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Want to Say No, to Energy Poverty–Vote Conservative.

http://quixoteslaststand.com/2013/12/09/ontario-welcomes-energy-poverty-similar-to-germany-and-the-uk/#comment-11498  The Conservative Party, is the only one, that promises to scrap the Greed energy act, the FIT program, and cancel all projects, not hooked up to the grid.  (The rest, we would have to “look after” later! LOL!)  We can’t afford to allow this scam to go on any longer.  It benefits no one, but the greedy wind weasels.


If you are tired of freezing your butt off, doing 2am laundry, and cooking all weekend, don’t vote for the LIB/NDP’s.  It is NOT green energy, it is GREED energy!