“Unite The Fight” Dinner Another Success!

Lowbanks, Ontario
May 29 2014


The Mothers Against Wind Turbines hosted another successful dinner and information night in a recent series called “Unite The Fight.” It was held in Haldimand County on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, at the Lowbanks Community Hall. Great food was served buffet style and the desert table was sinfully tempting.  New faces and the meeting of old friends and supporters as the relentless invasion of wind turbines continues in Ontario.

The night was one of discussion about wind projects and governmental process grievances.  Updates were given on various legal strategies against the unwanted wind projects. A special focus was made about the Niagara Region Wind Corporations proposal to erect 77,  3 MW turbines in a sprawling foot print, that would cover three counties which would include West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand.  The project has submitted its reports to the Ministry of the Environment for technicalDSCN2112 review and though its reports have
multiple deficiencies, its approval remains a real threat.  Several members of the Mothers Against Wind Turbines working committees made presentations of activities and actions already undertaken and anticipated next steps. The Trees Not Turbines campaign was underway!

Ontario is currently facing Provincial elections and Municipal elections will take place later, in the fall of 2014.  Renewable energy, wind turbines and electricity rates are hot button topics and politicians are being demanded to articulate their party platforms and to work for the people. MAWT and dinner guests heard some words from Marnie Knight a well-known and longtime community activist in the fight against the wind projects. She is now a declared Mayoral candidate for Haldimand and is running in opposition
to the current Mayor, Ken Hewitt.    Notice of the dinner had been sent to multiple candidates and representatives of the local communities. Toby Barrett MPP of Haldimand Norfolk who is seeking re-election in the Provincial elections, stopped by for dinner and accepted hard questions from community members on wind power, including those from Wainfleet Alderman, Betty Konc who was also dining at the event.  Barrett was challenged to speak to a range of issues surrounding the Green Energy Act, FIT contracts
and renewable energy.

Tara Pitts owner of Burnaby Sky Dive a local business  gave a passionate speech and put a human face on the hurtful impacts, unjust planning process and questionable project placements.  She was very honest about how the ongoing legal battle will likely bankrupt her business.  The receDSCN2127ntly released decision was not favourable for the Pitts and surrounding residents. Industrial wind turbines are being located in proximity to their base of operations and are raising legitimate concerns of safety and the future operational parameters of Burnaby Sky Dive.  Wind turbines, aviation and sky divers, these words paint a picture of deadly risk and speak to a clear lack of any planning common sense. The next step in the tortuous legal path will be an appeal in Divisional Court.  She urged everyone present that this was everyone’s fight and to get angry over the injustices and not to be complacent.  A legal battle may have been lost but it isn’t over,  as she said “the fat lady is only humming but she isn’t singing yet.”

Wainfleet Ratepayers Association in partnership with Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc launched the start of their Raffle with the monies raised to support the ongoing legal costs involving Burnaby Sky Dive opposition  to the wind turbines.   If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets they will be available at MAWT events now until the draw in September.  Contact the Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.  at their website:

The Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc have many other events in the works, and next up will a booth at Friday the 13th in Port Dover, and Poultry Fest at the end of June.

Thank you to all for your support!


TONIGHT! Unite the Fight Dinner – May 29, 2014

TONIGHT – Information Night Dinner!

All are welcome:)

We will also be selling White Pine trees for the “Trees Not Turbines” campaign = $3.00 each or 4 for $10! 

Ontario is at a crossroads and unless we get our financial house in order!

The item below was written by one of our very informed and knowledgeable members.  She has given us permission to send it to you.
Ontario is at a crossroads and unless we get our financial house in order we will all be disadvantaged  in the future.  Fiscal responsibility demands that those in charge manage the budget.  Kathleen Wynne and finance minister Charles Sousa have predicted that the Ontario economy will under-perform the Canadian, American and global economies for the next two DECADES!

