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Niagara Wind Open House

On Thursday, June 15, 2017  Niagara Wind held an open house to celebrate the inauguration of its 77 industrial (3MW Enercon) wind turbine project located in West Lincoln, Haldimand and Niagara region.  The following is a write up from a member of the community who attended with her impressions and opinions.


For sake of anonymity, I will use false names for anyone I speak of in this write up.

It should be noted that the true inauguration celebration happened at approximately 1pm and as noted in Niagara This Week, all the bigwigs in suits were bused in attendance for this champagne shindig.

“Representatives from Boralex, Enercon and the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation all defended wind power and their new farm that straddles Haldimand County and the Niagara Region.”


Michael Weidemann, executive vice president of ENERCON Canada standing outside of the company’s recent project in Lowbanks. The Niagara Region Wind Farm is a joint partnership with ENERCON, Boralex and Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation. – Alexandra Heck/ Metroland – Photo from Niagara This Week.

Here is a local write up from a local media company.

Here is my write up:

I arrived at the gates of hell, sorry, I mean gates to the property where the event was held on Bird Road, Lowbanks, Ontario shortly after 4pm.

June 2017 118
911 signage for multitude of wind turbines in bushes at the roadside

I stopped and talked to Linda from MAWTi for a quick moment before entering the property.  Her infant was napping in the stroller and I asked how the 1pm shindig went and we discussed a few things before I carried on.  Linda was holding a nice big sign, specific to the design of the Enercon Turbines that infest our rural routes and in many cases, our backyards and as always, she is fierce in her stance against the projects despite the extreme heat, humidity and sun.

So attendees to this event had to drive quite the distance through the agricultural farmed land to the designated parking area by the temporary white tents and out near the turbines.  I was greeted by ‘security’ before getting to the parking and tent area.  Really?  Security?  Is this necessary?  For some reason, the community attendees were required to purchase a ticket(s) online ($0).  Anyways, Mr. Security didn’t ask for my ticket, just told me where to park because ‘its about to get real busy.’
I said ‘Oh ya? Whys that?’
He replied with ‘I just think it’s going to get super busy, people want to come and see these turbines.’ I replied with a bit of a sarcastic tone ‘most of us get to see them every single day, like it or not’ and I put my window up drove to park.

There was one big white tent with tables set up inside, a bar that clearly had the champagne cleared out, but residents were privy to chilled water and pop.  Inside the tent situated at one end were the typical large displays with descriptive images of the internal mechanics of the project Enercon E-101 turbines, stats and facts and various pamphlets touting the good of the wind industry.  I pretended like I haven’t seen all this before and snapped a picture.  Internally I felt like a moron because anyone who is interested in Industrial Wind Turbines for any reason, knows about the guts so I passed on any further photo ops.June 2017 107

I took a pamphlet from CanWea titled, “The Secret Is Out, Wind Is In. Building a stronger, cleaner and affordable energy system.”  I grumbled under my breath, ‘Gawd, this shit is thick’ and an elderly man I hadn’t noticed beside me snickered and nodded his head. I winked and quickly scooted away before I felt obligated to engage in conversation.  canwea

The pamphlet, if it is to spout the reality of Renewables, should read, The Secret Is Out, Wind Is RAMMED In. Building the most unreliable, intermittent power grid, wiping out ecological systems far and wide, dividing communities, harming humans and creating wide spread energy poverty in Ontario.  That is what it should read.  The TRUTH.

So then I began my stroll to the other end of the tent.  This tent was huge!  Obviously there was a need for this large tent to house all the leaseholders, stakeholders and investors and surely it must be challenging to squeeze that much corruption into one tent.

Fred from Boralex noticed me and walked over and we said our courteous hellos.  We chatted for a brief few more minutes about this and that, but as usual I was eager to jumped into question mode.  There are some mechanics I don’t understand and want to understand better.

I asked ‘are the converters are under the ground?’
Fred replied no they are in the turbines themselves.
Me, not fully understanding how can a converter be INSIDE the turbine did my squinty face and I asked ‘so under the turbine?’
Fred said do you want to go in the turbine I can explain better.  Off we went to the turbine. Fred, Roger and myself.

