Kevin Dooley’s Research on Infrasound

MAWT (Mothers Against Wind Turbines  Inc.)  was very grateful that researcher Kevin Dooley and his associate took the time to present their research at the Environmental Review Tribunal as presenters in the recent appeal hearing against the approval for the Niagara Regional Wind Corporation project.  The following links are provided courtesy of Mr. Dooley permission is granted for their use with proper citation.  The two papers are copyrighted  by ASA but can be downloaded at the links provided.

CaptureMore information and up to date research relative to infrasound is available at:

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Infrasound and Motion Sickness

Kevin A Dooley

Significant infrasound levels a previously unrecognized contaminant in landmark motion sickness studies

Kevin A Dooley

Acoustic interaction as a primary cause of infrasonic spinning mode generation and propagation from wind turbines.

Kevin A Dooley and Andy Metelka


This is a useful tool to use to show people how much one turbine can impact the property values of homes around it.   Now imagine if any of Farmers B through E have a second neighbour with a turbine.  They are completely prevented from ever doing anything on their own property again.  But turbines don’t affect property values…..right.

Thanks to Concerned Citizens of Delta County for this photo.  Origin unknown.


One Lawsuit Settled, But No Truce in Wind Energy Debate

A lawsuit in which residents living near the Lake Winds wind plant south of Ludington claimed the facility was making people sick has been settled out of court. Cary Shineldecker, one of the plaintiffs in the case, isn’t allowed to discuss details of the settlement, but is still allowed to talk about the alleged negative health effects that can be suffered by those who live near such facilities.

“What I think is different about this settlement is that, although the details of the settlement are confidential, I’m not gagged from speaking out about the problems with wind energy,” Shineldecker said. “I think everything we’ve done here has helped the community and residents. For too long, supporters of wind energy have been able to silence and discredit those who have to live with the effects of it.

“We saw how they silenced Jerry Punch and his group,” Shineldecker continued. “When his group was working on a study that refuted what wind energy supporters wanted to be reported about the health impacts of wind turbines, they (the wind energy supporters) shut them up.”

downloadOn April 1, 2013, a group of 17 residents who lived near the Lake Winds wind plant – others joined the group later – filed a lawsuit against Consumers Energy in Mason County Circuit Court. The lawsuit alleged that people were experiencing dizziness, sleeplessness, headaches and other physical symptoms primarily due to noise generated by the wind plant’s 56 giant wind turbines, which the plaintiffs claimed had been erected too close to homes.

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Mandy Smith “… I am alarmed about the close proximity of proposed turbine T83 to my property. “

read Mandy Smith Presentation here

I, and my neighbours, expect that Stantec/ NRWC is just as concerned about the future of our township as we are; consequently it is hard to believe that they would neglect to do proper due diligence in the application process for the approval of the NRWC project.  I, as a presenter, am expected to prove that the project will not cause serious harm, and this can only be done with the proper completion and documentation of all studies and field visits.  The final results of these visits and studies must demonstrate the cooperation of the residents who will be affected by the siting of the IWT’s.  Then and only then can I and my community be satisfied that this project will NOT cause “serious harm”.

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Receptors 2297, Mr & Mrs Atkins – Presentation at MAWT vs. MOE , ERT

We wish the Atkins all the best and hope the ERT consider your presentation.  As will all the presenters who had the courage to step forward and challenge the Approval of the NRWC wind project for West Lincoln.  Thank You!!

presenter status request (1)

Attn Ms Eva Pietrzyk                                                                           27th December 2014


My husband Leon & I are known as receptor 2297, we purchased our property 15 years ago & built our dream home, a modest 1,100 sq ft residence & a barn with an arena for our 29 horses, ponies & donkeys, most of whom are rescued or retired, ages ranging from 17 months to 38 years. We operate a pony ride business attending fairs, festivals & children’s birthday parties. We have 27 years experience in all aspects of horse husbandry, including training, farrier work,worming, medicating etc;  Our equines undergo regular yearly physicals from our vet which include vaccinations. Looking after & caring for our horses is our life, although 24\7 we love this lifestyle & could not imagine our life without our animals. The economic impact that the proposed W.T.s could have on our lives is frightening, our livelihood depends on our ponies and they depend on us to take good care of them. I fear that being surrounded by so many W. T.s, our well, which is our only water source, may be affected in some way, how would we water 29 horses ?????  Water makes up 62-68% of horses body weight and is essential for life, an average size horse will drink approx; 10 U.S. Gallons per day-multiply that by 29!!!! It is critically important for horses to have access to a fresh clean supply of water at all times. Moving our horses and ponies to another barn is out of the question, how could we possibly afford to board 29 horses and ponies at $400-$600per horse per month and what barn could accomodate an extra 29 boarders????

