Changing the Public Perception: Industrial Wind Energy Has VERY High Costs with VERY low Benefits

Blindfold Green Energy PicAn article which digs deeper into the question about what the “Grassroots” issues are and potentially “What we NEED” to be addressing in the debate about Siting of a Turbine vs Fundamental Benefits for all

Excerpts  from the Article ring true for the Mothers Against Wind Turbines…Although the distance of people from  the turbines is a significant issue for those currently suffering…the FACTS remain that:

Industrial  Wind Turbines:

—   They will not solve our energy issues (e.g. they most certainly do not reduce our dependence on imported oil).

— They are not, and never can be, a viable substitute for conventional energy sources (e.g. because they are not reliable, have no Capacity Value, are much more expensive, etc.).

— They will not solve our environmental problems (e.g. contrary to popular perception, they do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions in any meaningful way, due to their inherent limitations as an energy source).

Should we pursue the path to change the public perception of wind energy and call into question the fundamental viability of it? I say yes.

Read original article here:


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