June 2017 114
Enercon  E101 3 MW wind turbine- Niagara Wind Project

Before I got to the turbine I could hear this high pitch screaming.  I knew I was in for it with these triggered ears and head of mine, but in I went because curiosity always gets the better of me. It is so loud with this high pitched frequency that I cannot relate it to anything else I have ever experienced before.  It could be like tinnitus in 4D.  Anyways, in I went.  WOW!  Not going to lie, very impressive!  (Impressive minus the high pitched screaming that is).  We talked for a bit about what was inside and how it all works and fans etc. and guess what.  They have an elevator to get to the top.  Yup.  An elevator.

Don’t quote me on this, but if I understood correctly the high pitched screaming is because they convert from AC to DC then back from DC to AC.  It is the switching of something at a very rapid pace that makes the high pitched noise and does the converting inside the converters that really are inside the turbine.  So this converting back and forth, as I was told, was the most perfect energy (Hz I believe) wave that is created.  Picture a hand moving in a up and down in a perfect wave motion <– as per Fred with Boralex.

Up Close to Live Grid Input
This photo is of the computer board inside the Turbine.  It is ‘live’ so the numbers are changing accordingly.  Interesting to me is they tout the 3.0MW turbines, yet their measurement for live power is in kW.  The Electrical energy of 5125.397 MWh is from commencement with the Grid, Nov 2, 2016.  Operating hours is the same, since commencement with the Grid.

As we continued to converse with others joining in on the conversation, an eager graduate who proudly just graduated his 4 year program at Mohawk almost bounced over, blonde trendy hair flopping all over as he runs his hands through it, whips his clipboard out from under his arm, fully armed with his resume and credentials from school and boldly interrupted our conversation.  He wanted a job in the wind industry.  BADLY.  I took the opportunity to move on and Fred continued his conversation with this very eager new graduate.

I made my way back to the tent.  I wanted to see what was on the computer screens and to see if there was a presentation.  I asked the young lady there, very nice young lady, if there was a presentation put on later.  Nope.  No presentation, just a slide show of photos of during and after construction of the project.  Nothing worth sticking around for.

On my way back to my truck I noticed a GAS generator.  Ok, best photo OP of the day.  A gas generator used to run the computers for the slide show.  The irony was not lost on me.

June 2017 117
Best Photo Op of the Day: Gas Generator used to power the slide show of wind turbine facility .

When I was leaving I saw the eager graduate at his vehicle.  I stopped and asked him about his program at Mohawk.  I wanted to know if he was serious about Wind and what he knew.  He clearly is in over his head.  It was shocking to me that after 4 years he hadn’t a clue about the simplest thing,  such as The Grid app on a smartphone or a reasonable ‘educated’ response to any questions I asked him.  I asked why the wind industry and he said it fascinated him the most.  I slide into our conversation that you will not be a very liked person within the communities and could cause conflicts between friend and family.
He said ‘my dad and his friends have already yelled at me several times for it.’
I responded with ‘it isn’t the yelling that should concern you; it is WHY they are yelling.  What are they trying telling you? What aren’t you listening too?’
Then I told him Wind Industry will die one day.
He seriously thought I was crazy, I could tell, meanwhile I KNOW he is.  ALL the energy needs of the world?  Ok, buddy, refund in your education should be first on your list.

I asked ‘do you have a smart phone?’
I asked ‘do you follow any of the grid apps?’ He actually responded with ‘what is that.’  If ever there was a time to smack my forehead in disbelief then would of been an appropriate time.
I asked ‘do you have Google?’
He said ‘yes, I use it.’
I responded with ‘Google wind turbines and do some homework before you settle into the wind industry.’

We talked for a few more minutes and it became more and more obvious to me, and apparent to him that he really didn’t know squat.  I suggested he talk to rural route residents on both sides of the fence.  Talk to people who are slammed with energy poverty.  He inquired on what energy poverty was.  Spending 4 years in a renewables program and no idea with energy poverty is.  Again I encouraged Google, the local news and worldwide news.  We discussed other renewable options ‘taught’ in his 4 year program such as hydro, geothermal and solar.  He (reluctantly) admitted the majority of his program focused on solar and wind, because Geothermal and Hydro weren’t our future.  Boy would I love to get my hands on that program.  He is a young kid, 24 yrs old tops and has no idea that there is a grid app and spent 4 years in the renewable energy program and to boot he PAID for that education.  I showed him my app and what was being contributed to the grid live.

