Germany’s Expensive Gamble on Renewable Energy

And we just keep rolling those dice here in Ontario

P1-BR137_ENERGI_G_20140826215700WILSTER, Germany—In a sandy marsh on the outskirts of this medieval hamlet, Germany’s next autobahn will soon take shape.

The Stromautobahn, as locals call it, won’t carry Audis and BMW’s BMW.XE -1.11% , but high-voltage electricity over hundreds of miles of aluminum and steel cables stretching from the North Sea to Germany’s industrial corridor in the south.

The project is the linchpin of Germany’s Energiewende, or energy revolution, a mammoth, trillion-euro plan to wean the country off nuclear and fossil fuels by midcentury and the top domestic priority of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But many companies, economists and even Germany’s neighbors worry that the enormous cost to replace a currently working system will undermine the country’s industrial base and weigh on the entire European economy. Germany’s second-quarter GDP decline of 0.6%, reported earlier this month, put a damper on overall euro-zone growth, leaving it flat for the quarter.

Average electricity prices for companies have jumped 60% over the past five years because of costs passed along as part of government subsidies of renewable energy producers. Prices are now more than double those in the U.S.

read more: Wall Street Journal, Aug 26 2014

Residents File Class-Action Lawsuit to Block Wind Turbines Near Kingfisher

Another Class-Action Lawsuit.

We made the wind developers rich putting them up and now the lawyers are going to get rich helping take them down.

Seven landowners filed a class action lawsuit this week to prevent wind turbines from being built near their homes in Canadian and Kingfisher counties.

In the complaint, which is embedded above, the landowners claim that planned wind farm projects controlled by Virginia-based Apex Clean Energy would create a nuisance, devalue their property and adversely affect their health.

An organization that opposes wind projects in the two counties, the Oklahoma Wind Action Association, brought the lawsuit on behalf of the landowners. The suit was filed Aug. 27 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.

The landowners who brought the lawsuit all live within three miles of the planned wind farm, and, in many cases, own property within the “no-build” zone of the planned locations of the 500-foot-tall turbines.

From the complaint, with bullets added for readability: OKLAHOMA Economy, Energy, Natural Resources: Policy to People, AUGUST 27, 2014, JOE WERTZ



Will heat be the winner in de-icing turbine blades?

Interesting that the wind industry is concerned about ice falling on people and cattle but the MOE is not aware of any concerns.

The wind industry is trying to find improved methods of prevention of ice, and the MOE is satisfied with the present system.

When it comes to keeping wind turbines operating smoothly in icy conditions, there are several approaches being considered and tried, from the highly technical to the old school ‘shiver’ technique.By Susan Kraemer Some of the best wind resources in the world are in some of the coldest regions. These regions, with the best potential for wind energy because of their sparse population and favourable wind conditions, are expected to host 72 per cent of new wind farms through 2017, according to Finland’s State Technical Research Center Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus (VTT).

But howling winds and temperatures as cold as -35 C can place enormous demands on wind turbine systems – and on the incomes of wind farm operators, because ice build-up on blades can reduce electricity generation by as much as 20 per cent.

Radar Visibility Maps in Canada

CapturePearson International (Toronto) seems to be surrounded by turbines.

King City Radar Visibility Map


CaptureThe radar site locations are marked with a black dot. A green circle shows a 50 kilometre radius around the radar.  Inside this 50 kilometre ring, potential interference with the radar may exist and direct consultation is strongly suggested. Major roads and cities are indicated in dark blue.

The colour display surrounding the radar(s) represents whether wind turbine blades could be seen by the respective radar (in yellow) and if the wind turbine towers can be seen (in red). The visibility maps have been created for turbine models with turbine tower heights of 100 meters and blade lengths of 50 meters (for a total blade height of 150 meters). If any part of a turbine is visible to a weather radar, interference is expected, but if the turbine tower is visible (in red) more severe impacts may occur. Any region not covered by the colour display indicates that a wind turbine with a total height of 150 meters should not be visible to the radar. However, a turbine with a blade height greater than 150 meters may be seen and further analysis is necessary.

follow for interactive Map : Environment Canada

Unbelievable Beauty to Unspeakable Horror

The landscape of Lake Superior has visually unmatched vistas and unbelievably gorgeous landscapes.  The Group of Seven spent many years trying to capture the soul of its glorious majesty and its splendors are recorded on countless canvasses.  However, nothing they painted can ever match the reality of its wonder.  Now it is a prime location for  industrial wind installations.

This is the site for Bow Lake Wind Farm.the-phtoo-300x272 copy

the photo Read about March of the Wind Turbines: Wind Farm Development in Northern Ontario

Time to Turn the Tables on Wind Proponents who Accuse Opponents of ‘Nimbyism’.

Quixotes Last Stand

It’s astounding to read these days how pleased with themselves liberals are that the Wynne Ont gov’t is remaining steadfast in their refusal to amend the Green Energy Act in any meaningful way. It’s as easy as water off a ducks back for these progressives to delight in calling opponents to Industrial Wind Turbines as NIMBY’s and having democracy essentially waived to accomplish the policy goals backed by the GEA.

