“ Wind Farms”- Tax Farms harvesting a monetary transfer of wealth

Wind Runs on Subsidies

download (4)Around the world markets for renewables industries are directly linked to the flow of money from policies endorsed by governments leading to the enrichment for the proponents of the projects.

In Australia wind developers are currently fighting back in a life and death battle against the threat of the RET being revoked. This is signaling the death knell for the renewable industry in the land down under.

Australian report urges end to renewable energy target

While in the United States project financiers and project builders are breathing easier with the released notice announcing the security of continued qualification for the tax credits, PTC or ITC, if the projects have met the following tests:  wind or renewable energy project had  been started. or paid 5% of the costs by January 1 2014.  The threshold to meet these tests were clarified and the one for the physical work test reads as;

“The Notice clarifies that there is no minimum amount of work or monetary threshold required to satisfy the Physical Work Test

United States: Notice 2014-46 Provides Additional Guidance On Eligibility Of Wind And Other Renewable Energy Facilities For The PTC Or The ITC

Meanwhile the doors remain wide open and  things are swishing , swooshing and sizzling  along for wind and other renewable projects In Ontario.  The FIT 3 line up of approved projects has been made and this round  was mainly comprised of solar installations:

Ontario PowerAuthority -J uly 30, 2014: FIT Version 3 contracts offered

FIT 3  hasn’t changed the appetite for  some in doing business in Ontario such as  Next Era ( parent company Florida Power and Light)  They remain keen to continue to take advantage of Ontario and announced they were looking for even more projects to sustain them…..

Florida firm eyes setting up more wind farms in Ont.

Renewable energy projects grow vigorously with the guarantee of subsidies and Ontario continues to follow the path of sustaining the industry at all costs.

 Good things  grow in Ontario ….. but at the end of the day, You can’t Eat Money.

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