Theirs to recover: Why Ontario’s fiscal ‘time bomb’ is still not defused

Thomas blames the gas plants for our poverty??? How about the billions every year we waste on turbines???

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The Chestnut Conference Centre, once a hotel but now part of a non-descript student residence in downtown Toronto, is only a short walk from Queen’s Park but worlds apart from the stately brass and wood fittings of the seat of the provincial government.

As such, it was a suitable neutral ground for the first skirmishes of The Great Ontario Labour War of 2012.

It was at the Chestnut that representatives of the McGuinty government met with officials of the province’s teachers’ unions to begin what all sides knew were going to be brutal contract negotiations.

The government’s objective was simple. They were to tell the unions that there was no money — none — for salary or benefit increases. The province’s fiscal picture was bleak. These were the financial parameters that had to be met.

On the afternoon of Feb. 22, the leadership of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, along…

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PR Firm Enlisted to Convince Leaders to Ignore Public

Sheeooot. Ontario Liberals have obviously contracted this firm out long ago. Their PR strategy sure works for our ruling party and I am sure it will work just fine for other leaders. Just call ole Kathleen, she has a great strategy. “We were listening before but now we are listening even harder”. But pppssssstttt (we still can’t hear you so shut up).

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

The UN’s Climate Secretariat will get free PR advice so it can inspire politicians to take action. But the UN’s own survey says the public ranks climate change last among 16 priorities.

I’ve observed previously that the public relations community plays a disturbing role in the climate change debate.

PR companies specialize in selling us things – ideas as well as tangible products. They’re guns-for-hire. Their job isn’t to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They’re not interested in playing fair. Rather than encouraging debate, nuance, and independent thought, they push simple-minded sound bytes. They’re experts at blanketing the airwaves with a select point-of-view.

The fact that the board of the David Suzuki Foundation is chaired by the president of a PR firm tells us something about the David Suzuki empire.

The announcement, two days ago, that the UN’s Climate Secretariat will receive pro bono

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Global Wind Energy -- The Human Impact

(From EPAW)

With great anxiety many citizens in our country are observing the progressive destruction of the countryside and the cultural-historically grown phenotype in the environs of towns and villages through the constantly increasing number of wind turbines. In addition, there are unacceptable worries for human-beings as well as a heavy depreciation of immovables and a danger to the animal world.

With the exploitation of the wind energy a technology is being promoted which is completely insignificant for the power supply, the preservation of natural resources, and the protection of the climate. The public promotion funds could be far better spent on the increase in efficiency of the power stations, on the economical consumption of power, and on the scientific basic research in the field of energy.

We demand that all direct and indirect subsidies should be withdrawn from the wind energy technology. As we may not any longer pass…

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If Bakeries Worked Like Wind Power

This article describes perfectly, the futility of the wind industry.

Why not wind power

Recently, our paper ran an article discussing wind plants and how wind could provide jobs and keep farmers and ranchers in business. The article completely ignored how much of wind has nothing to do with providing a service but rather the government taking money from some people and giving it to others, by way of subsidies, grants and requirements for utilities to purchase expensive “renewable” energy. I am sure some people will say “But jobs were created.” Yes, they were, like this:

Your neighbor Kevin decides he wants to run a bakery. He knows nothing about baking and has no funds, so he goes to the government to ask for assistance. Since Kevin is only baking sugarless products that are low in calories made with organic ingredients, the government eagerly gives him as much money as he needs.

Kevin buys a building, equipment, and sets out selling healthy bakery products…

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National Review: Liberals in Retreat

By  John Fund   September 13, 2013 4:00 AM

Ontario Liberals beware!  The jig is up and our patience with your incompetence here in Ontario has worn out.     Time to pack up your mad, crazy ideologues and your useless “windmills” and move along to “greener” pastures.  California perhaps?  Here is an example of what is to come:

   If the Colorado results showed the limits of liberal paternalism’s appeal, voters in prosperous Australia and Norway rebelled against liberal governments they perceived as incompetent and too focused on peripheral issues.     

For the entire article, please read:                      

Anne Schafer shafts AGL spin at Macarthur

Wind turbine victims have their issues ignored by wind weasels….in Australia, that will soon end!


