Michael Jankowski – Presentation as heard at ERT.

NRWC ERT Presentation Companion – Michael A Jankowski (1)

here is the word for word presentation….without the accompanying slide show…. that was heard at the ERT.

Michael A. Jankowski – Presentation Companion (Exact Spoken Words at Presentation)

Slide 2:

I have come to you today because I know, based on our experiences, observations and learnings,  that the HAF Wind Turbines have invoked serious health issues for my family and myself and to warn you and others that if NRWC is allowed to proceed with a much larger Wind Project nearly the same distance from our home as HAF, that not only will our issues continue to get worse, but many of the 10,000 people living in the environ of the NRWC project area will also start to suffer from serious Wind Turbine induced negative health impacts as we have and probably worse. Many who will suffer will have a difficult task to determine why they are suffering and will also need help to know where to report any such suffering. Further, if they overcome the hurdles to find out where to report, it is unlikely they will receive any meaningful response, as experienced by my family and I.

We have established a chain of causality, from the noise/vibrations which invade into our home, most often at night as we try to sleep through to the resultant health impacts we have experienced, which, are strikingly the same health impacts that studies note and the experiences of many other people also report. You should consider my presentation to be “eye witness” material. In my full submission, I’ve provided what information I can from professionals in the short time I have been afforded by the ERT process. I offer this in addition to my experiences, observation and learnings including a letter from our family doctor.

In my direct experience, the giant Wind Turbines which are the HAF Wind Power generation project do emit audible Low Frequency Noise and Inaudible Infrasound with a multi-cyclic characteristic so significant that we can hear/feel this noise/vibration in our home many nights as we try to sleep. (Similar in characteristic to 2 or 3 alarm clocks sounding) Often, when we hear/feel this, my ears feel pressurized and in some pain at times after hearing/feeling the noise/vibration from the HAF Wind Turbines. This is also consistent with what many others have noted. The sound/vibration bears a distinct monotonal predictable repetitive pattern – WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM, WHOOM which is in time with the HAF Wind Turbines and only present when they are turning as I will describe later.

Since the HAF Wind Turbines (HWTs) commenced operation on June 14th, 2014, my family and I noticed serious and negative changes to our health and wellness over time. Since my family and I have been subjected the HWTs noise/vibration, we have endured negative health consequences which we have not experienced previously and which are directly related to the parts of my body which are irritated when we hear/feel this noise/vibration.

Some people admitted as Experts into this hearing will try to discredit my statements using literature from some other experts – but their views are theoretical – mine are practical, having lived through it. They have not made any projection including the variables present in our home, not determined how each person will react to noise exposure and I’ve referenced studies which state the both the home and the person present variables which are necessary to consider in order to determine whether people’s health will be impacted by sound/vibration emissions from Wind Turbines. Such studies state what I already know – noise/vibration inside the home caused by Wind Turbines can be higher inside the home than outside. Truly I tell you, these experts cannot credibly tell me that what I have experienced is not true. For they do not live in our home, they have not modelled our home and they have not taken any measurements in our home. Thus, the MoE and its experts collectively cannot claim knowledge of the absolute truth based on theoretical study, just as humanity learned from cigarette smoking. Up until the 1950’s, many doctors claimed smoking was actually good for you, yet now we know over 50% of regular smokers will die of some smoking related illness. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Our provincial government have a non-trivial percentage of people reaching out to them, including now us, telling them that they experienced serious, negative health impacts from the intrusion of foreign, monotonal sound/vibration emitted by large Wind Turbines near their homes and we continue to rely on theory to ignore their experiences. I may not have registered as an expert in this specific hearing, but I am a professional, just as the experts here who have weighed in. I am not a person who speaks in absolute terms easily, but I do on this issue, because I have lived through it, and I ask you to grant people’s experiences more credibility than in past ERTs. My experiences are in agreement with many studies, but most notably – the most recently released studies. I have a unique ear and I have listened to my body and employed a true process of elimination. The science is thus far not settled, but we must act to stop the suffering now – do not allow NRWC to proceed to place the largest Wind Turbines in North America in proximity to already seriously impacted people and in the environ of 10,000 people already living here.

I have done my part before today to make the MoE aware of our issues. I have found out where to report issues related to Wind Turbines, despite it not being clearly documented by our MoE, over the last 6 months, reported our issues directly to the oddly named “Environment Spills” contact number and to the Wind Farm operator/financial benefactor Vineland Power Corporation and offered uncoloured experiences and a sincere offer to help them in any way I can. I have written councillors, the Ministry of Environment, the Minister of Environment, Federal MP, Provincial MP and even Kathleen Wynne for help, but have not received any from the MoE in relation to my reports and requests to have the right person/people work with us. So now I’ve decided to take a different approach and thus am here today.

I do not bear malice toward the MoE or its experts, as we need people of their skill to protect people from these emissions and health issues.