June 2017 120

Snapshot of my grid app on my phone.  It was a pretty remarkable day with West Lincoln NRWF pumping it to the grid.  Good thing I didn’t depend on this 230MW, $1 Billion wind farm to use my toaster this particular day. (was not a current day photo)

He looked confused and said ‘OK, thanks for sharing that.’

I strongly urged him  ‘seriously do yourself a favor and do as most responsible adults would, research your desired field and look into wind and its many complex problems associated with it.’

He said with so much excitement and enthusiasm, ‘look at these,’ both hands held out, one with a water bottle in it and his blonde hair flopping around in the wind.  ‘They are huge and incredibly technical and generate so much energy to your home every day.’

I dropped the f-bomb and said tell your dad he has more yelling to do, I have to go.

I left the scene.  Yes, scene.  I feel like it wasn’t real and entirely staged.  There were maybe 2 dozen tops when I was there.  People brought their small children and there was a great mix of people of various ages.

Now, it is time for reflection.

Open house.  It is slightly interesting but predictable, that the entire community wasn’t invited to the inauguration.  There wasn’t even a great attempt at getting the word out that there was an open house with left over, sun exposed heated gooey cheese, bread and non-alcoholic beverages for the left over community.

If the people I communicate with almost daily didn’t share the info, I wouldn’t of been informed of this event.  Which also raises an eyebrow, as I am suppose to be on the list of event notifications with Niagara Region Wind Farm.

There wasn’t even a wee bit of an attempt to ooohhh and ahhhh us with a small guided presentation, touting the benefits of the wind farm, the project completion, what this means for the community, how many jobs they (didn’t) create and so forth.  No attempt to dazzle us, the left over community, with a show of any sort.  We don’t matter.  Clearly.

The designation of this champagne shindig was for those who profit financially.  Stakeholders.  Upper Management. Leaseholders.

Left out of the 1pm champagne inauguration is all the community members who are forced to live with these monstrous jolly green giants.  Our choices revoked, our voices silenced and in too many cases, family units shattered.  Our health can be adversely impacted, with families forced from their homes, permanently or to seek temporary relief.   All the rate payers for electricity who are forced to subsidize an embellished industry, were left out of this celebration that they felt was appropriate to have in our backyards.  All of us were left out of the celebrations.

This was not an accident.  This is a Wind Industry, excelling with the support of the Liberal government, decimating rural route Ontario on our dime.

My wounds are salted.

I have been working on this write up for a few days.  I was rattled by the photo below.  It literally stopped me in my tracks.  I stared at it and over the last few days, looked at it several times.  It took me some time to actually grasp and process this picture.  It became apparent that I needed to acknowledge there are people actually celebrating with champagne around the corner from our once treasured home, while my family and my personal life has been inverted.

This is not my photo, this is from Niagara News This Week.

This picture right here.  This picture brought it full circle for me and flooded my soul with a wave of raw emotions.  These people are truly proud, celebrating the very same project that has devastated lives.  Destroyed lives.  Causing harm to family members and collapsing family units.  Is causing physical harm to people. Is causing harm to the environment.  Is forcing families from their homes.  This project, this celebration, is also a contributor to the highest rates of electricity in North America.  Energy poverty is forefront.  A top news chart.  These projects are costing ratepayers BILLIONS of extra money.

All of these champagne celebrating guests have hijacked my family of our rights to prosper, to enjoy our home and property, our right to health and protection and have subscribed to the removal of our rights, both under the Charter and in the Constitutional Act.  This is no small feat.  This is no small crime.  This is a methodical conquering of the removal of many rights for everyone.  You are not exempt from this wind industry corruption because you have your champagne glass in hand.  You just haven’t felt the true wrath of your ill informed decisions.  Yet here we have my neighbors celebrating with a corrupt industry, champagne filled glasses held high, in honor of all the mayhem forced into many people’s lives.

The ill placement of Industrial Wind Turbines has stolen our future.

Excuse me while I fill a glass with champagne to celebrate.

