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Wind Energy – 64 Whole MW at 6 AM This Morning

Good morning Ontario.  While you are eating your breakfast on this chilly April morning, industrial wind turbines are cranking away to keep the lights on and those furnaces running.  Here is an example how completely useless and wasteful these machines are to supply power to a modern society.

In Ontario we have 32,961 MW of installed generator capacity to power our grid.  This includes Nuclear, Hydro, Gas/Oil, Coal, Wind, Biofuels etc.  At 6 AM, Ontarions had a power demand of 16,721 MW.   Industrial Wind Energy was able to contribute a measly 64 MW. According to the IESO site we have here in Ontario 1,725 MW of installed wind power.  I would laugh if that were not so downright frightening.  This is what our province has committed our future to.  The dark ages are coming.   This chart is from the Sygration site from April 16, 2014.

TOTAL WIND 368 262 147 116 91 64 99