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Niagara Wind Turbines & Battle for Rights

1My project is the Niagara Region Wind, which consists of 77, 3.0 MW 124m height, plus the blade length which is 101m tip to tip. These turbines exceeds the span of a Boeing 747. In my backyard. I live in Haldimand County.

It is very hard to post everything about the projects, from noise, visual pollution, a community driven apart and divided, to human health, environmental health, the corruption uncovered, the rights you no longer have and the push backs from every single level of government there is. Not one single level of government will converse with you, they have a standard response they give to everyone.

I have one IWT 680m from my home, 417m to my property line. I have one 1022m from my home, another 1322m from my home and a transfer station is 900m to my home. Within 3km’s of my home there is at least 20+ turbines.

I live remotely, dead end street with 23 beautiful acres.
It’s a very different life. There is no more quiet space. There isn’t any quiet time anywhere. They are enormous, unsightly. Visually distracting, Visually disturbing, night and day. At night I have blinking red lights that penetrate our home.

I am on a prescription for vertigo, cabin pressure and motion sickness. This is a way of life I have never dreamed of living, nor thought would ever happen. This is MY new life, not chosen by me, but rammed down my throat by the incompetent greedy corrupt liberals. Yes, the prescription helps to lessen the symptoms and at times debilitating pain, but I am on a DRUG to remain in my home most days (forced out some days).

Let me explain something. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Both of which I do not medicate or take any scribe for. I manage with a healthy lifestyle and staying active. Now, in order to not be hospitalized for violent episodes of vertigo, balance loss and vomiting, I MUST remain on a prescription.

I can not convey my anger at this situation correctly. I can not convey to those who do not have turbines exactly what it is like to live with them. It is an experience that goes beyond ones ability to express correctly.

How do you tell people, the turbines haunt you 24/7. How do you explain to people the turbines and the IFS and LFS keep you awake all night.

I continue to battle for my rights. The same rights given to every Canadian and the same rights laid out in the constitution. But when you learn the GEA 2009 has over ridden rights, over ridden by-laws, abolished the MOECC, MNR rights and so on, you know you don’t live in Kansas anymore.

I am more than willing to discuss this on an ongoing basis.
Later I will post videos of the noise, the view from my living room and explain that as a mother how your FIGHT mode is triggered when a minor in your home is adversely affected. How you quietly retreat to your room to cry in overwhelming shame; Shame you can not provide a safe home for your family and yourself.

I truly am a different person than I was 7 months ago.

With each write to the government and agencies, I remind them I did not give up my rights, I did not consent to be a human trial project and their blatant disregard for human health will have consequences.

Lastly, I’d like to mention I have a fantastic Doctor. Most GP’s think its all in your head. My doctor understands LF’s and IFS. Due to the immense cabin pressure in my ears he acknowledges it’s time to start tracking nerve damage seeing as we are at the early stages, nerve damage which will cause hearing loss. I will be going for extensive hearing tests until further notice.
There is so much more to write….

Sandy Max,  Haldimand County
March 2017

Niagara Wind turbines came online November 2016: 

Niagara Wind CLC Meeting #4


Tuesday February 7th, 2017 | 6pm
Wellandport Community Centre
5042 Canborough Road
Wellandport, ON L0R 2J0

The purpose of the CLC is to facilitate two-way communication between NRWF and CLC members with respect to issues relating to the construction, installation, use, operation, maintenance and retirement of the facility. All CLC meetings are open to the general public for observation.

Questions can be submitted in advance up until January 31st to Karla Kolli, CLC Chair and Facilitator at or 416-229-4647 ext. 2354.

Residents already tapped Out

Transmission poles for Niagara Wind in West Lincoln, Ontario

Grimsby Lincoln News   Re. An investment in the future, Letter, Jan. 10:

I disagree with the mayor about the future of West Lincoln.

Our council has taken on a project estimated to cost $23.6 million with no firm plan except that they have set their sights on achieving a new arena and recreation complex before the next election.

In 2015, council turned down a proposal for a $14-million complex because funding was not complete, and now they have plans for a $23.6-million complex and still have no funding in place, no business plan, and no estimate of operating expenses. They have, however, decided to place all funds they anticipate receiving from the wind projects: the Community Impact Fund, the Road Use Agreement, and the funds equal to the replacement of the 7,000 trees removed by the wind company, into the project.

