Meeting of the Minds

Retreat 2017
Participants at the Goal Setting Retreat November 4th 2017, Silverdale Hall- West Lincoln, Ontario

A successful goal setting retreat was recently hosted by Mothers Against Wind Turbines (MAWT) and West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group (WLGWAG).  Participants came from wind action groups,area residents and other interested stakeholders.  Under the skilled guidance of Facilitator: Georgina Richardson  a meeting of the minds occurred. Helping those of us negatively impacted by industrial wind turbine sort through chaos, set mutual goals and put into place action plans on how to move forward and what to leave behind.

The fight is far from over.

2 thoughts on “Meeting of the Minds”

  1. Great to see all your faces. I miss you all. I am am still spreading the message up here. It is amazing how many people…before I have to say too much…know the ills of these IWTs. I think the best was when we met one gentlemen and we told him we just moved from Niagara…and he said its a good thing with all those awful turbines around. We had to say very little more. You have the sympathy of many from here. I am warning them to stay vigilant against the on slaught of Turbines. So far all the proposed projects around here have been canceled.

    Think of you all often.

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