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Protecting Our Children From Wind Turbine Power Emissions

Honourable Politicians, Re  Project  012-0613
I am a retired Special Education teacher with 32  years in the classrooms of your province. I thoroughly believe in the  group, Mothers Against Wind Turbines. Their mandate of “Protecting our  children from industrial wind power emissions is our first priority” should  be followed not only by this admirable group, but also by the politicians of our  province.
During my years in the classroom, the special needs  children experiencing ADHD, CAP, Autism, Asbergers…to name but a few  conditions….could best learn in an environment that was quiet, peaceful,  supportive and calm. Extraneous noises…a lawn mower, a car revving, a noise  from the hall would always set the learning environment into total disarray. Now  you are expecting these children to live and learn in the shadow of these  monolith turbines where low frequency sound, acoustical noise, mechanical  noise, infrasound, electromagnetic radiation, dirty electricity, transient  voltage, light flicker and vibration are at war with each other. The results  will be that our special needs children will suffer physically, emotionally, and  psychologically. The interference with their learning environment will result in  disastrous consequences…..all for the sake of big business, big electricity,  big egos that our province does not need. May I remind you that you are  harming the very children which you have identified, supported and programmed  for in the past at great cost to our province through the Ministry of  Education???
In West Lincoln the project 012-0613 has proposed  wind turbines close to educational facilities in our area. Four IWTs are less  than 2 kilometers from Gainsborough Elementary School in Bismarck. Two   IWTs are less than 2 kilometers from Smithville District Christian High School  and Covenant Christian Elementary School. Two IWTs are less than 2 kilometers  from the Robert Land Academy and Attercliffe Christian Reformed School. Other  schools are less than 3 kilometers from these IWTs. In total there are eighteen  IWTs within 3 kilometers of nine different schools.
Can you in all good conscience expose all the  students in nine educational facilities to these Industrial Wind  Turbines???
I am also very concerned with my findings which  count 43 non host receptors within 620 meters of a proposed IWT. The closest  home is recorded at 563 meters (Receptor 1002 , Turbine 38) . According to  Enercon statistics all these non host receptors will have noise levels exceeding  40dBA. Think of the children living in these homes……being exposed to sleep  disturbances, headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, visual  blurring, rapid heart rate, irritability, problems with concentration and  memory, and panic episodes associated with sensations of internal pulsation or  quivering which arise while awake or asleep.
In reviewing the location of host properties, I see  that many of these receptors are not only less than the recommended 620 meter  distance but are in actual fact much closer to the planned Industrial Wind  Turbine than is deemed safe. For example host receptor #986 is 585 meters from T  38,  host #1191 is 542 meters from T 75, host  #1235 is 466  meters from T 75, host #1562 is 389 meters from T 36, host #1666 is 280 meters  from T 65, host #191 is 357 meters from T 88, host # 2590 is 312 meters from T  35, host #595 is 322 meters from T 94…… and there are many  more………
As I understand 3MW turbines have never been  installed at these distances and this fact has been acknowledged by the MOE. Is  the MOE condoning this project and if so, what is that decision based upon??? Is  the MOE aware that children may be at risk???
Who lives in these host properties??? Are there  seniors in residence??? Are there children in residence??? If there are innocent  children in these homes does it appear that the host is willing to pimp his  children for money from the wind company??? These children have no recourse.  They cannot protect themselves. Their parents have let them down….just like  the case of any other child in our system who is abused physically. Who rises to  remove the children from this abusive situation???
Now is the time for our provincial government  agencies to come to the aid of all our children in West Lincoln and  surrounding areas included in project 012-0613. Protect them. It is your  absolute responsibility to do so.
I look forward to your answers and  solutions…..
Thank you, Susan Smith.

Grimsby’s turbine stance disheartening

Grimsby Lincoln News,  Dec. 12, 2013

Re. Grimsby council will not be ‘unwilling host’, Dec. 5:

It was with great dismay that I read about the recent Grimsby council meeting where it was voted that Grimsby would not be voting the same as neighbouring West Lincoln in their stand as “not a willing host” for industrial wind turbines. In fact, Grimsby would be at opposite ends of the industrial wind turbine spectrum by saying Grimsby is not unwilling — a confusing, double negative way of saying that Grimsby is a willing host for wind turbines.

I believe that the Grimsby council is being unrealistic about the fact that they will never have wind turbines in their area. That is a speculation that no one can assure. The area above Grimsby is a perfect area for wind turbines.

The farmers are no long growing grapes. The vineyards are pulled out. Taxes and upkeep are still high. The temptation of earning up to $50,000 per year per turbine is hard to resist. The wind velocity is favourable.

Already there are rumours that land owners around the Grassie area have been approached.

There may also be the opportunity to establish wind turbines off Grimsby in Lake Ontario. Who knows?