Consider the performance of the Ontario economy over the last nine years.  The province has been put on notice by Standard and Poor, our credit rating has been downgraded, and we are under a very serious credit watch.  The provincial deficit for this year is $12.5 billion, so this year alone we are spending $12.5 billion more than the provincial government collected from Personal Income Tax        , Sales Tax, Corporations Tax,  Ontario Health Premiums, Education Property Tax, All Other Taxes, Government of Canada transfer payments, Income from Government Business Enterprises and Other Non-Tax Revenue. Our Total Provincial Revenue for 2013 was $114.2 billion. Our provincial debt has more than doubled to $288 billion in the last nine years, and servicing this debt is costing us $11.4 billion this year. Interest payments on our debt are the third largest budget expenditure after health and education.

Over the past nine years more than 300,000 new provincial government employees have been added to the pay roll. Many of these government employees make more than $100,000 per year and are on the Sunshine List. Over 650 new agencies, boards, commissions and entities such as LHIN’s and CCAC’s have been created.

Ontario has a population of 13.5 million people of whom 7.4 million people are in the labour force.  Over one million people are on the provincial government pay roll, paid by the tax payers of this province. It is neither desirable nor healthy to have everyone working for the government. The government bureaucracy has ballooned out of proportion to the size of the population and it is time to CUT FROM THE TOP.  We do not want to remove classroom teachers, nurses, doctors and the people on the front lines, WE NEED THE BUREAUCRATIC FAT TRRIMMED.  We can no longer afford to hire people we do not need, to work in government offices when over half a million Ontarians are now out of work.

We are paying more provincial taxes initiated by the Liberals only to receive fewer services. We now pay HST, health premium (tax), WSIB tax increase, tire tax, electronics tax, eco fees, beer surtax, etc . Yet in health care – eye exams have been delisted, physiotherapy has been delisted, chiropractic care has been delisted, diabetic strips have been delisted. We have an increased wait time for cataract surgery  because Ontario has cut cataract-surgery funding. As the population ages and the supply remains stagnant the wait time for nursing home beds has tripled. So eventually, only the rich will be able to afford health care and nursing homes.

Our manufacturing base is being gutted due to high energy costs. Our energy costs are the highest in North America. We have created an energy surplus since 2006 due to decreased manufacturing and conservation, yet we continue to add renewable energy – wind and solar – to the grid. To maintain a stable grid we pay Quebec and some north-eastern States to take our surplus energy.   The closing of the Gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga will cost the tax payers of this province $1.1 billion. However, this will pale in comparison to the cost of the implementation of the Green Energy Act – a $20 billion price tag for FIT contracts to subsidize renewable energy projects for the next twenty years. Meanwhile, the hydro at Niagara Falls is underutilized and we pay to run a second energy system on “spinning standby” to provide base power when the wind does not blow. The renewable energy subsidies are essential to keep this industry going and this will be the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the corporate elite in the history of Ontario.

Ontario is a have-not province for the first time in Canadian history. Without accountability, transparency, due diligence, and good governance we are being destroyed from within.  We are putting our future at risk and that of our children.   It is critical that we get our financial house in order.

Additional scandals and mishaps reported by Marilyn Taylor over the last 11 years:
Increased spending by 80% while our economy grew by only 9%
Ranking the lowest of all provinces for fiscal performance
Borrowing more debt than any province except NB
Third highest user of food banks
Job growth across Canada except in Ontario
Prior loss of 60,000 jobs in the horse racing industry
Two ministries under an OPP criminal investigation – ORNGE and gas plant scandals

Increased smart meter, electricity, hydro costs
Electricity rates to rise 42% over the next five years
Ontario Power Generation scandal
Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress confirmed that McGuinty’s Green Energy Act grossly underestimated the cost to consumers and overestimated the number of new jobs that would be created
Samsung scandal (sole-sourcing
Offshore Wind Turbines scandal
Trillium Wind Power and Sky Power Limited lawsuit (500 million)
Encouraging farmers to build small-scale solar projects but have no way to connect them to the power grid
Kowtowing to green energy lobbies
Ignoring evidence that wind turbines can cause poor health
Caledonia Hydro Line scandal (116 million)
Nanticoke Coal Power Plant Shutdown scandal

