Child Victims

This page  is dedicated to all the Child Victims affected by IWT’s. Please read their families stories below. If you or your child is currently being  affected by an Industrial Wind Turbine, please send us your story through the Contact Us Page or make a report through ILL Wind Reporting:

Steve & Luann Therrien – Vermont

“It’s not just Steve & Luann.  It’s Bailey (2-year-old daughter) and Seager (4-year-old son).  Both children are suffering—except, with limited communication skills, their parents have difficulty pinpointing exactly how.  Clearly there is fear in both children (seeking refuge in their parents’ bed at night).  And at times pain.  Head pain?  Earache?  And Seager refuses to get on the swing he used to love.”

Read their story here:

“Fears for Children’s Safety after turbine breaks up”- September 4, 2013 – Sue Restin & Rita Campbell – Source – The Press and Journal – UK

FRESH fears have been raised about children’s safety after a wind turbine similar to ones installed at schools in the Highlands started to break up after being hit by a powerful gust. Read original article here: Children’s Safety Concerns after Turbine Breaks

“Two young children were wide awake, three hours after normal bedtime and one was trembling uncontrollably… we can go days without noticing any impact, (but) then it is back again.”-August 27, 2013 -Source – ShorelineBeacon

Many residents who say their worlds have been turned upside down since the wind turbine at the CAW Family Education Centre turned on, had their stories heard at Saugeen Shores town council Monday night.

And it appears as if councillors are ready to do everything they can to make the lives of these citizens return to normal. Continue reading at:

The victim impact statement can also be found at: Shemilt Family Impact Statement

Letter from Minister of Energy to a child – August 27, 2013 – Twitter

This letter demonstrates the propaganda used to promote the Liberal’s green energy policies. It falls short in showing the Ontario Public, even children, both sides of the story. He passes the buck on to the Medical Officer of Health for his information in determining his renewable energy policies. Someone needs to do more homework…

Mom  Worried about Autistic Son – July 5, 2013 – Source  – Sarnia Observer

Hornblower said Josh is so sensitive to sounds that the family avoids parking lots at night because of his reaction to the noise from the light fixtures.The sound of the furnace starting up, or of a car passing by their house, is enough to wake Josh up at night, and keep him up for hours, Hornblower said.He’s also sensitive to the flicker of shadows.Hornblower said they’re worried how their children with autism, and Josh in particular, will react once the turbines are up and turning near their home, and next to the school Josh and his brothers and sisters attend. Read entire article at: lambton-shores-family-asking-wind-companies-to-move-turbine-sites

“My Childrens Paradise” – Mar 16, 2013 – Source – Youtube

1 Minute of Shadow Flicker in Kingston, MA 

Also see full story at:

Children Suffering from Sleep Deprivation – Feb 16, 2013 – Source – Ill Wind Reporting

Living with turbines for almost 5 years, we have become used to the lack of sleep and all of the side affects that go along with it. We live within 700m of two turbines, there are 6-8 within 1 km, and at least 12 within 2 kim’s. Yesterday was report card day and my eldest son’s report card broke my heart. It started with a glowing report “…continue reading at Children Suffering from Sleep Deprivation

 Child’s Birthday disrupted by Shadow Flicker – Nov 11, 2012 – Source: Youtube

Family held hostage by turbine flicker in their own home. Saturday November 10th- 12. Getting ready to celebrate their daughters birthday with family and friends. Attached is a video, sent to the Scituate Board of Health….

Welfare of Children at Risk due to wind turbines, parents  say – Sept 5,  2012 – Source: Andrew Smith, Banner Staff – Southwestern Ontario

Jeremy and Cody have autism, and both exhibit problems processing sensory information, such as sights and sounds. The concern of Medeiros is how the low-frequency noise produced by wind turbines will affect her son when he is already sensitive to sound.
“Anything like that is really going to set him off,” Medeiros said. “Even the phone ringing, he’s slapping his head and can’t stand the sound.”

Read entire article here:

Wind Farm ‘could threaten special needs day center in Blaenau’ – August 28, 2012 – South Wales  Evening Post

“It has been found that children, especially with special needs, are more sensitive to the effects of wind turbines.

“For example a child with autism, Asperger’s or ADHD does not have the ability to filter noise thus they hear noises at the same level” he said.

“The noise created from a wind turbine can cause continuous auditory sensory overload, which affects their concentration and focus.

Read more: 

Wind farm fear prompts family with autistic son to move –  August 25, 2012 – BBC News – Lincolnshire

Steven’s father Derek Robinson said they had moved to Leicestershire for the sake of their son’s health.

“It would make him a prisoner in his own home, he would have to spend all the time inside.

“The noise – it would be like listening to a jumbo jet, the sound would terrify him to the point he could not go outside.” Read entire article here:

Wind Turbine Noise – BMJ Editorial – Mar 8, 2012 – BMJ Group

Author: “Hanning, Christopher; and Evans, Alun”

Wind turbine noise seems to affect health adversely; an independent review of evidence is needed.

The evidence for adequate sleep as a prerequisite for human health, particularly child health, is overwhelming. Governments have recently paid much attention to the effects of environmental noise on sleep duration and quality, and to how to reduce such noise.[1] However, governments have also imposed noise from industrial wind turbines on large swathes of peaceful countryside.

The impact of road, rail, and aircraft noise on sleep and daytime functioning (sleepiness and cognitive function) is well established.[1] Shortly after wind turbines began to be erected close to housing, complaints emerged of adverse effects on health. Sleep disturbance was the main complaint.[2] Such reports have been dismissed as being subjective and anecdotal, but experts contend that the quantity, consistency, and ubiquity of the complaints constitute epidemiological evidence of a strong link between wind turbine noise, ill health, and disruption of sleep.[3]

Continue Reading at: wind-turbine-noise-editorial

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