Kevin Dooley’s Research on Infrasound

MAWT (Mothers Against Wind Turbines  Inc.)  was very grateful that researcher Kevin Dooley and his associate took the time to present their research at the Environmental Review Tribunal as presenters in the recent appeal hearing against the approval for the Niagara Regional Wind Corporation project.  The following links are provided courtesy of Mr. Dooley permission is granted for their use with proper citation.  The two papers are copyrighted  by ASA but can be downloaded at the links provided.

CaptureMore information and up to date research relative to infrasound is available at:

Video Presentation:

Infrasound and Motion Sickness

Kevin A Dooley

Significant infrasound levels a previously unrecognized contaminant in landmark motion sickness studies

Kevin A Dooley

Acoustic interaction as a primary cause of infrasonic spinning mode generation and propagation from wind turbines.

Kevin A Dooley and Andy Metelka

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