Grimsby’s turbine stance disheartening

Grimsby Lincoln News,  Dec. 12, 2013

Re. Grimsby council will not be ‘unwilling host’, Dec. 5:

It was with great dismay that I read about the recent Grimsby council meeting where it was voted that Grimsby would not be voting the same as neighbouring West Lincoln in their stand as “not a willing host” for industrial wind turbines. In fact, Grimsby would be at opposite ends of the industrial wind turbine spectrum by saying Grimsby is not unwilling — a confusing, double negative way of saying that Grimsby is a willing host for wind turbines.

I believe that the Grimsby council is being unrealistic about the fact that they will never have wind turbines in their area. That is a speculation that no one can assure. The area above Grimsby is a perfect area for wind turbines.

The farmers are no long growing grapes. The vineyards are pulled out. Taxes and upkeep are still high. The temptation of earning up to $50,000 per year per turbine is hard to resist. The wind velocity is favourable.

Already there are rumours that land owners around the Grassie area have been approached.

There may also be the opportunity to establish wind turbines off Grimsby in Lake Ontario. Who knows?

No municipality or town is safe from the invasion of wind turbines. Do not assume that your town of Grimsby is secure. Just ask the people in Haldimand, Chatham Kent, West Lincoln. Look on line at Check out the Mothers Against Wind Turbines site.

Of course if your council refuses to take the threat of wind turbines seriously then I am not sure what the local voters can do. We have heard how the majority of councillors feel but how do the people of Grimsby feel about this? As there have been no resident comments in the paper to date, it is assumed that Grimsby folks are fine with their council’s decision.

However, in the meantime there is a reciprocal agreement here. If you cannot support our municipality, then as a resident of West Lincoln, I cannot support your town of Grimsby by shopping, enjoying sports events, food establishments or services in the future. It is a small note of opposition, but we have the right to make that stand considering the recent decisions of your council.

Susan Smith,

Here is another letter.

Grimsby will not be unwilling host article.


2 thoughts on “Grimsby’s turbine stance disheartening”

  1. Misinformed liars are living in Grimsby. Only from the pro-wind and/or solar side will you still hear this kind of rubbish dripping out of the mouths of so-called responsible people. Globally there still are some governments getting sucked-in by the pro-wind lobby but more than enough governments are pulling out of planned turbine extensions, stopping ridiculous subsidies and simply saying NO. The reason……..WIND TURBINES CAN”T STAND ON THEIR OWN, THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF PRODUCING POWER WHEN NEEDED, THEY MAKE PEOPLE SICK, THEY LOWER LAND VALUES and most importantly because NO Turbine can operate without backup power, CO2 EMISSIONS ARE NOT LOWERED!

    1. Its true Bix. Still many of the misinformed are out there in our municipalities that are spreading lies and half truths. I met someone this week from West Lincoln who said that he could see the turbines from his house 15 km away and he said the sight did not bother him. Then he went on to talk about how they were helping save the environment. I almost choked on my disbelief. I let him have his say…..and then I had mine. Needless to say, it only took a few minutes (these MCWynnty Liberals are making this so easy) and I had him on the right track. Sometimes it seems that these people are only repeating a socially acceptable mantra and they know it. They sense something is wrong and when faced with truth and logic, the thin veneer of wind propaganda shatters. The winds of change are blowing. Don’t stop fighting now!

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