Life Takes Over

I envy you Verity. To feel that CAGW has been emasculated enough to no longer pose a threat or to label as boring. I’m sick of all this too. Unfortunately, although this climate change monster is dead we slaughtered it while it was standing on a mountain top. As its carcass rolls downward, it will still devastate and destroy. In our politically poisoned province of Ontario our battle against renewables is coming to a boiling point. We are steadily and stealthily being plastered with wind turbines, transmission and collector lines, roads and all sorts of global warming cult paraphernalia. This great battle is just beginning and the winner is still very uncertain. Verity, step back for a while and regroup. We still need you.

Digging in the Clay

It’s the beginning of the end.  Watch the Giant with Feet of Clay crumble. A train wreck in slow motion. There’s more sense being said about AR5 than would have been imaginable eighteen months ago when drafts were available. In fact some of the media coverage (e.g. Newsnight) has been jaw-droppingly almost balanced in both invited participants and the line of questioning.

As the CAGW frenzy  whipped up by the overstatement of zealous believers and compliant shut down of debate in the media was increasingly untenable, reasoned debate has begun to happen and the imperative ‘need’ to blog melted away.

Normal life has taken over, or, I should say, has resumed at last.

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