**Some photos compliments of Niagara News This Week

Source: Sandy Journalized

Mandy Smith “… I am alarmed about the close proximity of proposed turbine T83 to my property. “

read Mandy Smith Presentation here

I, and my neighbours, expect that Stantec/ NRWC is just as concerned about the future of our township as we are; consequently it is hard to believe that they would neglect to do proper due diligence in the application process for the approval of the NRWC project.  I, as a presenter, am expected to prove that the project will not cause serious harm, and this can only be done with the proper completion and documentation of all studies and field visits.  The final results of these visits and studies must demonstrate the cooperation of the residents who will be affected by the siting of the IWT’s.  Then and only then can I and my community be satisfied that this project will NOT cause “serious harm”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Loretta Sheild’s Testimony at the NRWC Environmental Appeal – Wainfleet

MAWT Inc. would like to thank Loretta for all the hard work she has put into this fight.  She truly is an advocate and a voice for the natural beauty, ecosystems and wildlife of West Lincoln and area that is being threatened by the NRWC Project.  She has most definitely done her homework and if there was anyone in that room today that was an “expert” on the topic it was her, regardless of what the proponents lawyers say.  🙂  

Hi everyone,

I testified at the ERT today in Wainfleet.  My presentation is attached if you are interested in the details.  There are 4 sub issues.  These include concerns for migratory butterfly stopover areas, encroachment on provincially significant wetlands, inadequate mitigation measures for woodlands and red mulberry.  There are so many other issues. For example, there is no evidence to show that winter raptor transects were conducted within the interior of the woodlands.  62 permits are required by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.  These are still pending.   There are 20 industrial wind turbines proposed in Blanding’s turtle habitat in Lowbanks, all on private property.  There are many properties within this habitat where ‘alternative investigations – ie roadside surveys” were allowed.  The MNR is allowing this to proceed. If anyone would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

I want to thank you all for helping me learn about the many birds and raptors during the past few years.  If there is a silver lining here, it is the wonderful people I have met, and the greater appreciation I have for the beautiful world we live in.
Have a wonderful week everyone!
Loretta Shield’s

BE THERE! Jan 26, 10am

Plan to attend.  Attend one or all the days, spend a few hours or a few days, but by all means:  come!

Let the ERT know that this project is too big, the turbines are too large and our environment and our residents can and will NOT BE  IGNORED.

In order to accommodate the large turnout expected, the venue for a hearing against a massive wind turbine project will be heard in Wainfleet.

The hearing will now take place at Wainfleet Firefighters Memorial Community Hall beginning Jan. 26.

Five days have been set aside for the hearing.

Wainfleet Firefighters Memorial Community Hall is located at 31907 Park St., Wainfleet.

The hearing is scheduled to start at 10 a.m.


This project is the largest –  covering three municipalities, has  the most “receptors” and the largest turbines.

We object!  We care!  We will not allow them to walk all over us!
We will attend the ERT and SHOW THEM our solidarity.
See you there.

Industrial Wind Turbines: Why the Battle is Worth the Fight

1297643875683_ORIGINAL (1)Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. has launched an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) against the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOE) and the Niagara Region Wind Corporation (NRWC).   The NRWC has been granted approval by the Ministry of the Environment to construct 77 industrial wind turbines in West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand County.   These IWT’s are the largest turbines to be placed on land in North America with the smallest set back. They will generate more empty homes, hospital expenses and higher electricity bills.

Many in the reading audience may be bored with this news, or resigned to the results when little people battle huge corporations or the government, but this battle is worth fighting because more and more red flags are going up on the field. Continue reading Industrial Wind Turbines: Why the Battle is Worth the Fight

What is the real cost of an Environmental Review Tribunal?

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc has launched both a health appeal and an environmental appeal against the Ministry of the Environment (now the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change) in the decision by the MOE to approve the Niagara Regional Wind Corporation industrial wind project.

Help tip the scale and donate to the Legal Fund.
Help tip the scale and donate to the Legal Fund.

The process is an interesting statement on the evolution of justice with respect to the renewable energy initiative, a politically motivated initiative that has been touted as the saviour of the planet through reduced CO2 emissions. The preliminary hearing to determine who can speak and on what topic was held Dec 19, 2014 in the Wellandport hall.

The first thing you notice, beyond the hard chairs and the poor acoustical system, is the abundance of legal council. There are three lawyers on the tribunal panel. They have been assigned by the Ministry of the Attorney General office to preside over this case.  We are informed that the purpose of the hearing is for the tribunal to review the directors decision and consider ONLY whether engaging in the renewable energy project in accordance with the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) will cause serious harm to human health or serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment.  So the scope has been limited and concerns about economic impact, democratic rights, anything beyond serious harm to human health and serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment are beyond the jurisdiction of this tribunal.  It seems a little backward that the people that live in the community have to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the engagement in a politically motivated initiative will seriously harm their health and/or their environment. Continue reading What is the real cost of an Environmental Review Tribunal?

