Time to have your well water tested prior to wind plant construction.

 It is best to have your well water tested “before” any construction starts if you are any where near where a turbine is to be erected.  With potential blasting, digging etc. comes a potential that your well water will be affected.  When it comes to dealing with wind projects it is imperative that the public documents everything.  Without documentation there will be NO hope of proving that the project was/or could of been a contributing factor to the change in your well water.  WE must use the “precautionary principle” even if our Government and Wind Companies choose not to.

If you have lived for years at your current address and rely on your well then it is highly recommended that you get the testing done in the unfortunate instance that near by construction does have an effect, either disrupts the flow to your well or the water becomes un drinkable, other wise it will be difficult to prove that the construction its self may have been a contributing factor.

If EVERYONE gets their water tested PRIOR to wind plant construction and issues arise, all of those in an area could join forces, with documentation in hand making  it difficult for the courts to not take you seriously.

Remember to also get a COMPLETE Physical, blood tests, blood pressure, hearing….everything checked BEFORE the turbines start turning.  As with the Water Well testing these documents may be of great value later in the courts if needed.

One thought on “Time to have your well water tested prior to wind plant construction.”

  1. Wells can be contaminated in hundreds of ways. There is a tendancy to blame companies because they have deep pockets. However, if you get your water from a well, there’s no guarantee of purity or logevity or anything else. Anyone with a well can contaminate the water, sometimes over a large area. Ground water is not “safe” from pollution even without development. While I don’t like wind plants, and I do believe companies should be careful when working around reservoirs, etc, any well or reservoir is easily contaminated. It’s very, very difficult to prove where contamination cames from.

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