June 6 2014 – Ontario’s Electricity Output

After looking on the IESO website this morning as I sometimes do…I decided to share with my fellow wind warriors the actual output of Wind as of 6am this morning.

With a Wind CAPACITY of 1725MW and only actually using 159MW…we are still paying companies NOT TO PRODUCE! 

This reflects the TINY 1% of our energy being generated by WIND this morning as of 6am!

So let me get this straight, we are PAYING companies NOT TO PRODUCE so that we can have 1% of our energy supplied….

Couldn’t we have made up the 1% through NUCLEAR, HYDRO or GAS???



How much have we WASTED on subsidies for this TINY amount of Energy????

It is going to hurt all of our families for generations to come!

IESO Capacity Chart


As of 6am this morning, the total energy make up is 1% WIND…..

IESO Current Chart June 6 2014 6am


One thought on “June 6 2014 – Ontario’s Electricity Output”

  1. May 14,2009 is now history….the date of June 12,2014 is the one I’m looking forward to. That’s the date that I plan to vote for Hudak. In as much as I don’t care for him I still feel he has the guts to say NO. We need a Premier that can right the ship. If Quebec can do it so can Ontario. With all due respect to all you NDP and fringe party lovers I would suggest that you,just this one time,swallow your pride and give Hudak a majority government. We don’t need another minority government and an election in 18 months.

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