No municipality or town is safe from the invasion of wind turbines. Do not assume that your town of Grimsby is secure. Just ask the people in Haldimand, Chatham Kent, West Lincoln. Look on line at http://www.Ontario-Wind-Resistance.org. Check out the Mothers Against Wind Turbines site.

Of course if your council refuses to take the threat of wind turbines seriously then I am not sure what the local voters can do. We have heard how the majority of councillors feel but how do the people of Grimsby feel about this? As there have been no resident comments in the paper to date, it is assumed that Grimsby folks are fine with their council’s decision.

However, in the meantime there is a reciprocal agreement here. If you cannot support our municipality, then as a resident of West Lincoln, I cannot support your town of Grimsby by shopping, enjoying sports events, food establishments or services in the future. It is a small note of opposition, but we have the right to make that stand considering the recent decisions of your council.

Susan Smith,

Here is another letter.

Grimsby will not be unwilling host article.


Approval halted on two Wainfleet turbines | Welland Tribune


Two days after a controversial decision by Wainfleet township council to use taxpayers’ money to fund a private company’s legal battle against wind turbines, the company behind the turbines has been ordered to halt construction on part of its development.

The order came from an environment review tribunal, which decided Thursday the renewable energy approval for two of Wainfleet Wind Energy’s five industrial wind turbines should be put on hold until the appeal by Skydive Burnaby is heard.

On Oct. 7, the Ministry of the Environment gave Wainfleet Wind Energy an REA to move forward with the project. Two weeks later, however, lawyers for Skydive Burnaby owners Mikel and Tara Pitt appealled, saying that two turbines planned to be within 1.7 km of their facility would be detrimental to their business.

In her decision Thursday, tribunal executive chair Lynda Tanaka said the motion for a stay of the renewal energy approval for the two turbines was granted until the appeal is decided. The tribunal is scheduled for three weeks in January.

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’ll definitely take it as a win,” said Tara Pitt. “It wasn’t an easy road getting here, but I’m definitely happy.”

Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs, who has continually fought against having turbines built in the township, called it step in the right direction.

“Even if it is just for the two, it’s such a positive step forward,” she said. “It’s a breath of fresh air to see the province recognize how this will affect a business in our community.”

Tom Rankin, the president of Rankin Construction, which is a partner in Wainfleet Wind Energy, said the stay isn’t much of a setback.

“At that site we have the road built, the concrete foundation is built and we had the crane up, but we weren’t going to put up the tower until the new year anyway,” he said. “We have the critical work done we wanted to do. So I’m not happy about the decision, but it’s not the end of the world.”

Jeffs, meanwhile, defended a decision Tuesday to have the township pay $40,000 of Skydive Burnaby’s legal bills.

Though it wasn’t originally on the council agenda, a procedural bylaw was waived to allow Tara Pitts to make a presentation to council requesting the money. She said the idea for the public support came from Lambton county council making a similar decision recently.

“It was time sensitive because our original understanding of what our legal fees would be and what they ended up being were two different things,” Pitts said.

Jeffs, Ald. Betty Konc and Ald. Richard Dykstra voted in favour of granting the funding while Ald. Ted Hessels voted against the idea. Ald. David Wyatt wasn’t at the meeting.

“I don’t think it’s our right to use taxpayer money,” said Hessels. “It’s not really Wainfleet’s case anymore. It’s a private thing.”

He said he’s concerned with how it might look that a decision was made Tuesday night without the public knowing it was being discussed.

“We haven’t heard from the people on which way to go. You know there’s opposition to it,” he said.

“Personally I’m against what the turbine people are doing, but I wasn’t going to use my constituents money to fight it.”

Jeffs said she knows not everyone will agree with the decision.

“I’m sure we’ll hear from people about it, but that’s fair. I stand behind it. We had to decide and I think it’s a good decision,” she said. “It’s tough because Wainfleet has a small budget and $40,000 is a lot here.”



Approval halted on two Wainfleet turbines | Welland Tribune.

We know it’s a scam….they know it’s a scam.


An economic disaster in the making

There is nothing about wind turbines, on or off-shore, that makes any sense at all.  They are simply not feasible, in any way, shape or form.  I don’t care how many rich investors lose their shirts, as long as it is not dumped on the innocent ratepayers.  Screw the windweasel investors!  Shut this windscam down!!!

Quebec citizens say no to skyrocketing electricity bills!


The consumers of power in Quebec have had enough of rising costs, most of which are due to the use of useless wind turbines, which necessitate huge infrastructure changes.   The rising costs are not sustainable!

French Tilt Against More Wind Farms

The Japan Times  Nov. 18 2013

PARIS – Plans to dot France with wind farms are facing fierce opposition from critics worried they will blight a landscape that has helped make the country the world’s top tourist destination.

