People power in action will win the battle!!

unnamed (24)The final day of Canal Days 2014 in Port Colburn ended with the highly anticipated and famous Rubber Duck Race Down the Welland Canal.

Wainfleet Ratepayers Association,  Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc., and  West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group had volunteers  man the information booth  for the complete duration of the four day festival.

unnamed (9)Hundreds of questions asked and answered.

Hundreds of brochures and web links handedunnamed (18) out.

Hundreds of raffle tickets sold to support the unnamed (6)legal fund in the ongoing and very active battle against the wind turbines.

“I dare you to ask me why turbines are unnamed (1)stupid”  was a challenge taken up by many of the Canal Day visitors and a whole lot of educating and advocacy was accomplished by the many volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

movie nightNext event up is a dinner and a show, on  August 15th at the Silverdale Hall in West Lincoln.  Come out for some good conversation and  to support the ongoing battle against unneeded and unwanted wind power plant installations in our communities.


People power in action will win the battle!!

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Rivas, NIcaragua, 29 July 2014 – Secretary-General’s remarks at Camilo Ortega Wind Park

Now this is Scary (UN Twitter Posting August 4th)

Buenos tardes. Mucho gusto. Muchas gracias por su hospitalidad.

image002I am very impressed by what I have seen today. This is a very impressive wind park and I learned a lot about what you are doing to promote sustainable energy.

This project represents almost one quarter of Nicaragua’s capacity to generate wind power. It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions – at least 100,000 tons of CO2 each year.

Your country has vast potential of renewable energy resources – solar, wind, you have very strong, constant wind, and geothermal and hydro. You are quite lucky to have such unlimited resources.

This can provide the modern energy that your people need and the Government needs to promote the Millennium Development Goal to eradicate extreme poverty and promote global health and many other development issues.

Nicaragua understands well that energy is central to implementing the MGDs as well as shape the post-2015 development agenda.

As you know, three years ago, I launched the Sustainable Energy For All initiative.

It has three goals. The first: to provide universal access to electricity to all the people around the world by 2030.

Second, double the energy efficiency rate.

Thirdly, double the renewable energy use in global energy mix.

You have already met the number three target: double the renewable energy. [You are] already at 58 per cent.

By 2028, you will have achieved 97 per cent of renewable energy [in your mix]. That is an extremely excellent goal.

I hope His Excellency President [Daniel] Ortega will participate in the climate change summit meeting on 23 September and state that ambition to the world.

The Sustainable Energy for All initiative is supported by more than 80 countries in the developing world.

We have already received many billions of dollars in commitments and support.

From NGOs to multilateral development banks, we are working together for a common goal.

Modern energy really is the key to changing people’s lives.

It can enhance the quality of life and it can effectively be used to promote human dignity. And it can also contribute to stemming violence.

First of all, clinics and hospitals can be much more effective in saving lives.

When the streets are lit, fully lit during the night, it can reduce violence against women.

Children can study at night.

I heard that when President Ortega became President [in 2007] […] there was electricity rationing for some18 hours a day.

When I was a young boy in Korea, there was no electricity. I had to study with the dim light of a kerosene lamp.

There was a very serious rationing of electricity at that time. After 10 p.m., even for rich people, there was no light. Nobody was able to think about having a refrigerator or televisions.

This electricity, energy, is the golden thread of our lives.

This can really help in addressing climate change.

When we have clean energy, we will use less fossil fuels, which create much, much more greenhouse gas emissions.

So please continue to invest wisely in renewable energy and this wind power so that everybody can live – with the help of energy – a life of dignity.

Muchas gracias.

Ontario Crown Land Access “For Sale”

…“In early 2014, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) approved new policy that covers renewable energy projects on Crown land. It provides direction on where and how the ministry grants access for these projects.”…

ontario yours to buy



Renewable energy on Crown land

How you can apply to use Crown land for a renewable energy project, and information about how this aligns with provincial energy procurement processes.

Renewable energy on Crown land policy

Renewable energy applications on provincial Crown land


There was a lot of Educating going on at Canal Days Saturday…

Another fun filled day at the Port Colborne Canal Days!  Many people stopped by the MAWT Inc. Booth to take us up on our dare!

We dare you!  Ask why turbines are STUPID!!

If you haven’t  visited Canal Days you still have time.   Canal+Days+2014+WEB-LOW

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Public invited to help inventory the biologically significant Ostrander Point.

Participate in PECFN’s BioBlitz at Ostrander Point, August 9-10, 2014


Public invited to help inventory the biologically significant Ostrander Point.

CapturePrince Edward County (July 30, 2014) – The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists are hosting the county’s first ever BioBlitz at Ostrander Point. The event runs over a 24 hour period from noon on Saturday August 9 to noon on Sunday August 10, 2014 and includes guided tours for the public focussing on how to identify a variety of species from plants to birds, insects and amphibians and reptiles.

Ostrander Point is located within the South Shore Important Bird Area, a site recognized globally for its importance to birds and biodiversity.

“Much of the biodiversity of the South Shore Important Bird Area has not been identified” notes Myrna Wood of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists Club. Wood continues “Ostrander Point was the subject of an Environmental Review Tribunal hearing during which it became clear that we still have a lot to discover about the flora and fauna of the site. We hope this BioBlitz will help us uncover mysteries of who is living here as well as introduce the public to this unique site. Ostrander Point really is a gem that we have in the County, and it needs to be better understood.”

unnamedWood and other naturalist experts [see list below] are aiming to identify as many species as possible at this unique site in a 24 hour period. The Ostrander Point BioBlitz is being held with the support of the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory and Nature Canada.

For more information including a full schedule of events and directions to the site, members of the public are encouraged to visit .

– 30 –

Media Contacts
Myrna Wood, Prince Edward County Field Naturalists 613-476-1506
Cheryl Anderson, 613-471-1096
Sheila Kuja, 613-399-3018

Confirmed experts / leaders:
Paul Catling (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, ERT expert witness) –alvar plants.
Ted Cheskey (Nature Canada, ERT expert witness) — insectivore birds.
Don Davis (ERT expert witness),  Myrna Wood (PECFN) – monarch butterflies.
Henri Goulet (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) – insects and habitat.
Kurt Hennige (Kingston Field Naturalists ) – insects.
Megan McIntosh (Nature Canada) – purple martin roosting site search.
Tanya Pulfer (Ontario Nature Amphibian and Reptile Atlas ) – amphibians and reptiles.
Terry Sprague (Nature Stuff) – local birds.

CCSAGE Naturally Green, July 31 2014


We Dare You to Ask…

We Dare You to Ask Why Turbines are STUPID!!

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. had a good first day at Canal Days in Port Colburne.  

Many People took us up on our dare to stop and chat, they left with new found knowledge about “stupid” turbines.  We were even visited by a Pirate! 

MAWT Inc. will be at Canal Days all Weekend.

Don’t forget to stop by. We Dare You!!

follow link to find out more about Canal Days   Canal+Days+2014+WEB-LOW

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Look For MAWT Inc. at Canal Days in Port Colborne

If you’re heading out to Port Colborne this weekend for Canal Days don’t forget to drop by and visit the Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. booth.  

We’ll be there educating, handing out brochures, and selling raffle tickets.

See you there!!

follow link  find out what’s going on for Canal Days 2014 Canal+Days+2014+WEB-LOW

Canal days