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Wind Turbines “Good For Making Toast”


Today – Sept 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM

According to the IESO the total energy demand for the province of Ontario was 17,690 MW

The contribution of the industrial wind turbines was 63 MW. That right folks, 63 MW of the total 17,690 MW required to keep the lights on in this province.

63 MW is .00356 % of the energy required. So if 2000 plus Industrial Wind turbines can only produce .00356% of the energy required, can you calculate how many IWT’s would be required to make a meaningful contribution?

What a sham. This is what happens when you engage in a billion dollar industry without due diligence and a business plan. STOP the madness.

Will the last person out, please turn off the lights.


June 6 2014 – Ontario’s Electricity Output

After looking on the IESO website this morning as I sometimes do…I decided to share with my fellow wind warriors the actual output of Wind as of 6am this morning.

With a Wind CAPACITY of 1725MW and only actually using 159MW…we are still paying companies NOT TO PRODUCE! 

This reflects the TINY 1% of our energy being generated by WIND this morning as of 6am!

So let me get this straight, we are PAYING companies NOT TO PRODUCE so that we can have 1% of our energy supplied….

Couldn’t we have made up the 1% through NUCLEAR, HYDRO or GAS???



How much have we WASTED on subsidies for this TINY amount of Energy????

It is going to hurt all of our families for generations to come!

IESO Capacity Chart


As of 6am this morning, the total energy make up is 1% WIND…..

IESO Current Chart June 6 2014 6am


Wind Energy – 64 Whole MW at 6 AM This Morning

Good morning Ontario.  While you are eating your breakfast on this chilly April morning, industrial wind turbines are cranking away to keep the lights on and those furnaces running.  Here is an example how completely useless and wasteful these machines are to supply power to a modern society.

In Ontario we have 32,961 MW of installed generator capacity to power our grid.  This includes Nuclear, Hydro, Gas/Oil, Coal, Wind, Biofuels etc.  At 6 AM, Ontarions had a power demand of 16,721 MW.   Industrial Wind Energy was able to contribute a measly 64 MW. According to the IESO site we have here in Ontario 1,725 MW of installed wind power.  I would laugh if that were not so downright frightening.  This is what our province has committed our future to.  The dark ages are coming.   This chart is from the Sygration site from April 16, 2014.

TOTAL WIND 368 262 147 116 91 64 99

Wind power is blowing taxpayer dollars

Monday, October, 21, 2013 – 4:04:00 PM

Grant Church, Cayuga

Remember Premier Kathleen Wynne’s statement from the billion-dollar gas plant cancellation, “It will never happen again”?  It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

In the Auditor General’s 2011 report, he stated, “Based on our analysis of net exports and pricing data from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), we estimated that from 2005 to the end of our audit in 2011, Ontario received $1.8 billion less for its electricity exports than what it actually cost electricity ratepayers of Ontario.” (2011 Annual Report of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario page 112)

A total of $1.8 billion flushed down the toilet. Has the hemorrhaging stopped? Not at all. We continue to lose hundreds of millions dollars per year on exports, and it’s getting worse as more wind turbines are deployed.

Further in his report, he revealed, “In 2010, 86 per cent of wind power was produced on days when Ontario was already in a net export position.”

Has anything changed? Absolutely nothing. Wind power most often comes when we don’t need it and doesn’t come when we need it. Wind power is routinely bought at 13.5 cents/kWh and exported for 2.5 cents/kWh. All power is exported without the Global Adjustment, currently at 5.81 cents/kWh. We are supplying tens of thousands of homes and industry as the wind industry claims. It just happens to be at a subsidized rate in other jurisdictions.

So billions more are being blown despite our Premier’s assurances. The government is in a state of denial on these matters. The new rules to pay wind turbines to sit idle remain idle themselves, as the IESO lacks the resolve to use them.

Just remember how they insisted the Oakville gas plant cancellation would only cost $40 million.

My money is on the Auditor General.

See original article here: http://www.sachem.ca/opinion/wind-power-is-blowing-taxpayer-dollars/