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More evidence of the scam we have been warning people about!!



This scam has nothing to do with our “environment”.  It is all about green–the mean green, the almighty dollar.  They have found a way to rob us blind, with the aid of our provincial government, and we are not the only ones.  This is a world-wide scam, and if it is not shut down, immediately, our entire way of life, will be destroyed.

Windweasels abandon off-shore turbines….due to sharks.


Well, isn’t that interesting.  That is one solution that I never even considered.  Windweasels, as shark bait.  Sounds like karma to me.  Instead of wind sharks, quietly circling communities….we have real sharks, circling the land-sharks.   Now we know how to get rid of the unwanted wind-pushers, when they come into our communities…..Just tell them to scram, or we’ll EAT them!!!  LOL!

Esther’s millions?….they’re fighting over the family’s groceries, utilities, and rent…..shameful!


I find it shocking, and offensive, that the United Way, will gladly reap the potential financial benefits, of the legal abuse, that Nextera intends to heap upon Esther Wrightman.  Everyone should write to the United Way, and let them know how you feel.  If you belong to twitter, facebook, or any of the social media sights, broadcast this nasty behaviour, far and wide!  Do NOT give one penny, to these people!

Want to Say No, to Energy Poverty–Vote Conservative.

http://quixoteslaststand.com/2013/12/09/ontario-welcomes-energy-poverty-similar-to-germany-and-the-uk/#comment-11498  The Conservative Party, is the only one, that promises to scrap the Greed energy act, the FIT program, and cancel all projects, not hooked up to the grid.  (The rest, we would have to “look after” later! LOL!)  We can’t afford to allow this scam to go on any longer.  It benefits no one, but the greedy wind weasels.


If you are tired of freezing your butt off, doing 2am laundry, and cooking all weekend, don’t vote for the LIB/NDP’s.  It is NOT green energy, it is GREED energy!

Poetry, from an Aussie’s perspective!


This wonderful poem, expresses the sadness felt, at witnessing the destruction of rural Australia, for the sake of greed, then covered up with lies.  The same disgusting travesty is happening world-wide!

Wind weasels saying we are biased? The audacity!!!


The idea that a wind proponent could accuse anyone else of being biased, when they are the ones who are doing this for the money….not us.  There is no way that anyone could be more biased than they are!  Supporters of Wind, are Supported by Wind!!!  The rest of us are simply defending ourselves.

Corrupt Electricity Reporting

Posted by  Adams  on 28 August 2013, 2:59 pm

Here is a time line to help readers understand the background behind some of the Toronto Star’s reporting of Ontario electricity news.

November 23, 2010: In an email exchange Ben Chin, Ontario Power Authority VP, former Ontario Liberal candidate, and also former senior media advisor to then Premier Dalton McGuinty discusses with senior communications staffer, Alicia Johnston, employed in the Ontario Minister of Energy’s office. Johnston complains about negative reporting by Tom Adams and proposes that “We’ve got to get him (Tyler Hamilton) out as an ‘expert’ commentator.” Chin replies, “We need to throw him (Tyler Hamilton) some work.”

Ben Chin has presented himself as an authority on politics and journalistic ethics, including this interview soon after he left his then prominent career in broadcast journalism.

May 3, 2011: The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), closely supervised by the Ontario government, released a report on “Smart Grid” development in the province. The Corporate Partners Committee participating in the report included a Who’s Who of international energy technology firms selling Smart Grid concepts around the world. The Ontario government’s electricity policies heavily emphasize promoting Smart Grid. In a footnote, the report thanks Tyler Hamilton for his assistance in preparing this report.

Here are two examples of Toronto Star Business Section articles that subsequently appeared on the subject of Smart Grid authored by Tyler Hamilton. Both news reports omit mention of Hamilton’s IESO funding:

May 11, 2012: The smarter the grid, the less you notice it

June 29, 2012: Smart Grid, Delayed Delivery

Here is the complete response of the IESO, issued earlier today, when I sought details on how much Tyler Hamilton got paid for his work on the Smart Grid report:

Tyler Hamilton was the successful respondent to a competitive procurement process for the delivery of this report.

The IESO uses competitive procurement processes, such as RFQs or RFPs, to evaluate proposals according to a pre-determined set of criteria – including costs and experience. As with standard procurement practice, all bids submitted through this process are subject to non-disclosure agreements.

On Twitter, I have been asking Tyler Hamilton to disclose how much the Ontario government and agents have paid him and his associates like Corporate Knights. As of this posting, no response from Hamilton has been forthcoming.

The evidence presented here indicates that Tyler Hamilton’s electricity reporting in the Toronto Star has been corrupted by a conflict of interest. I have previously reported on evidence of similar politicization developing within the Ontario public service. The Ontario public service has contributed to a cover-up of the gas scandal that includes responding to inquiries from the Information and Privacy Commissioner with information she has identified as “inaccurate and incomplete”.

Given the importance of an independent press and a professional public service in protecting the public interest, the corrupting effects of Ontario’s ongoing electricity policy challenges appears to represent a substantial threat to the province’s future.

Read original article here: http://www.tomadamsenergy.com/2013/08/28/corrupt-electricity-reporting/