We know it’s a scam….they know it’s a scam.


An economic disaster in the making

There is nothing about wind turbines, on or off-shore, that makes any sense at all.  They are simply not feasible, in any way, shape or form.  I don’t care how many rich investors lose their shirts, as long as it is not dumped on the innocent ratepayers.  Screw the windweasel investors!  Shut this windscam down!!!

One thought on “We know it’s a scam….they know it’s a scam.”

  1. Energy poverty is totally indefensible, and is now set to kill tens of thousands each winter. It is also totally unnecessary for a technological civilisation, since the Sun emits 2 billion times more energy than we ever receive here on Earth. Similarly, we live on the shore of an immense ocean which, with brains and enterprise , can sustain a trillion humans if comfort for tens of millennia
    This ocean’s shore begins a mere 300 miles above our heads, and extends to beyond the orbit of Pluto.
    The UK ‘s Skylon spaceplane, and the “New Space” community in the USA, are on the verge of opening up this frontier, by reducing the cost of space access by 100 fold within 10 years. Even UK MInisters now understand that Skylon is the best engine for growth now available in the UK,
    and can rebalance our economy away from reliance on funny money in favour of real wealth and enterprise through brains and construction.
    Say no to enforced Limits to Growth and Hope enforced by yesterday’s minds, and reach for an expansive, hopeful future with an expanding frontier. Our Children deserve no less!

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