France relies heavily on nuclear power but is working to shift to renewable energy sources and triple by 2020 its number of wind turbines from the current 4,000 that are spread across 1,127 sites.

But opponents are urging the government to tread carefully so as not to damage France’s thousands of kilometers of stunningly beautiful countryside — which range from Europe’s longest strip of beaches to the peaks of the Alps.

Some critics have already won court cases outlawing turbines, and more legal challenges are on the way.

Read rest of article here.

The Human Cost of the Green Energy Act

Garth Manning – November 17,  2013 – Toronto Sun

In 2009, the Ontario government, seeking to appear green, expropriated our property rights and democratic freedoms with its Green Energy Act (GEA).

The GEA removed the power of municipal politicians to represent their constituents in green energy matters and imposed 550 meters as a regulated setback in an attempt to protect rural citizens from industrial wind developments.

Many governments also fell in line with the worldwide movement to appear green, led by wind energy developers.

But not all governments had the good fortune of hearing firsthand from people already adversely impacted elsewhere by wind turbines near their homes, as was the case for Ontario.

And yet the Ontario government proceeded.

Unlike the costly Ontario process of appealing a wind project, Alberta has a different approach.

There, appeals to Environmental Review Tribunals are substantially subsidized by the developer.

By order of the Alberta Utilities Commission, developers pay a portion of appellant costs in advance, according to need.

In stark contrast, in Ontario, where turbines are much closer to rural neighbourhoods, each local or regional group must raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover all legal costs for each appeal and to challenge not only the wind company but also the Ontario environment ministry.

To defend their rights, Albertans and Ontarians are up against exceedingly well-funded, corporate lawyers and government-paid lawyers.

Toronto human rights lawyer Julian Falconer argues that the GEA and the government’s approval of wind projects “implicates their right to security of the person” as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights, in view of potential health impacts.

These health impacts were noted on Oct. 17, 2013 when the Ontario government’s Research Chair for Renewable Energy Technologies and Health at the University of Waterloo reported a statistically significant correlation between proximity to industrial wind turbines and sleep deprivation, tinnitus and vertigo.

The government of Ontario has been widely criticized, even by its own agencies, for its roll out of the GEA four years ago. Ontario’s Auditor-General reported in 2011 that a cost-benefit analysis was never done and there was no impact study of the effects on property values, tourism and health.

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner and Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal opposed the effect of industrial wind turbines on wildlife at Ostrander Point.

Economists, health care providers, mayors, and those affected have consistently made their views known, but concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

Around the world, politicians have succumbed to corporate promises of “quick and easy” methods to save the planet from greenhouse gases.

Ratepayers pay the costs on their monthly hydro bills at ever-increasing government-set rates that include massive subsidies to multinational energy companies on the wind bandwagon.

This is heading toward a global scandal.

Governments don’t bother with cost-benefit analyses because most of the costs don’t show on their own books.

The result is much costlier electricity and no net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

But human costs are massive, including the loss of fundamental rights and freedoms, loss of our right to a good night’s sleep and good health, lost market value of homes, and loss of the right to enjoy non-industrialized rural landscapes.

So citizens are taking this high-priced battle to the courts where they hope our beloved Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms can protect us and our democracy.

— Manning is the Chairman of the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE), Prince Edward County, Ontario

Original Article Here: http://www.torontosun.com/2013/11/15/the-human-cost-of-the-green-energy-act

The Great Chili Cook Off – MAWT

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The evening of November 13th 2013 was a dark night and the winds were blowing hard with its breath hinting strongly of the winter season yet to come.  Wind Warriors gathered at the Silverdale Community Hall for the Mothers Against Wind Turbines third fund raising supper for a chili cook off.  The entries for the competition were dominated by the men of MAWT.   Sweet, hot and spicy and in the kitchen.  The stage was set for the competition to begin for the coveted Golden Spoon award for the best chili.

Laughs, smiles and a strong sense of community Wind Warriors gathered and strengthen their resolve to battle the harms and imposition of the Wind developments.  The desert table was filled with all kinds of amazing homemade  baking and the yummy offerings were quickly sampled and devoured by all the dinners.   

The evening allowed another opportunity to honour and celebrate the life of Patricia Anne Vaughan, an amazing woman  whose death has taken her far too soon, from her 12 year old son and extended family  The evenings raffle earnings were donated to her family in memory of her strength and spirit Just a few short weeks ago, the beef from Patricia’s farm was an important part of the first Spaghetti supper held and even though she was not able to attend it gave her a chance to continue the battle against the Wind turbines on her on terms

After much eating and socializing the winner of the Mothers Against Wind Turbines for the Golden Spoon was announced.   Joe Correia (senior) was declared the best hottie as his chili was declared the tastiest. The next  MAWT fundraising  and last supper for 2013 will be on November 27th.  Hope you can save the date and to see you there.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines