Old Growth Maple Forest in ThunderBay being chopped down for ‘green’ wind turbines

Chop down trees….for no good reason….ridiculous! Let’s chop down turbines, and put up trees!

Quixotes Last Stand

James Murray — NetNewsLedger — September 16, 2013

THUNDER BAY – Editorial – Ontario has an electricity surplus. That is the word coming out from Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli. The Ontario Government is set to pay wind farm producers not to produce energy.

In Thunder Bay, an old growth Maple Forest is in the process of being destroyed to put in a wind farm.

The irony is incredible.

Northwestern Ontario, and the Thunder Bay District was able to supply electrical power to run all the grain elevators at full capacity, along with the several paper mills in our area. There isn’t a shortage, well, at least not a shortage of electricity.

Common sense however?

Maybe the shortfall is there?

At issue appears that no one locally is willing to stand up for the future of the hardwood maple forest. The process forward is in the hands of the Ontario Government.

The real…

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Dry Dock or Deep Six?

We are telling all of those idiots that we don’t want their useless turbines….and they had better soon LISTEN!!!


The Ministry of Energy and the over-paid agencies which have done the bidding of government have been contemptuous of the residents of rural Ontario, the Legislative Assembly, even the Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioner, but there seems at least an element of self-loathing on the part of the OPA.

From several of the public meetings for the Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) there were reported statements revealing of how they apparently view their role.

After hearing of the extreme economic and psychological burdens being born by those citizens enmeshed in years of struggle against the imposition of unwanted wind turbine projects with the potential to ruin iconic landscapes, damage cherished ecosystems and put community health and well-being at risk, one of the OPA experts disclaimed responsibility with an allusion to Watergate,

“We are just the plumbers!”

Elsewhere another individual balked at taking the side of reason saying,

“I’m sitting…

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Fight Against Wind Turbines Heats Up In Kerwood

Esther is a windwarrior, extraordinaire!!! Hope all goes well!

Ontario Wind Resistance

Esther2By Miranda Chant, Blackburn News (Audio)

An environmentalist is rallying others in her community in the battle against controversial wind turbines. A preliminary hearing to appeal the decision to allow NextEra Energy Canada to install 38 turbines in the Kerwood-area goes before the Environmental Review Tribunal Monday.

Esther Wrightman with the Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group says for those in her community, it is personal. Residents are concerned the turbines come with serious risk to health, safety and wildlife.

The Adelaide-Metcalfe council will also be discussing the issue of wind turbines at its meeting Monday night.

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Niagara Regional Council to Reconsider support for “Not a Willing Host”

not-a-willing-hostMothers Against Turbines to make a presentation!

Niagara Regional Council Chamber 2201 St Davids Road

Thursday September 19 – 6:30pm

“Not A Willing Host “ motion (as requested by Wainfleet and West Lincoln Mayors)  will be reconsidered  this week at  the Niagara Regional Council Meeting.

Show our support for maintaining Niagara’s democratic right to declare our communities as unwilling hosts for insidious IWT’s and that we will not be bullied by misguided greedy corporations.

Mothers Chat with Energy Minister Chiarelli

DSCN0760It was field day for Mothers Against Wind Turbines and the destination today was Babcock and Wilcox Nuclear Manufacturing Facility in Cambridge.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli was also at the facility and was available to speak to the Mothers and address their many concerns. Issues discussed included health, noise decibel levels, improper siting, financial and economic impact on Ontario, wind company contracts in  addition to how it infuriates  rural Ontario that the Liberals are appealing the Ostrander point decision.

Minister Chiarelli showed himself to be an excellent example of a Liberal “listener” but only time will tell if he follows company policy and refuses to hear. We Mothers made it clear that we are determined to protect our families, our children, and the best course of action for the minister and all Ontarians is to no longer support industrial wind facilities being built within our communities and province. Mr Chiarelli, although thoughtful and pleasant, continued to recite the usual Liberal propaganda and spin . Great job Mothers! Not only is it important to speak out for those whom our government now refuses to protect, but as always, to set an example for our children. And thanks to Bob Chiarelli who took ten minutes out of his busy day to speak with the Mothers. I hope your next stop later that day, touring the Canadian Solar Facility, was just as interesting and eventful.

