Guardrails of Niagara Wind


Safety or Overkill?

Niagara Wind blocked access to the West Lincoln McCaffery heritage cemetery at the beginning of August.  The guardrails are installed along the rural road edges to protect huge transmission poles required for the sprawling intrusive 77 industrial wind turbine complex.

Responding to complaints a portion of the guardrail has been cut out to allow access to the cemetery.

But this is not the end of the saga…

Email sent by  West Lincoln resident:

Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2016 9:19 AM

To: Shiloh Berriman  Cc: Brian Treble; Brent Julian; Stephen Mcgean;;

Subject: Guard rail

Just wondered since I have never had a reply to my question regarding all the excess guard rail being put up on Port Davidson Road, if there had been any resolution to what was considered safe and what was considered overkill. I supplied some photos in my last email which I will include again in this email of guard rail that is 6 lengths(approx. 72′ ) and some that is 27 lengths (approx. 324′ ) past the transmission towers. My question was if 6 lengths is safe in one spot (actually more then one spot along the road), why do we need to cover someone’s entire road frontage including their beautiful homes with 27 lengths of this horrible looking guard rail that they need to now trim around weekly and look at day after day??

Going back to the cemetery if only 6 lengths are used there most of the frontage for the cemetery will be open and it will still be safe for motorists. If 6 lengths are not safe enough what is being done to change those areas?

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