Ontario’s Green Religion: relying on opinions, not science Part 3

Science teaching in Ontario: David Suzukism and Al Goreism?
On the final day of the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA) annual conference on October 10, 2013 they announced the winners of three bursaries to students entering or in post-secondary education. CanWEA runs an annual contest for the best “blog” on the subject of “Building a Clean Energy Futurewhich reputedly got 500 entries.   No surprise: the school curriculum in Ontario in “science” (grades 1 through 12) concludes that global warming is a fact and “renewable energy” including wind and solar will reduce emissions and ensure mankind survives.
The Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) for Grade 7, Science & Technology has a lesson referred to as “Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Financial Literacy”, where the instructions are:
“Students watch a video that contains major messages about the earth and the impact of humans on it. They use the video as a starting point for a guided discussion on the environmental issues, including the financial implications of how humans meet their wants and needs. This will allow activation of their prior knowledge.”
It  goes on to say they should watch videos:“selected scenes from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (CDs of this video were delivered to school boards throughout the province.)” and “What is Nature Worth, a short, three-minute clip that raises important questions about the economic value of the services nature provides. It is part of a series of resources available on the “Natural Capital” page of the David Suzuki Foundation website in which the economic contributions of nature to human activities is explored.”

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