“Unite The Fight” Dinner Another Success!

Lowbanks, Ontario
May 29 2014


The Mothers Against Wind Turbines hosted another successful dinner and information night in a recent series called “Unite The Fight.” It was held in Haldimand County on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, at the Lowbanks Community Hall. Great food was served buffet style and the desert table was sinfully tempting.  New faces and the meeting of old friends and supporters as the relentless invasion of wind turbines continues in Ontario.

The night was one of discussion about wind projects and governmental process grievances.  Updates were given on various legal strategies against the unwanted wind projects. A special focus was made about the Niagara Region Wind Corporations proposal to erect 77,  3 MW turbines in a sprawling foot print, that would cover three counties which would include West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand.  The project has submitted its reports to the Ministry of the Environment for technicalDSCN2112 review and though its reports have
multiple deficiencies, its approval remains a real threat.  Several members of the Mothers Against Wind Turbines working committees made presentations of activities and actions already undertaken and anticipated next steps. The Trees Not Turbines campaign was underway!

Ontario is currently facing Provincial elections and Municipal elections will take place later, in the fall of 2014.  Renewable energy, wind turbines and electricity rates are hot button topics and politicians are being demanded to articulate their party platforms and to work for the people. MAWT and dinner guests heard some words from Marnie Knight a well-known and longtime community activist in the fight against the wind projects. She is now a declared Mayoral candidate for Haldimand and is running in opposition
to the current Mayor, Ken Hewitt.    Notice of the dinner had been sent to multiple candidates and representatives of the local communities. Toby Barrett MPP of Haldimand Norfolk who is seeking re-election in the Provincial elections, stopped by for dinner and accepted hard questions from community members on wind power, including those from Wainfleet Alderman, Betty Konc who was also dining at the event.  Barrett was challenged to speak to a range of issues surrounding the Green Energy Act, FIT contracts
and renewable energy.

Tara Pitts owner of Burnaby Sky Dive a local business  gave a passionate speech and put a human face on the hurtful impacts, unjust planning process and questionable project placements.  She was very honest about how the ongoing legal battle will likely bankrupt her business.  The receDSCN2127ntly released decision was not favourable for the Pitts and surrounding residents. Industrial wind turbines are being located in proximity to their base of operations and are raising legitimate concerns of safety and the future operational parameters of Burnaby Sky Dive.  Wind turbines, aviation and sky divers, these words paint a picture of deadly risk and speak to a clear lack of any planning common sense. The next step in the tortuous legal path will be an appeal in Divisional Court.  She urged everyone present that this was everyone’s fight and to get angry over the injustices and not to be complacent.  A legal battle may have been lost but it isn’t over,  as she said “the fat lady is only humming but she isn’t singing yet.”

Wainfleet Ratepayers Association in partnership with Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc launched the start of their Raffle with the monies raised to support the ongoing legal costs involving Burnaby Sky Dive opposition  to the wind turbines.   If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets they will be available at MAWT events now until the draw in September.  Contact the Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.  at their website:

The Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc have many other events in the works, and next up will a booth at Friday the 13th in Port Dover, and Poultry Fest at the end of June.

Thank you to all for your support!


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