Turbines go up in Smithville despite protests

The windweasels do not care who they hurt….

Quixotes Last Stand

Molly Hayes — Hamilton Spectator — October 6, 2013

After three years of protest, a group of Smithville neighbours are calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne in a last-ditch effort to stop wind turbines from taking over their rural community.

The first of five wind turbines slotted for a West Lincoln wind farm went up last Thursday — and had drivers rubbernecking on Twenty Road to take in the 140-metre structure.

Smithville resident Wendy Veldman doesn’t have to look far. The turbine sits just 550 metres (half a kilometre) from her house — the minimum setback distance in Ontario.

As a member of West Lincoln Wind Action Group, she has been protesting the turbine project for three years — and has a long list of outstanding health, safety, economic and environmental concerns.

“If these five go up, whatever, but I don’t want any more going up. I have resolved myself that…

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