What was all THAT about?

Lucky Aussies, on their way to shaking off their turbine troubles!


Remember country primary school Christmas concerts when you were 5?


Performer anxiety as you stood up to recite Banjo Paterson’s the Man from Snowy River, off the cuff, to the whole town.  A strangely familiar Father Christmas doling out presents to all the kids in the school.  Gorging on gallons of raspberry cordial, gutsing down lamingtons, fairy cakes and chocolate crackles after the show, as if there was no tomorrow.  Then, suitably refreshed with an almighty sugar hit, running around the Soldiers Memorial Hall like mad things in the dark.  Screaming and yelling like banshees in the night.  Oh what fun!

Remember your first Bachelor and Spinsters Ball?


Buffed up in Uncle Ted’s dinner suit – the one that never really fitted; or in some taffeta nightmare that Mum knocked up from material you always suspected was from an old curtain.  Off you went for a night of…

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Ontario failing like Europe

Of course they’re safe….your children could play under them, while the cattle graze, and the birds chirp!

Ontario Wind Resistance

Kathleen Wynne’s green energy policies are setting the stage for a ‘massacre’ of our economy

wind_turbine_fires (1)Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
If you want to see the future of the Ontario economy under Premier Kathleen Wynne’s green energy plan, you don’t have to look far.

Look at Europe, because we’re starting to experience what’s happening there, as rising electricity prices driven by the high cost of renewable energy gut its manufacturing sector.

“We face a systemic industrial massacre,” Antonio Tajani, European Commissioner for Industry, recently told the Daily Telegraph, “I am in favour of a green agenda, but we can’t be religious about this. We need a new energy policy. We have to stop pretending, because we can’t sacrifice Europe’s industry for climate goals that are not realistic and are not being enforced worldwide.” Read article

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The Darmstadt Manifesto – The Exploitation of Wind Energy: A Must Read (They knew back in 1998)

This scam is not new. It started many years ago, and has worked it’s way through the corrupt governments.

Quixotes Last Stand

(From EPAW)

With great anxiety many citizens in our country are observing the progressive destruction of the countryside and the cultural-historically grown phenotype in the environs of towns and villages through the constantly increasing number of wind turbines. In addition, there are unacceptable worries for human-beings as well as a heavy depreciation of immovables and a danger to the animal world.

With the exploitation of the wind energy a technology is being promoted which is completely insignificant for the power supply, the preservation of natural resources, and the protection of the climate. The public promotion funds could be far better spent on the increase in efficiency of the power stations, on the economical consumption of power, and on the scientific basic research in the field of energy.

We demand that all direct and indirect subsidies should be withdrawn from the wind energy technology. As we may not any longer pass…

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The Dalton Gang wanted to emulate Germany … And sadly they are

Now….who was it that said that the Germans love them???

Quixotes Last Stand

German Media Now Sharply Attacking Once Beloved Green Energy Feed-In Act…”Completely Out Of Control”

P Gosselin — No Tricks Zone — September 15,  2013

Not long ago, all of Germany’s political parties and media, whether socialist, green, liberal or conservative, embraced and voted into law the green energy feed-in act (EEG). The few remaining outspoken opponents were marginalized as political Neanderthals and climate deniers.

Now fast-forward 5 years to today. My oh my how perceptions have changed. As the costs and the technical folly become more apparent, major back-pedaling is beginning. Once the darling of the media, Germany’s renewable energy feed-in act (EEG) is now coming under heavy fire. Energy prices have been skyrocketing, and CO2 emissions aren’t going down by any measure.

The latest to fire harsh criticism is leading political daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) in an online piece titled: Too much is too much.

… And because green…

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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