STT has been celebrating the fact that – with the Coalition’s win and its promised RET review about to kick-off soon – the chances of any more giant fans being erected in Australia are slimmer than a German supermodel.


With the threat of any further turbine terror from new wind farms fading fast, we turn our attention to the victims of Australia’s greatest planning and public health disasters.

The nightmare that is AGL’s Macarthur wind farm began operating in October last year – the first 30 fired up then.  All 140 giant 3MW Vestas V112s kicked into gear in about February this year.

Ever since, the locals have been driven absolutely insane with incessant low-frequency noise and infra-sound.

AGL (aka “Australia’s Greatest Liars”) have been running interference in relation to noise problems from the very start.

The incompetent bunch of goons that they hired to do the acoustic work…

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IESO Changes Capability Reporting on Eve of Ontario Liberals Paying Wind Companies to NOT Produce Electricity

 IESO is obscuring the truth to further a political agenda that will bankrupt the people of Ontario!

In Communist countries, Politicians are  paid by the public purse stuff the money into their own pockets, sell out the resources of the country to private for profit multinational corporations and the people become poorer and poorer – Sounds Like Ontario!!!!!!!!
I am calling on you to write a letter to the IESO demanding they bring back the Capability Information to Ontarians.
The IESO has changed thier Generators Output and Capability Report to EXCLUDE Wind’s Capability, in replacement of Wind Forecast.
Forecast now Matches Output which is a SPIN for reporting to the public.
All other Energy Sources for Ontario show Capability Vs Output – Except WIND!
This is wrong and also deceitful to Ontarians on the cusp of the Liberal Government now curtailing Wind while also paying contracted rates to Industrial Wind Turbine Companies.
An example of Why This Matters and what is now missing from the Public Eyes:
On August 29, 2013 at 1:00pm
IESO Reported a Demand of 29479MW
Of this demand, a MEASLY 0.0885% was generated by Wind Power
& Wind only used 1.1% of it’s CAPABILITY!!!!!
Marianne Kidd – Mothers Against Wind Turbines

An Open Letter to RSPB members

We need to push accountability for the wind industry. All of their lies can be easily exposed, with a little double checking!

Roger Helmer MEP

(and to National Trust members, come to that)

Britain’s birds are under threat from every side: habitat loss, urban sprawl, agricultural policies, domestic cats, and so on.  So I commend you, as an RSPB member, for your commitment to conserving and supporting bird populations.  Your concern does you credit.  And equally, I commend members of the National Trust for their efforts to preserve our heritage and our wonderful country houses.

I’m sure you’ll be aware of the threat posed to birds by wind turbines, as I am.  But recently, reading Matt Ridley’s wonderful essay on shale gas, I was shocked to read about the scale of the damage that turbines do to birds.  Of course it’s difficult to get accurate figures, but an academic from Oxford, Clive Hambler, has done a study showing that in Spain alone, millions of birds and bats are killed every year by turbines. …

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Sun News:Running on empty

LORNE GUNTER | QMI AGENCY 7:39 am, September 11th, 2013

Well, well. Another well written article on this scamdle called climate change/global warming. Lets keep shining that bright light on these cockroaches. The profiteers of doom and their alarmist sheeple cannot keep the lies going against the tide of a little something called reality. Here is an excerpt of that article:

You see, the Earth hasn’t warmed in the past 16 or 17 years, even though the production of carbon dioxide has continued apace.

And it is becoming harder and harder for global warming’s cheerleaders on the IPCC to square that circle.

As an increasing number of scientists begin to question the so-called consensus on climate change, the IPCC has pushed harder and harder for ever more dramatic and alarming predictions in AR5. Hence the delay.

Consider just a few recent announcements.

First, there were a few reports on Monday that Arctic sea ice is 60% greater than it was this time last year.

The northern ice cap begins to refreeze in September, so that means the slow shrinkage of Arctic ice may be reversing.

One year of ice growth does not make a trend, but imagine the hysterical headlines if it were the other way around – if the ice cap was 60% smaller.

For the rest of article:

Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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