I only have this to say;

I want all these cheering Liberals to consider this;

Take your worst nightmare of a conservative leader. An amalgam of the very worst of Harper. Harris, throw in a little Ralph Klein and some Tea Party Timmy Hudak. I can sense your blood pressure rising as I write this. Oh the horror.
In the Legislature, a new bill is to be introduced called the “Nuclear Waste Recovery Act”

It will allow land owners to…

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Wind Turbine Noise – What Audiologists Should Know

 The voices of those from around the world who have spoke up are finally starting to be heard over the noise of the Industrial Wind Turbines.  It truly is sad that a precautionary approach was not taken before exposing so many to Turbines.  When will  it be up to the Government to PROVE to US that IWT’s do not have a “Direct Casual Link to Adverse Health Effects on People” before being allowed to put up more in populated areas? Will it take another 10 years of suffering?

[Noise from modern wind turbines is not known to causunnamede Hearing Loss, but the wind turbines may have adverse health effects on humans and my become an important community noise concern]

Guinea-pig-and-wind-farm-2-447x30410 year Guinea Pig!!

[ Start with some “sleep deprivation” then add “cardiac arrhythmias, stress, hypertension and headaches, give that a stir and you have “Vibroacoustic Disease” or VAD. Which is occuring in persons who have been exposed to high level infra and low-frequency noise. (ILFN) for periods of “10 YEARS”!!! or MORE!

It is believed to be a systemic pathology characterized by DIRECT TISSUE DAMAGE to a variety of BODILY ORGANS and may involve ABNORMAL “Proliferation of Extracellular Matrices”]

images[The energy generated by large wind turbines can be especially disturbing to the “vestibular systems” of some people, as well as cause other troubling sensations in the head chest or other parts of the body.]

[ Most relevant research has been conducted in Europe by “wind turbine manufacturers who typically don’t share with public.]

[…reports of the distressing effects on people living near utility scale wind turbines in various parts of the world are becoming common.]




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Thanks in Advance!!

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Another Mother Yard Sale
Another Mother Yard Sale

Meeting with “the people” must start somewhere

Bill Monture and Lester Green represented the interests of the Men’s Fire Council, appealing Next Era’s Summerhaven and Samsung Pattern Energy’s Grand Renewable Energy  at the ERT (dubbed Monture 1 & 2)  Attached below are the decisions.

unnamedSIX NATIONS – The main disconnect between western style corporations and most Indigenous societies is that one deals with governments put in place to act on behalf of their people, while most traditional indigenous societies work alongside with “the people”.

This is a paradigm one group of Six Nations residents hope to revive.

Bill Monture, a well-known local activist and traditionalist, built a meeting place on his Chiefswood Road property as a neutral space and has begun a process by which he hopes to find the future for Six Nations in the past.

Recently, he hosted a meeting at the converted barn, which was attended by a room full of unlikely participants, including Mark Clearwater and Randy Reed representing the provincial government, Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt, and about 30 rank-and-file Six Nations citizens to openly and frankly discuss matters of interest to Six Nations as a people and the future of co-existence of the traditional wisdom of the ancestors and the reality of the 21st century, and to do so without the presence of the media.

He and the group known to the Six Nations community as the “Men’s Fire” are trying to refocus the attention of all parties currently vying for the power to speak on behalf of the people of Six Nations, and at the same time, educate settler governments and corporations on how to rightly deal with Six Nations.

read more: Two Row Times, Jim Windle lAugust 20, 2014

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)Summerhaven Final Decision

Samsung ERT Desicion





Vampire Turbines In July

I recently read an entry on Wayne Gulden’s Wind Farm Realities website reviewing some figures for the Vestas V82 – 1.65MW capacity industrial wind turbine. The statement that stuck with me was:

… when the wind doesn’t get above 3.5 m/s – typically there’s a MINUS 50kw of production. This is power that must be supplied from the grid just to keep the turbine in business. And 50kw seems to be what the turbine uses to stay alive in good weather. In the winter it gets slightly higher – the highest negative numbers were in the 80 kw range.

I decided to investigate the performance of an industrial wind turbine project in Ontario comprised of 110 of the Vestas V82 turbines; Enbridge’s Underwood turbines in Bruce County.
110 turbines potentially each drawing 50kW means that at times when all Enbridge’s turbines are still, the draw would be ~5.5MW. In the parlance of the Ministry of Energy, and the renewables lobby, a draw of 5.5 MW is enough to prevent power being provided to over 4000 homes.

In Ontario, we know that wind is least productive in July – so the topic of how much “parasitic” load is present when turbines are unproductive is particularly relevant here.

The turbines’ manufacturer, Vestas, produced a Life cycle assessment of the V82-1.65 MW (the LCA) showing “energy balance” is achieved in 7.2 months of production. The “energy balance” is how long the turbine will take to generate the amount of energy consumed in production and disposal.

read more: Cold Air, Aug 2 2014