hand them the tree at the same time!!   Send us a picture of you completing your challenge so we can post them and don’t forget to nominate someone to do the same.

Join in on the “Plant a tree for Groot” Challenge and help the “Trees not Turbines” Campaign at the Same Time!! It’s a WIN – WIN situation!!

Join the REAL Green Movement….plant a tree.



Another Mother Yard Sale
Another Mother Yard Sale

The Mothers Against Wind  Turbines (MAWT Inc.) is  holding a garage sale  Saturday September 6 .  This is a fund raising event to raise money for legal costs in our continued opposition to  the wind turbine projects proposed for  the area.

This yard sale is planned for the Saturday, September 6  at the Train Station on Station Street.  We will use the opportunity for education as well as fund raising.

If you have good used sellable items, please contact Bonnie (905-386-7522)  Geri (905-386-6371) , Pam  (905-870-6121) or Nellie (905-957-3832). Feel free to drop the items off at  one of our homes before Friday morning.  We can arrange pickup if you are unable to deliver your donation.

Any help that you can  provide is greatly appreciated.
If you could print this poster and distribute it in your neighbourhood,  it would be awesome.  If you are not able to print the poster, please invite your family, friends and neighbours verbally using the information provided on the poster.
If you are able  to help with the sale we would be thrilled to have you on board.   Please call and let us know so we can arrange a schedule of volunteers.

Thanks in advance