We are extremely concerned that N.R.W.C. Intend to erect 3MW  Enercon 101 industrial wind turbines so close to our property, the 2 closest WTs are T31=587 meters with a predicted 39.5 decibels & T32= 600 meters with a predicted 39 decibels, another 5 WTs will be located less than 2 kms = T33 T34  T76  T35  & T55 another 3 are less than 3 kms T02 T06 T01 making a total of 10 in close proximity & 24 less than 5 kms. The R.E.A states……a minimum setback of 550 meters for one to five wind turbines, with setbacks increasing with the number & the sound level rating of turbines  On the 29th April 2013 Premier Kathleen Wynne signed a document which reads….The R.E.A.establishes one of the strongest setback requirements in North America;- a minimum setback of 550 meters with setbacks increasing with the number of turbines and their sound level rating. Some of the largest wind facilities will require 1.5 klms setback from the nearest residence….. Also at N.R.W.C.’s first presentation to the public they posted…….Note; If there are more than 5 turbines within 3km of a noise receptor or if any turbines have a sound power level greater than 102 dba, greater setback distances must be met and/ or noise studies must be completed. [I took a photo of this statement with my cell phone].

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Michael Jankowski – Presentation as heard at ERT.

NRWC ERT Presentation Companion – Michael A Jankowski (1)

here is the word for word presentation….without the accompanying slide show…. that was heard at the ERT.

Michael A. Jankowski – Presentation Companion (Exact Spoken Words at Presentation)

Slide 2:

I have come to you today because I know, based on our experiences, observations and learnings,  that the HAF Wind Turbines have invoked serious health issues for my family and myself and to warn you and others that if NRWC is allowed to proceed with a much larger Wind Project nearly the same distance from our home as HAF, that not only will our issues continue to get worse, but many of the 10,000 people living in the environ of the NRWC project area will also start to suffer from serious Wind Turbine induced negative health impacts as we have and probably worse. Many who will suffer will have a difficult task to determine why they are suffering and will also need help to know where to report any such suffering. Further, if they overcome the hurdles to find out where to report, it is unlikely they will receive any meaningful response, as experienced by my family and I.

We have established a chain of causality, from the noise/vibrations which invade into our home, most often at night as we try to sleep through to the resultant health impacts we have experienced, which, are strikingly the same health impacts that studies note and the experiences of many other people also report. You should consider my presentation to be “eye witness” material. In my full submission, I’ve provided what information I can from professionals in the short time I have been afforded by the ERT process. I offer this in addition to my experiences, observation and learnings including a letter from our family doctor.

In my direct experience, the giant Wind Turbines which are the HAF Wind Power generation project do emit audible Low Frequency Noise and Inaudible Infrasound with a multi-cyclic characteristic so significant that we can hear/feel this noise/vibration in our home many nights as we try to sleep. (Similar in characteristic to 2 or 3 alarm clocks sounding) Often, when we hear/feel this, my ears feel pressurized and in some pain at times after hearing/feeling the noise/vibration from the HAF Wind Turbines. This is also consistent with what many others have noted. The sound/vibration bears a distinct monotonal predictable repetitive pattern – WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM which is in time with the HAF Wind Turbines and only present when they are turning as I will describe later.

Since the HAF Wind Turbines (HWTs) commenced operation on June 14th, 2014, my family and I noticed serious and negative changes to our health and wellness over time. Since my family and I have been subjected the HWTs noise/vibration, we have endured negative health consequences which we have not experienced previously and which are directly related to the parts of my body which are irritated when we hear/feel this noise/vibration. Continue reading Michael Jankowski – Presentation as heard at ERT.

West Norfolk mother tells of blindness fears for son over wind farm scheme

This is the mother who says she will have to move if a controversial wind farm is built – or risk her nine-year-old son going blind.

Karen Robinson with her son Ronnie Robinson (9) in the garden at Clenchwarton Hall, showing the current view. ANL-150129-112536009
Karen Robinson with her son Ronnie Robinson (9) in the garden at Clenchwarton Hall, showing the current view. ANL-150129-112536009

Ronnie Robinson suffers from primary congenital glaucoma, asevere visual impairment in which his eyes cannot cope with changing light conditions.

Developers of the Ongarhill wind farm, which is due to be debated by the West Norfolk Council planning committee next week, say conditions attached to any permission, and technology on the turbines themselves, will prevent shadow flicker from affecting residents.

But Ronnie’s mum Karen says she has been warned by doctors that she will have to leave her home on Hall Road, Clenchwarton if the plan goes ahead, in order to save his sight.

She said any flicker would leave Ronnie at risk of becoming disorientated and banging his head. Continue reading West Norfolk mother tells of blindness fears for son over wind farm scheme

MAWT, Is our hero!!

Congratulations to MAWT IOnc, for appealing the NRWC approval. Although the ERT has NEVER been an effective way to stop a project, you followed the regulations in spite of it. Even though the EBR instructed you to place FOI requests to get info and documentation, and in the end, even in disclosure the info was not provided, and even though your witness statements were stuck down to only a few pages, and even though you were faced with the impossible task of proving “serious harm” you did not give up. You can be so proud of your efforts and we, your community are eternally grateful for what you did for us.

You are our hero’s.

N. M. Rozenburg