Warming Alarmism 1930’s Style – Blame The Yo-Yo

The faux-green windweasels use climate change as a scare tactic!

Tory Aardvark

One thing always holds true with the Greens and warming alarmists, they absolutely love a human catastrophe or tragedy, because then they can apply their new branch of science witchcraft, Attribution to the event and conclusively prove that the hand of man has caused the event.

Take for example the ongoing human tragedy of the Syrian civil war. Civil wars have always been far more brutal and atrocity prone than conflicts between rival sovereign states, the Spanish Civil War of 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939 is a classic case of how barbaric and brutal a civil war can become.

As the fighting continues to rage and chemical weapons are used, the warming alarmists have detailed proof that Anthropogenic Global Warming is behind the Syrian conflict and many conflicts that have yet to start:

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New lawsuit launched to protect Ontario’s endangered species

I was wondering if any of the faux-green environmentalists would ever have the guts to speak out! Let’s see how this goes!

Ontario Wind Resistance

sign blanding turtleBy Dr. Anastasia Lintner, EcoJustice
There are many plants, birds and animals in Ontario whose survival is currently endangered or threatened. Without a concerted effort to ensure that these species are protected from harm, and have the homes and spaces necessary for their survival, we risk losing them altogether. The Ontario government has failed to deliver on its promise to defend endangered and threatened species.
And today, we’re doing something about that.

A promise to Ontarians and species at risk
In May 2007, we stood up with a coalition of environmental groups to celebrate significantly improved legal protections for Ontario’s at-risk species and their habitats. We saw the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA), as the best legal framework for protecting species at risk. It was a gold-star or A+ effort that was worth celebrating. All that was left to do was for the provincial government to implement the new law…

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CAW Turbine Fight at Queens Park

I think the Mothers Against Wind Turbines, will be visiting the miscreants at Queen’s Park soon…..Kathleen will want to hear from us!

Ontario Wind Resistance

CAW protestBayshore Broadcasting
The C-A-W’s industrial wind turbine at the Family Education Centre in Port Elgin has attracted the attention of the Ontario Legislature. Huron-Bruce Conservative M-P-P, Lisa Thompson, stood before her colleagues Tuesday to applaud residents and Saugeen Shores Council for their advocacy for those impacted by the structure. Thompson also chastised the government for their inaction.

Approval for the C-A-W owned turbine was approved years before the Liberal’s Green Energy Act was introduced. Therefore, 117 homes fall within the 550 metre setback regulated by the government — some Port Elgin residents live as close as 200 metres from the site. Thompson tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the “Liberal government refuses to listen to impacted citizens in Port Elgin, and across the province”. Read article

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Municipality of North Middlesex taking ERT to court: Sept 13 Osgoode Hall

I definitely want to go to this ERT>>>>

Ontario Wind Resistance

supremecourt_gavelThe Municipality of North Middlesex took the bold and celebrated step several months ago and decided to fight the NextEra Bornish Wind approval of 45 turbines, at the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT).

But in a ruling the ERT decided it would not allow the municipality constitutional protection and the ability to file a claim for constitutional relief. Instead of backing down, North Mid is taking the ERT to court this Friday!

Hearing details below – please attend to show your support!:
Date: Friday, Sept.13
Time: 10:00am
Place: Osgoode Hall , Courtroom #3 MAP

Carpooling can be arranged in the Lamton-Middlesex contact Muriel: murielblair@xcelco.on.ca

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Australia dodges an energy price spiral bullet

Australia sets the way, and the rest of us should follow….ASAP!


With the Coalition about to take the reins – and the line up taking control of the Senate next July even more hostile to the great wind power fraud than we could have hoped for – Australia has just dodged a bullet – an energy price spiral bullet, that is.

The Coalition is all set to dismantle the greatest economic and environmental fraud in Australia’s history.

STT hears the RET review will be more of a woeful lament on how the best laid plans of mice and men get overrun by corporate low-lifes and hucksters.  The very fact of the review will be enough to spook already flighty investors and retailers.  The Business Council of Australia and Origin Energy are lining up to make sure the RET goes the way of the dodo.

STT predicts that – in the absence of some mental defect – from this point forward –…

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Ontario starts paying wind turbines not to produce electricity when not needed

The Canadian Press – September 11, 2013

TORONTO – Ontario will start paying wind power generators today not to produce electricity, but the government says the move will actually save ratepayers big bucks.

Ontario has had a surplus of power since 2006, but until now, the province paid for all the electricity generated from industrial wind mills, even when it wasn’t needed.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says the system operator can now order wind producers not to generate power, and will pay them _ just as it pays Bruce nuclear _ not to produce electricity when it’s not needed.