Emergency room wait times not meeting provincial targets
eHealth scandal (almost 2 billion)
ORNGE scandal (700 million)
Cancer Care Ontario scandal (millions of dollars)
Chemotherapy Dosage scandal
Augusta/Westland lawsuit as it pertains to ORNGE
Ontario Medical Association lawsuits – applied to Superior Court alleging McGuinty not negotiating in “good faith”
Breast Screening scandal (ensuing lawsuits due to thousands of misread mammograms, one life lost)
Public sector employment in health care increased by 39%
Dramatic cuts in health care services in schools
Insufficient senior homecare services
Pharmacy war
Failure to disclose elevated radiation levels
Laid up in US hospital beds as no beds available in Ontario
Hiding hospital errors from the public
Almost 40 C. difficile deaths to date
Loss of 6,500 cancer patient health records
Workers at eHealth suing for not receiving bonuses
Ontarians pleading for their lives or dying because they aren’t getting the health care they need
Patients with certain brain tumor denied help to cover costs of drugs which are covered in Manitoba

Eco-Fee Reversal scandal (18 million)
Niagara Falls Commission scandal
Voting to cover up the Niagara Parks Commission scandal
Cement company lawsuit (275 million) – Quarry outside Hamilton was scuttled for political reasons
Illegal green taxes

Education minister signing off on documents that she doesn’t even read
Public sector employment in education increased by 34% while student population decreases
Failing grade on ADHD education
Foreign Scholarships scandal (our students pay the highest tuition in Canada while foreign students get free university educations)
School bus service lawsuit
Increased  tuition costs

Ring of Fire
Ontario Northland Railway scandal (820 million)
Failing grade in northern forestry management

Auto Insurance scandal
Increased car insurance costs
Imposing blood alcohol rules that punish people who are not impaired

Failing grade of Family Responsibility Office
Children’s Aid Society scandal
Class-action lawsuit for autism funding cancellation

MPAC scandal (over and under-valuation of properties)
Highest rent increase rate in years

G20 Secretly Approved Police Power scandal
Refusing public inquiry into G20 fiasco
Talked about a two-year freeze on wages for public sector while previously giving the OPP a 5% wage increase – the OPP received another raise of over 8% in January, 2014
McGuinty defunded the Centre for Forensic Sciences throwing a world-renowned police team who specialized in retrieving deleted computer files out of work two months before he resigned

Millions spent to needlessly redesign our provincial logo
Lobbyist scandal (two multi-million dollar scandals)
Slush Fund scandal (32 million)
Elliot Lake Collapse lawsuits (two lives lost due to recovery delays)
Public sector employment in social services increased by 39%
Pan Am scandal (cost increase from 1.4 to 2.5 billion)
Payout for Pan Am CEO (250 million)
OLG scandal (millions of dollars)
Millions spent to remove the “C” from OLG when Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation was changed to Ontario Lottery & Gaming
Tax collectors getting 45,000.00 severance packages for switching job titles from provincial to federal
OES missed its collection and recycling targets by 59%
Not correcting the foreign ownership of our beer market
Acceptance of garbage striker extortion
Harassing labour inspectors
Abstained from vote to investigate CBC expenses
Cash kickback scheme involving government cleaning contracts that ended with the conviction of Liberal officials
Giving those who hire only newcomers a $10,000.00 tax credit
Legal rights of Ontarians disregarded relative to the Caledonia-Mohawk matter

More to come….
Like I said, Ontario is a have-not province for the first time in Canadian history. Without accountability, transparency, due diligence, and good governance we are being destroyed from within.  We are putting our future at risk and that of our children.   It is critical that we get our financial house in order.

A very concerned citizen

The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. policy.

