Wind Turbine Noise – What Audiologists Should Know

 The voices of those from around the world who have spoke up are finally starting to be heard over the noise of the Industrial Wind Turbines.  It truly is sad that a precautionary approach was not taken before exposing so many to Turbines.  When will  it be up to the Government to PROVE to US that IWT’s do not have a “Direct Casual Link to Adverse Health Effects on People” before being allowed to put up more in populated areas? Will it take another 10 years of suffering?

[Noise from modern wind turbines is not known to causunnamede Hearing Loss, but the wind turbines may have adverse health effects on humans and my become an important community noise concern]

Guinea-pig-and-wind-farm-2-447x30410 year Guinea Pig!!

[ Start with some “sleep deprivation” then add “cardiac arrhythmias, stress, hypertension and headaches, give that a stir and you have “Vibroacoustic Disease” or VAD. Which is occuring in persons who have been exposed to high level infra and low-frequency noise. (ILFN) for periods of “10 YEARS”!!! or MORE!

It is believed to be a systemic pathology characterized by DIRECT TISSUE DAMAGE to a variety of BODILY ORGANS and may involve ABNORMAL “Proliferation of Extracellular Matrices”]

images[The energy generated by large wind turbines can be especially disturbing to the “vestibular systems” of some people, as well as cause other troubling sensations in the head chest or other parts of the body.]

[ Most relevant research has been conducted in Europe by “wind turbine manufacturers who typically don’t share with public.]

[…reports of the distressing effects on people living near utility scale wind turbines in various parts of the world are becoming common.]



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