Slide 3: About Us

The photo is a bit dated, from 6 years ago. My family and myself are residents of West Lincoln. We are a single income family of 5. We moved to rural West Lincoln just over 2 years ago as a great place to raise a family. As we are raising a young family here, our interests are personal and out of concern for the Health and Wellness of ourselves and all people in the vicinity of the currently approved NRWC Wind Farm and all Wind Farms where people may suffer serious health consequences and detriments to their wellness.

About me:

  • I am not accustomed to having to speak about myself or sell myself, but with the ERT being a record and for the wellness of ourselves and others – I will do so
  • My vocation is in Electronics Engineering
  • I have self taught myself Information Technology and ascended from administrative and support positions in one facility to architect and management positions at international corporations
  • My last work day missed due to sickness was February, 2002
  • I am a supporter in the efforts to find and leverage renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources and was a supporter of Wind Power Generation, but now take great exception to the way it is designed and being deployed after our experiences , observation and learnings – too large and too close to people’s homes. I have come to oppose the forced implementation of giant Wind Turbines as many learned people have come to realize in warning us of the negative health and wellness impacts they know IWTs caused them from living near them.
  • I work from home at least 3 days/week, likely more exposure to giant WT emissions than others.
  • I have a trained ear being an audiophile and equipment to produce and measure specific audio frequencies both inside and beyond human hearing capability
  • I can hear with greater sensitivity higher frequencies than most people I’ve met as demonstrated in the following example;
    1. I used to work near the old Burlington location of the Keg Restaurant. Outside its door was a bug repellant device which emitted high frequency pulses. Of the approximately 50 people I’d taken to that restaurant, only one could hear its pulsing and not very loud at that. The remainder of the approx. 49 people could not hear it at all, yet to me the device was so loud I could feel it in my neck. Good for me I didn’t live next to it.
  • I believe in keeping my head down and working and have not previously been an activist of any kind, but I am compelled to reach out to you people to avoid later health consequences in protection of our fellow people. If anyone’s mind requires simplification in the form of generalization and acronyms – it is not NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), it is NIABY – Not In Anyone’s Back Yard which motivates me.

Slide 4: There is Value in medical self-analysis based on actual experiences

Examples – Cold and Influenza

  • Have any of you ever administered pills or medication of any sort to help combat the common cold or influenza to yourself, your spouse of your children without having seen a doctor? I suspect you have. Well the common cold and influenza are caused by a virus we cannot see, smell, feel or hear. Its symptoms could be a sign of another ailment, yet self-analysis toward diagnosis and parental diagnosis of children for this are commonplace in our society. We trust our self-analysis as diagnosis to the extent we would medicate our children based on it. With IWTs, at least I can hear/feel them and immediate discomfort followed over time by the symptoms I report.
  • Further, a doctor or expert’s first steps are to ask the patient; How do you feel? Do you suspect a cause? What has changed in your life lately?
    1. All such factors around us and studies, etc. indicated the repetitive noise/vibration emissions we are subjected to from the HAF Wind Turbines as the source of our health issues.

Why Are We Stuck At the Self-analysis Toward Diagnosis Stage of the Medical Diagnostic Lifecycle?

  • A problem for us and many is – we know we have an issue, but are left alone stuck at the “Self-analysis Toward Diagnosis” stage of the medical diagnostic lifecycle because none of the experts from the multiple disciplines required has worked with us to see what we are going through. This is through no fault of ours, rather a lack of support from those mandated to protect us. Our provincial government has decided they are going to place giant sources of barometric pressure variation close to our homes and I’ve concluded over the last 6 months, having written/called several parties including Kathleen Wynne requesting assistance in the form of someone to work with us to try to understand our issues from the multiple disciplines required – that our provincial government does not care and thus fails in its protection mandate.

The Known and Accepted Value of Medical Self-analysis Toward Diagnosis

  • As mentioned earlier, a doctor cannot diagnose an individual’s condition by observation alone without input from the individual as to what they’ve experienced! The individual’s self-description is critical to the doctor. We people are all different. We react differently to contaminants such as those described here as studies agree. Doctors use the patient’s observations as a critical item in clinical diagnosis.
  • A question for the MoE: You have rejected the testimony of people who prior to me have presented their medical records at ERTs proving they’ve experienced similar medical issues to us, who lived in the environs of giant Wind Turbines which study and experience confirm produce the repetitive, predictable, monotonal noise/vibration which invades people’s homes and who consistently tell you the Wind Turbines being installed in proximity to their homes caused it. You have rejected their appeals despite this by stating their “self-diagnosis” is “probably wrong” and that they require qualified experts. I have not diagnosed my conditions – I have a doctor for that and he has diagnosed them. I, as others have provided you “Eye-witness” perspective. I have noticed health impacts in us while hearing and feeling a foreign monotonal contaminant and confirmed the source by process of elimination The best expert on an individual’s health is that person, not a stranger from a distance wielding ever evolving human theoretical understanding. Given your ministry was founded to protect people and the environment – Why have you brought and paid experts here to discredit and dismiss my testimony, using in part our tax dollars, when it is we who should be provided experts from you to work with us to understand what we are going through? Why do you not provide these experts to work with my family as I have openly offered to the MoE and VPC?
  • As a resident, you ought to consider us to be shareholders in the company you work for. If this were a company, you would have failed in not only your mandate to protect us but in your obligation to try – and have been reprimanded or fired.