Explosive Letter From UNESCO Warns Dorset Wind Farm Could Compromise World Heritage Status

Quixotes Last Stand

  • Proposed wind farm would place 194 turbines off the Jurassic Coast
  • Letter warns turbines will obscure view of the Isle of Wight
  • UNESCO review found project would have a ‘significant impact’ on the site

UNESCO has warned that plans for a wind farm of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast could compromise its status as a World Heritage Site.

The organisation has waded into the row over a controversial wind farm, writing an explosive letter to Whitehall outlining serious concerns about the project.

UNESCO also stressed that Britain could be in breach of the World Heritage Convention, which dictates that individual countries have a duty to ensure the ‘identification, protection, conservation and presentation’ of their World Heritage Site.

The director of UNESCO ends the letter by urging the relevant authorities to take the comments into account when deciding to grant the wind farm permission.

While it wasn’t outlined in the letter, some experts…

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Television Premiere of Down Wind on Sun News Network — June 4th at 8 and 11 p.m.

Quixotes Last Stand

Sun News Network will air the television premiere of the documentary film DOWN WIND on Wednesday, June 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET and 11:00 p.m. ET.

DOWN WIND is a tell-all film that deals head on with how Ontario politicians rammed through green energy laws and dashed forward with the installation of thousands of wind turbines across the province’s farmland and countryside.

The film exposes how the lights of liberty went out for Ontario citizens deeply opposed to wind turbine projects. It tells the stories of communities torn apart, and the rural warriors now fighting for their rights, health and happiness.

Sun News Network host and contributor Rebecca Thompson joined Surge Media Productions to create this passionate, yet alarming story of a flawed attempt to green Ontario’s electricity grid.

DOWN WIND debunks the Ontario Liberal government’s propaganda that wind power is economically and environmentally sound, by pointing to jaw-dropping wind…

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Western University researchers calling on governments and wind farm developers to avoid feeding war of words

John Miner – London Free Press – May 21, 2014

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A call for calm | The London Free Press

After studying two Lake Erie communities, Western University researchers are calling on governments and wind farm developers to avoid feeding the war of words that has broken out between supporters and opponents of wind turbines.

In a study published in the journal Environment and Planning, the Western geography department researchers found people who have raised health concerns and other objections to wind turbines are denigrated, dismissed and ostracized by supporters of the developments in their communities.

They also endure shots by senior politicians, such as former premier Dalton McGuinty, who dismissed health concerns as “unreal.”

The treatment only makes the situation worse for individuals with concerns, said associate geography professor Jamie Baxter, one of the study’s authors.

“If you get right down to the micro level of the community, life is not good for these people,” Baxter said Wednesday.

It was in face-to-face interviews researchers heard supporters of the turbines making light of the problems of those opposed, with comments such as “A lot of people live to be annoyed” and “Well, you know, I guess if you stood here long enough you’d get dizzy looking at them . . . watching those blades go around.”

Health concerns reported by opponents included pain, dizziness, sleep deprivation and loss of balance.

The study found the majority of people in both communities supported the existing wind farm projects within the communities — 80% in Port Burwell and a statistically significant lower 63% in nearby Clear Creek.

But the researchers said the support was more “pragmatic” than “enthusiastic.” Most in favour said it was simply a “better alternative” than other energy choices. Those opposed were quite emotional, expressing anger, disappointment and frustration.

In addition to lowering the rhetoric, the researchers suggested the developers of wind farms could improve support for their projects if the financial benefits of wind farms were shared among households in the vicinity of turbines, not just the landowners with the turbines on their property.



Support for wind farms

  • Port Burwell: 80%
  • Clear Creek: 66%

Average number of turbines within 2 km of homes

  • Port Burwell: 3.7 turbines
  • Clear Creek: 6.8 turbines

Percentage claiming health impacts

  • Port Burwell: 3%
  • Clear Creek: 22%


In their study, the Western researchers looked at Port Burwell in Elgin County, home to 66 industrial wind turbines, and the Clear Creek area in Norfolk County, about 20 kilometres east, home to 18 turbines.