Council also brags about the 3.5 per cent tax increase to the 2017 budget as the final increase when they are actually planning a 13.6 per cent increase phased in over three years.

Now they are asking this community to start fundraising. Many of us have spent thousands of our own dollars (and thousands of hours of our time) on just attempting to keep the wind company compliant with no help from this township. Residents of West Lincoln have had to put their own funds into purchasing noise monitoring equipment, with no support from our council. Our council never done anything to help the residents of West Lincoln, except to sign the documents allowing them to collect the bribe money from the project.

West Lincoln in 2017 has 49 industrial wind turbines, miles of transmission lines, guard rails and utility poles, and families facing problems with water quality, noise, shadow flicker, sleeplessness, health issues and stress.

I expect to see more and more issues with the wind projects in the future and huge tax increases for years to come just to maintain this recreational complex.

Nellie DeHaan, Smithville

Published January 17, 2017

Boralex buys out Enercon in Niagara Wind

60BE1C5E-4CA2-4E53-ABDD-BC0778470EF3Who now owns Niagara Wind? That is a constantly evolving answer.  Boralex has bought out Enercon Canada’s interest in the Niagara Wind project located in West Lincoln, Haldimand and Niagara region.  The deal was recently reported in the December 28, 2016 Financial Post article titled “Analysts bullish on Boralex Inc after wind farm deal”



Guardrails for Niagara Wind- What the hay?


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Are Niagara Wind’s guardrails being installed for safety of people or just for the protection of wind facility infrastructure?

The intrusive and extensive kilometers of guardrails for Niagara Wind now found along West Lincoln’s and Regional roads were a subject of discussion on September 19, 2016.  Blocked access to heritage cemeteries, narrowed driveway entrances,  visual clutter for home frontages, maintenance issues, and snow removal were among the issues discussed.  The random pattern of installations are  generating a lot of blow back from the residents who have been calling into West Lincoln County for answers.  (Start at the 13 minute mark of the video).

Have Questions about Niagara Wind’s Guardrails?

Contact West Lincoln public works with inquiries and anticipate the opportunity to be “educated” – Expected timeline for a response to be within 24 hours.

Council members (20 minute mark of video) discuss the realities for large modern day farm equipment travelling the roads and increased barriers faced by guardrails narrowing the road width.  The suggestion is brought forth that perhaps the Engineers signing off on the plans attend Council and they be reminded to take into account the traffic found in an active agricultural community.

Niagara Wind is certainly a moving target.

Wind Turbines are not Good Neighbours

Not what you want in your backyard. Niagara Wind’s  3MW turbines and its cluster of 8 of 77 turbines now crowd the cottages and homes located in the picturesque community of Lowbank in southern Ontario. Lake Erie’s shoreline and its horizon are dominated by towering turbines of multiple wind projects visible from all views. Continued impacts to residents and migrating butterflies, birds and bats await the turning blades with the project’s anticipated start up date of fall 2016.

What side of the fence do you live on?

The discord of wind facilities hits home and personal for those who have had the projects forced onto their  communities.  In southern Ontario the construction frenzy of the Niagara Wind project consisting of 77  3MW wind turbines continues to defy logic and common decency.

The latest in your face example being the installation of the guard rails that were installed along the narrow rural road edges needed to protect the massive transmission poles for the project.

It has been well over a week since the heritage site of the West Lincoln cemetery was trespassed by the installation of the infrastructure associated with the Niagara Wind project which blocks access. No word as to when this will be fixed.  Utter disrespect for those who have loved ones buried there.

No thought has been given to the impacts to the home owners whose front yards are now visually reminiscence of the QEW highway . The guardrails are also creating direct barriers of access for agricultural operations with farm lane entrances narrowed.  Moving large slow moving farm equipment onto the public roads will become even more difficult as the option of moving over to allow oncoming traffic to pass has been removed.

Snow removal in the winter months will also be directly impacted by the endless miles of hydro pole bases and the guardrails.

Industrialization of our rural homes.

(Photos courtesy of  Smithville Turbine Opposition Party)

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Niagara Wind Noise Annoyance


So it begins.

