What side of the fence do you live on?

The discord of wind facilities hits home and personal for those who have had the projects forced onto their  communities.  In southern Ontario the construction frenzy of the Niagara Wind project consisting of 77  3MW wind turbines continues to defy logic and common decency.

The latest in your face example being the installation of the guard rails that were installed along the narrow rural road edges needed to protect the massive transmission poles for the project.

It has been well over a week since the heritage site of the West Lincoln cemetery was trespassed by the installation of the infrastructure associated with the Niagara Wind project which blocks access. No word as to when this will be fixed.  Utter disrespect for those who have loved ones buried there.

No thought has been given to the impacts to the home owners whose front yards are now visually reminiscence of the QEW highway . The guardrails are also creating direct barriers of access for agricultural operations with farm lane entrances narrowed.  Moving large slow moving farm equipment onto the public roads will become even more difficult as the option of moving over to allow oncoming traffic to pass has been removed.

Snow removal in the winter months will also be directly impacted by the endless miles of hydro pole bases and the guardrails.

Industrialization of our rural homes.

(Photos courtesy of  Smithville Turbine Opposition Party)https://www.facebook.com/Smithville.Turbine.Oppositon.Party/

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