Climate Science Exploited


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Apparently, global warming, it’s worse than ever before.  NOT!!!  Well, these well paid climate scientists forgot to look at the historical data that tells a much different story.  Our planet appears to go through natural cyclical temperature variances.  And in my opinion, by looking at these charts supplied by the NOAA,  we need to celebrate this time in earth’s climatic history.  Not fear it.  It is the periods of low temperatures or ice ages that we should be concerned about.  Not this time of a warm temperate climate.   But, hey, fearmongering of the sheeple has great benefits for the select few.  Like money and  power and a convenient way to control masses.

  Global warming is the propaganda base for renewable energy.  Carbon, created by the burning of fossil fuels, is creating a greenhouse effect and dangerously warming our planet.  By establishing a new and fossil free source of energy supply like wind and solar we can save our environment and mankind.  Blah, blah, blah.  Sounds great.  Except it is a hoax.  A huge global fraud.  And the 15+ year pause in any upticks in global warming is a bit of an inconvenient truth.  And our earth’s C02 levels are still increasing although our planet is not warming.  This hypothesis is dead wrong.  If carbon has any effect on our planet temperature it would be minimal.

  So much information regarding this fraud has come to light.  Numerous websites are dedicated specifically to exposing the lies and disinformation regarding global warming, renewables scam.  This page is dedicated to those sites and people.

Anthony Watts  Nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, recent news.

Tim Ball , former Professor of Climatology, University of Manitoba                          A must read article on WUWT

Ross McKitrick, Professor, University of Guelph

Dr. Richard Lindzen, MIT Climate Scientist

Donna Laframboise, No Frakking Consensus                     

Steve McIntyre, Climate Audit                                                                       

I Love CO2,  Canada                                                                             

3 thoughts on “Climate Science Exploited”

  1. Thank you for your comment Anonomys. Yes I have read that theory several times on other blogs and it has always been discounted. Earth has encountered much higher levels of CO2 in the past and these periods of higher levels are times of a lush and healthy planet. What you are worried about is actually plant food. Did you know greenhouses add CO2 into the air to enhance plant growth. So you see we are not to worry about these high CO2 levels. Cheer up. You have been a victim of scaremongering with faulty science and doomsday scenerios. I advocate conservation and being much better stewards of our environment. We truly have the intelligence to solve our energy and environmental issues without crippling our economies and sending our civilization back to the dark ages. If you are still not convinced please go to the I Love CO2, Canada site that I have on this page for more information. All the Best, Annie Oakley

  2. CO2 is plant food! Without it, plants will not (cannot) grow.
    Facts are facts. If we reduce CO2 we’ll have no salads or other veggie goodies… and neither will the animals that we rely on for our food.

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