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Dr. Alan Watts, and Alan Jones, of Australia, tell the truth about the wind fraud!

http://stopthesethings.com/2013/12/10/dr-alan-watts-pure-simple-its-fraud/comment-page-1/#comment-19878   Many intelligent, credible, professionals, have come forward, to expose the windscam, but the money-grubbing thieves, work hard to discredit any dissenters.

Dr. Alan Watts

This article shows the futility of wind energy—in layman’s terms!


Wind turbines are not going to do anything to improve the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.  This brilliant article explains why!


The Aussies are taking the Lead!!!

http://stopthesethings.com/2013/12/02/colleen-watts-stt-champion-drops-tony-abbott-a-line/  The Australian’s have some feisty wind-warriors, that Crocodile Dundee himself, would have been proud of.  Wind weasels in Australia, are on the endangered species list!

Now, if only we could get some decent, sensible, honest politicians, to rid our communities of wind weasels, starting right here in the province of Ontario!

The Aussies have got the windweasels on the run!

http://stopthesethings.com/2013/11/16/tony-abbott-says-stop-these-things/  This windweasel doesn’t look too pleased, does he?

Ian Macfarlane