He says they are paid at a reduced rate that will save the province $200 million a year just on the wind turbines.

Ontario has signed generous contracts with wind producers for about 5,800 megawatts of electricity, only about 1,500 of which is currently connected to the grid.

The Progressive Conservatives say paying wind power producers with 20-year contracts not to generate electricity shows the Liberals’ green energy act “is a failed social experiment.”

Critics point out wind power is unreliable and can’t be counted on in peak demand periods like gas-fired generation or nuclear plants.

Meanwhile, Chiarelli says Ontario is making a net profit of up to $6 billion a year on importing and exporting electricity, a big turnaround from 2003 when the province paid $500 million to import power because it didn’t have enough to meet demand.

It’s not unusual for neighbouring jurisdictions to sell each other electricity, but the province used to frequently have to pay Quebec or New York state to take the excess power off its hands.

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Turbine opponents release own health impact study

“Of real concern is that children are included as part of respondents’ households and are being impacted,” the report states.

By SEAN McCOMISH Sept. 10, 2013, 4 a.m. – The Standard – Australia
  • A survey of 84 people living near wind farms has found 63 of them believe their health has been affected.A survey of 84 people living near wind farms has found 63 of them believe their health has been affected.

WIND farm opponents in Macarthur are again making a case to be heard over claimed health impacts, releasing a lengthy community survey.

The preliminary report commissioned by the Australian Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Network, an anti-wind farm group, has compiled complaints and apparent symptoms caused by turbines.

It will be sent to various health departments in a bid to get an authoritative study done.

Both levels of government are refusing to accept claims that turbines cause health issues and anti-wind campaigners and residents are relying on a handful of acousticians and GPs to back their claims of headaches and nausea.

About 84 people filled out questionnaires, with 63 claiming their health had been affected, according to the report.

All 63 said their sleep had suffered since the wind farm began operating.

“Of real concern is that children are included as part of respondents’ households and are being impacted,” the report states.

However, the survey lacks independence and is authored by a resident opposed to the construction of a wind farm near her own home in Berrybank.

Report author Anne Schafer acknowledges midway through the report that her “interest in wind energy began soon after she and her husband purchased their property and found that a wind facility was proposed next to it”.

“I understand that but it’s what has started my interest,” she told The Standard.

“We are concerned that we won’t be able to live here.”

Ms Schafer said The Australian Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Network had contacted her to undertake the survey.

The survey refers to complaints about subaudible noise called infrasound but also lists comments likening the wind farm to “a jet engine overhead … an unrelenting drone … a truck that never arrives”.

But AGL has maintained that noise levels, in particular infrasound blamed for health effects,  has not changed since construction of the Macarthur wind farm.

“Although we take all allegations of health problems seriously and investigate any complaints, there is currently no credible peer-reviewed scientific evidence to link wind turbines to adverse health effects,” an AGL spokesperson said.

In July the company released a voluntarily-commissioned report by independent acousticians that was then peer reviewed.

“This research demonstrates that there was no measurable change in the infrasound levels measured before and after construction of the Macarthur wind farm,” AGL’s power development general manager Scott Thomas said.

“AGL has undertaken the most extensive and rigorous research by a wind farm operator in Australia and also has gone above and beyond its regulatory requirements.”

Researchers at RMIT University in Hamilton had hoped to conduct a scientific study into health claims in 2012 but were unable to secure funding.

Meanwhile, the opponents are likely to find a sympathetic ear in the new Coalition government.

Wannon MP Dan Tehan has voiced calls for an independent study into health impacts. 

Two more wind farms are proposed at Penshurst and Willatook.

Original Article Here: http://www.standard.net.au/story/1765096/turbine-opponents-release-own-health-impact-study/

Greens Tell Australia That They Don’t Care What The Voters Say

Those faux-green losers are going to care, soon enough!!!

Real Science

After the prime minister-elect instructed his department on Sunday to begin drafting the legislation to abandon the carbon-pricing scheme, business groups lined up to urge parliament to respect his government’s mandate.

Key state governments said that cutting the tax would provide huge relief to the cost of running services, with Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls declaring that the Senate was “there to protect the rights of the states and the states don’t want Labor’s carbon tax”, adding that the impost would hit new projects in the coal and liquefied natural gas-rich state.

With Labor and the Greens threatening to deadlock the plan in the current Senate, the Abbott government could have to wait to negotiate with newly elected senators who take their seats in July next year, or otherwise call a double-dissolution election.

Carbon delay ‘to cost billions’, warns business | The Australian

Labor lied to create the tax, and now…

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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