Cemetery Blocked by Guardrails

One of the stated considerations for the Niagara Wind facility’s renewable energy approval (REA) was to take into consideration the negative alterations and visual impacts to heritage sites. The project was to take measures to minimize adverse effects to the view, such as to the local cemetery  located on Port Davidson Road in West Lincoln, Ontario.

“In order to avoid direct impacts on views of the West Lincoln McCaffrey Cemetery (CHR-14), it is recommended that any overhead transmission infrastructure installed along Port Davidson Road in the vicinity of the cemetery be installed along the eastern side of the road”

Click to access Heritage_01_Main-Report.pdf

But someone clearly forgot to consider the impacts of blocking access to the cemetery with newly installed guardrails, now required because of the Niagara wind project’s transmission lines.  This oversight is just one of many and disrespects the community and those who have family members buried in the cemetery.

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