Van Diesel challenged James Gunn to “Plant a tree for Groot” and James challenges YOU!!

It all started with Vin Diesel starting the “Plant a Tree For Groot” Challenge (Groot is a tree like character Vin Diesel played in the latest release of Guardians of the Universe movie)  Vin Diesel then challenged James Gunns’s and this is his “Plant a Tree For Groot” challenge.

James will donate $5000 to the rains forest trust if he can get 50 people to meet his challenge.

If you’re looking for a tree to plant you can get your white pine tree (sampling) from Mothers Against Wind Turbines $3 for one or 4 for $10.00.

You can challenge a friend or family member and hand them the tree at the same time!!   Send us a picture of you completing your challenge so we can post them and don’t forget to nominate someone to do the same.

Join in on the “Plant a tree for Groot” Challenge and help the “Trees not Turbines” Campaign at the Same Time!! It’s a WIN – WIN situation!!

Join the REAL Green Movement….plant a tree.

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