In addition to 152 responses to a questionnaire, the researchers gleaned information from 26 face-to-face interviews.

The questionnaires were distributed to people living within two kilometres of a wind turbine, while the face-to-face interviews were with participants within a two-kilometre radius.

What wind energy opponents say:

“I would say that’s not really a surprise,” said Jane Wilson, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, of the study’s findings. Wilson said the dismissive attitude toward opponents of wind farms were set almost at the instant former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty introduced the Green Energy Act. She said those who have concerns have even had their grip on reality questioned.

Among wind projects in Southwestern Ontario:

  • Chatham Wind Farm
  • Clear Creek Point
  • Cruickshank
  • Cultus
  • Frogmore
  • Harrow
  • Huron Wind
  • Kingsbridge
  • Mohawk Point
  • Port Burwell (Erie Shores)
  • Proof Line
  • Ravenswood
  • Thames River I

Original Article: A call for calm | The London Free Press.

Trees Not Turbines – White Pines For Sale!


The Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc., currently has White Pine’s available for purchase!

$3.00 Each or 4 for $10.00

If you would like to purchase, please send us a message!



There’s no question that over the past 2 decades, there’s been a heightened awareness for the environment. One of the more important areas is how we obtain electricity. One of the proposals has been in the form of Industrial wind turbines.

We feel there’s a better way to answer the question of how to retain a reasonable quality of life with a view to enhancing the environment that we could all mutually benefit.   We feel trees are the answer and wherever you may reside, you can participate.


Here are some of the reasons trees are a superior way to enhance the environment over industrial wind turbines;


1)  Trees absorb CO2 and release O2.  An acre ( .405 hectares) of trees will absorb enough CO2 to offset a city driven car for a year, while producing enough O2 for 18 people per day.  IWT’s can do neither.


2)  IWT’s have a large initial carbon footprint before becoming operable. Trees start their work right away with no initial carbon footprint.


3)  IWT’s have within their components, many detrimental compounds detrimental to the environment. Turbine blades contain bisphenol A, a known carcinogen and the hubs contain gear oil that has high levels of mercury. Trees, of course, are without these issues.


4) Trees are superior to IWT’s when it comes to preventing erosion, providing shade, providing habitat for birds and attracting many other forms of wildlife. IWT’s in fact enhance erosion, kill bats and birds and provide no attraction to wildlife.


5) IWT’s are infinitely more costly than trees, trees require no electricity to operate and are for the most part, maintenance free. Trees have proven to enhance property values and provide years of enjoyment no matter if you live in a rural or urban environment.


6) IWT’s require to work in tandem with other power generators. While we’ve essentially eliminated coal as a source of generation, gas plants have come on line to replace coal and to act to back-up wind generation. In order to do this, gas plants run in the most inefficient way possible and in the final tally don’t substantially reduce emissions at all. Trees of course require no gas plant backup and can help reduce heating and cooling costs.


We listed here just a few of the benefits of trees. We can replace IWT’s with trees and accomplish our goals for a better environment. This is the REAL green movement.


Wainfleet continues push against wind turbines

Head Wind Ontario

Wants province to review its renewable energy process

Port Colborne Leader

WAINFLEET — Council wants a second look.

Last week township council voted to approve a motion by Alderman Betty Konc calling on the province to review its current renewable energy process. Konc explained the motion is yet another attempt for the town to gain some traction in the continued effort to stop wind turbine development in the area.

“It’s a motion born out of frustration,” said Konc, noting under the current Green Energy Act the township cannot outright stop the construction of turbines that some have associated with health risks and declining property values.

The township did attempt to initiate a two-kilometre setback requirement for turbines, a move later quashed in court.

“They need to stop this nonsense,” said Konc of the province, adding, “we have the right to say we don’t want a Tim Hortons…

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Unite the Fight Dinner – May 29, 2014

Come out to our Information Night Dinner! All are welcome:)

We will also be selling White Pine trees for the “Trees Not Turbines” campaign = $3.00 each or 4 for $10!