St. Anns – 24 turbines less than 5 km surrounding Atkins Pony Rides

468563_356701661043095_1185570960_oBelow is the submission made by Sue and Leon Atkins, which received applause by the more than 100 local residents who attended the Preliminary Hearing of the ERT appeal for the NRWC project in West Lincoln which was held in Wellandport Dec 19/2014.

The Atkins who own and run Atkins pony rides were granted presenter status.

Sue Atkins Quoted a notice she look a picture of while attending one of the NRWC community information presentations held in our area a while back.

“NRWC QUOTE:  If there are MORE than 5 turbines within 3 km of a noise receptor or if any turbines have a sound power level greater than 102 decibels,greater set back distances must be met and or noise studies must be completed.”

Then she asked. “Has anyone completed these noise studies? Has anyone meet these set back distances?”  Her response was “NO!”   There could also be heard murmurs of “NO” through out the audience in response to her questions as well.

As she points out below, 7 turbines are within 2 km of their farm.  10 are within 3 km and 24 within 5 km.   Sue Atkins is well within her right to question how this is possible in light of the NRWC PUBLIC notice reassuring residents that what is about to happen to them wouldn’t happen to anyone.   

Thank you to the Atkins for standing up and fighting !!  If you want to help the Atkins then helpMothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.. and donate to their Legal fund so we can keep this fight going for as long as we can!!  These are real members of our community, your community, coming forward and fighting!  Fighting not only for their livelihoods, their health, their home but fighting for everyone who potentially will be negatively affected by the NRWC project.

Human and animal alike…continue

to read Sue Atkins submission. 

Continue reading St. Anns – 24 turbines less than 5 km surrounding Atkins Pony Rides

Wind turbine fears discussed at preliminary hearing

DONATE TO THE LEGAL FUND TODAY!!!  These are Real members of our Community.

Sue Atkins says she has acoustic neuroma — a benign brain tumor that develops on the main nerve leading from the inner ear.


Members of Mothers Against Wind Turbines, from left, Catherine Mitchell, Marianne Kidd, and Linda Rogers, discuss their appeal of a planned wind turbine project in West Niagara. ALLAN BENNER Tribune Staff
Members of Mothers Against Wind Turbines, from left, Catherine Mitchell, Marianne Kidd, and Linda Rogers, discuss their appeal of a planned wind turbine project in West Niagara. ALLAN BENNER Tribune Staff



Although it’s non-cancerous, she says it is continuing to grow and has resulted in hearing loss and the possible need for surgery. It has also made her particularly sensitive to infrasound, like the sound created by the huge spinning blades of industrial wind turbines.

But the rural St. Anns farm she shares with her husband Leon and their 29 ponies and horses will be within five kilometers of 24 huge industrial wind turbines if a provincially approved Green Energy Act development by Niagara Region Wind Corp. is allowed to proceed.

“We are really concerned at the fact that our small parcel of property is going to be surrounded by these wind turbines,” she says.

Continue reading Wind turbine fears discussed at preliminary hearing

Environmental tribunal a step to real law

Please consider donating to the MAWT Inc. legal Fund – we can only fight as far as the money allows us!  

It’s a battle they probably won’t win.

But it could be a necessary step towards winning the war.

download (1)There were more than 150 people at the Wellandport Community Centre Friday, and that was just for a preliminary hearing to determine who would speak and about what during an Environmental Review Tribunal looking into concerns about a large wind turbine development, scheduled to start a month from now on Jan. 19.

Although Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. president Marianne Kidd fears the tribunal hearings to come may prove to be a “kangaroo court,” she said“there’s nowhere else to go.” Continue reading Environmental tribunal a step to real law

NRWC project estimates “1372” Truck Deliveries and Removals PER TURBINE Site!!

The following chart is taken from page 23 of the NIAGARA REGION WIND FARM CONSTRUCTION PLAN REPORT.   1342 Trucks Deliveries and Removal Per Turbine.  That’s 1342 x 77 turbines = 103 334 Heavy Industrial Trucks running up and down our country roads.

If you want to help prevent  this from happening then donate to the MAWT Inc. Legal Fund.  Donate Now Before it’s to late!

103 334 Trucks!!

truck loads