The federal government is also responsible for problems being initiated into rural Canada.

Prime Minister Harper, Rural CANADIAN Residents call on your Government to do what the Ontario Provincial Government  will not do.  Protect its citizens!!
Prime Minister Harper, Rural CANADIAN Residents call on your Government to do what the Ontario Provincial Government will not do. Protect its citizens!!

It’s painfully obvious to Rural Ontario that our Provincial Government/Liberals are not listening  and have no intention of listening to the concerns of it’s Rural Population.

The anti-wind movement has been patient.  The anti-wind movement has been resilient.  The anit-wind movement has not and will not go away, it has in fact grown in size and is more determined than ever to be heard!!

It is time for the FEDERAL Government to listen up!!  Prime Minister Harper advocates for individual freedoms and accountable government.  The Anti-wind movement calls on Prime Minister Harper and His Government to stop and take a close look at what is happening in Ontario!!

We lost the Provincial Election to the Liberals but if the PC’s want to stay in power on a Federal Level then they need to stop replying to calls for help by CANADIAN Rural Citizens with ” pass the buck responses.”

This from Jane Wilson of WCO…

One of our members got a quick response from her MP in answer to her email on the policy points regarding wind power in Ontario, and the 2015 election. Her MP told her that the federal government is doing a health study, and that is that: any other contact should be through the province of Ontario.

But we people at Wind Concerns Ontario do not give up!

Here’s what she wrote back:

Thank you for getting to us so quickly, but I beg to differ with your opinion that this problem is only a provincial problem.  The federal government is also responsible  for problems being initiated into rural Canada.
Yes, you have set up a Health Study, but the results will be too late for Canada.  This study will not come out until sometime this year, (and the year is almost over) and then it will have to be studied and examined, etc.

It will take years for any positive change from this study, and from the correspondence we have had with Dr. Michaud, it seems  he started with the premise that there is no problem because the onus of proving irreparable and irreversible  harm is impossible to prove so anyone with concerns has “turbine hysteria”.

The Green Energy Act is  structured in such a way that our municipality or its people will have no right in the matter.

And then, your government, who we support, is helping the Liberal & NDP view by washing your hands of responsibility.The PC’s must stand up for the rights of rural Ontario especially. 

If you do not stand up for us, you will lose your majority to the Trudeau machine that is barreling down the road to the election by doing everything in their power to make our prime minister and the party look bad.

I am enclosing a letter which WCO has crafted to explain this situation to you. Please read it and study it. If you have questions, Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO) would be pleased to help you understand the situation.



Such spirit! Also, respectful, with details, and emphasizing the need for action.
Best wishes to all,
It’s time to send letters on a Federal Level!

Members of Parliament for Niagara Region

Niagara Region is represented by four federal (MP) and four provincial (MPP) elected officials.

Canada – Members of Parliament (MP)

Federal Ridings for Elections

  • Niagara West – Glanbrook
    (includes Grimsby, Lincoln, Pelham and West Lincoln)
    Dean Allison
  • St. Catharines
    Rick Dykstra
  • Niagara Falls
    (includes Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake)
    Rob Nicholson
  • Welland
    (includes Port Colborne, Thorold and Wainfleet)
    Malcolm Allen

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