The fight to protect our residents and community continues.

The Niagara Wind Power Complex is scheduled to be online by September 2016.  Support Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. and West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action group.

Please feel free to attend the May 17, 2016  Open House or contact our community groups directly.

Together we are stronger and together we will be heard.

May 12, 2016
“Well they were Testing that Turbine behind us yesterday -, Rosedene RD ,West Lincoln ON, -My older son was out side and He said he thought he kept hearing Jets and was looking up , I hadn’t hear it in the house UNTIL Supper Time ,I had my Windows Open and I heard It ,It SOUNDED LIKE A JET and when it was Stopping it Got even louder , JUST LIKE ON THE VIDEOS where you can hear them..Except this is ONE Sounding like Many. and they keep changing the way it points – ::: ( “

Turbine groups seek township money

It’s a big ask, but members of the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group Inc. and Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. are optimistic.

The anti-turbine groups were among a number of clubs, organizations and charities that applied for funding through the township’s corporate sponsorship fund. The fund doles out money to non-profit groups that serve West Lincoln.

In a presentation to council Mike Jankowski and Bonnie Tuson outlined costs that the groups expect to face in 2015, including $30,000 for each group as part of a challenge launched under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, $50,000 as part of the Niagara Region Wind Corporation’s judicial review, and $20,000 for community outreach and support.

“We are asking for financial support to benefit the efforts of and for the communities of West Lincoln to protect the health and security of all,” they said in their presentation.

The township has budgeted $12,500 for corporate sponsorships in 2015. Last year groups such as the PoultryFest committee ($5,000), Big Brothers Big Sisters ($1,000) and West Niagara Agricultural Society ($1,750) received grants from the township. Continue reading Turbine groups seek township money

Michael Jankowski – Presentation as heard at ERT.

NRWC ERT Presentation Companion – Michael A Jankowski (1)

here is the word for word presentation….without the accompanying slide show…. that was heard at the ERT.

Michael A. Jankowski – Presentation Companion (Exact Spoken Words at Presentation)

Slide 2:

I have come to you today because I know, based on our experiences, observations and learnings,  that the HAF Wind Turbines have invoked serious health issues for my family and myself and to warn you and others that if NRWC is allowed to proceed with a much larger Wind Project nearly the same distance from our home as HAF, that not only will our issues continue to get worse, but many of the 10,000 people living in the environ of the NRWC project area will also start to suffer from serious Wind Turbine induced negative health impacts as we have and probably worse. Many who will suffer will have a difficult task to determine why they are suffering and will also need help to know where to report any such suffering. Further, if they overcome the hurdles to find out where to report, it is unlikely they will receive any meaningful response, as experienced by my family and I.

We have established a chain of causality, from the noise/vibrations which invade into our home, most often at night as we try to sleep through to the resultant health impacts we have experienced, which, are strikingly the same health impacts that studies note and the experiences of many other people also report. You should consider my presentation to be “eye witness” material. In my full submission, I’ve provided what information I can from professionals in the short time I have been afforded by the ERT process. I offer this in addition to my experiences, observation and learnings including a letter from our family doctor.

In my direct experience, the giant Wind Turbines which are the HAF Wind Power generation project do emit audible Low Frequency Noise and Inaudible Infrasound with a multi-cyclic characteristic so significant that we can hear/feel this noise/vibration in our home many nights as we try to sleep. (Similar in characteristic to 2 or 3 alarm clocks sounding) Often, when we hear/feel this, my ears feel pressurized and in some pain at times after hearing/feeling the noise/vibration from the HAF Wind Turbines. This is also consistent with what many others have noted. The sound/vibration bears a distinct monotonal predictable repetitive pattern – WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM which is in time with the HAF Wind Turbines and only present when they are turning as I will describe later.

Since the HAF Wind Turbines (HWTs) commenced operation on June 14th, 2014, my family and I noticed serious and negative changes to our health and wellness over time. Since my family and I have been subjected the HWTs noise/vibration, we have endured negative health consequences which we have not experienced previously and which are directly related to the parts of my body which are irritated when we hear/feel this noise/vibration. Continue reading Michael Jankowski – Presentation as heard at ERT.