Ontario’s Green Religion 2: indoctrination?

Yesterday, we covered how the Ontario Power Authority website kids.saveonenergy.ca is clearly aimed at teaching our children and grandchildren about the wonders of renewable energy without scientific evaluation or offsetting arguments.   
The site has links to other websites including The David Suzuki Foundation, and trade associations CanSIA, CanWEA and lobby group OSEA. The link to the Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) is the one most troubling.  Visiting the STAO site and searching for “renewable energy” one of the items that pops up is Grade 5 Conservation of Energy and Resources Activities,” also referred to as “Connecting with the Natural World Junior Division Integrated Curriculum.”
This 58-page agenda, created with funding support from the Ontario Teachers Federation, sure doesn’t look like “science” as most remember it. Webster’s defines science as “the state of knowing,” not a “doctrine” which is defined as “a statement of fundamental government policy”!
A review of the suggested curriculum clearly indicates the students are being taught the latter; its content is aimed at pushing the Grade 5 students to accept wind, solar and water power generation as the Holy Grail.  Concurrently, the students are led to believe the production of power from uranium or fossil fuels is toxic.

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