Slide 5: Our Experiences from the HAF Wind Project – In more detail

Since the HAF Wind Turbines started spinning June 10th, 2014 (Just over 6 months ago) we have experienced the following health issues; (Most for the first time ever)

  • Very heavy sleeper awaken with painfully loud ringing noise in ears
  • Difficulty getting back to sleep
  • Ears ringing initially some days for 15 mins to 16H duration then later to current all day every day
  • A painful 4 day headache followed by painful headaches most days
  • Heavy feeling and pain in ears at times when specifically hearing/feeling the signature noise/vibration emission from the large Wind Turbines
  • Difficulty concentrating on work and forgetting words while in conversation
  • Dizziness has invoked nausea despite a very good stomach
  • Sudden severe onset of vertigo bad enough I fell many times and could not drive a car
  • My 10 year old daughter having a migraine and having to go for an MRI to rule out possible brain damage
  • All such health impacts we experience at home have consistently disappeared within a day and a half after leaving home to go; 1.) On a business trip to Denver, CO 2.) Early summer one week camping trip 3.) Mid-summer camping and 4.) Late summer camping trip
  • When we returned home from each of these trips, the issues started again with ears ringing within a couple days
  • All along I have reported as many issues as we could to both the MoE and Vineland Power Corporation. Neither has responded to my health issues and reports of hearing/feeling the signature repetitive monotonal noise/vibration from the HAF Wind Turbines despite my stating I am fully willing to cooperate.

The Chain of Causality as I have learned from our experiences to date;

  • Since the HWTs started operation, we have heard/felt a noise/vibration in our home which by process of elimination I know is a monotonal contaminant in our home generated by the HAF Wind Turbines consisting of Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound bearing the characteristic pulsing of an alarm clock. (But much lower tonality and varying amplitude)
  • Often when I hear/feel the HAF signature Noise/Vibration, I experience heaviness and pain in my ears
  • Since the start of being subjected to this monotonal signature noise/vibration, our families’ IWT linked health impacts began in body parts linked to our ears, which is where I most detect the monotonal noise/vibration.
  • None of these issues occurred to me at any time in my life prior to the HAF Wind Turbines operating and we know of nothing else which caused these issues and I’ve since found these same health impacts are consistently reported by a non-trivial amount of people living around large Wind Turbines in many countries around the world.
  • By process of elimination, including shutting off the main electrical circuit breaker in our home to eliminate sources, and walking around outside our home to ensure no machinery was working, and by familiarity with its characteristics and its characteristics being predicted and measured in studies ([69] Bill Palmer, [71] Shirley Wind Turbines Declared Hazard to Human Health and [75] Steven Cooper) and being corroborated by other people who have lived near large Wind Turbines – I know the HAF IWTs are the cause of my serious health impacts. Note – the Palmer and Cooper studies are the two most recent studies available.
  • My IWT linked health impacts do vary in intensity directly proportional to the strength of the noise/vibration emissions from the HAF project Wind Turbines. When the noise/vibration from HAF Wind Turbines is weak or not perceptible, the next day I have felt better. When the noise/vibration from HAF Wind Turbines is stronger or more perceptible, the next day I have experienced a worsening of the issues.
  • As documented and reported, my IWT linked health impacts are present when I am home, yet they disappear whenever I have left my home for extended periods of at least 2 days.
  • Professionals in the fields of physics, noise and vibration and medicine have produced works which accurately predict and describe the noise/vibration from the HWTs we hear/feel and the health impacts are a consistent feature of most of them, especially the most recent.

The MoE probably does not detect this because they employ A-weighting in their measurements which severely attenuates and discards Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise. (IFLN)

Slides 6&7: How Wind Turbines have Impacted My Family:

Health and Wellness

  • These Health Issues have been serious enough that I have been unable to drive a vehicle from October 16th AM until December 23rd and may have to stop again
  • Jennifer has been pulled out of school with migraine and for appointments and has been in pain
  • I was diagnosed with Vertigo and Tinnitus by our family doctor and prescribed Teva-Betahistine
  • Neither the Teva-Betahistine medication nor manoeuvres had improved my condition.
  • Have had perfect balance all my adult life, yet after living in the environs of large Wind Turbines, I have fallen and prevented many falls. I could not go to work because I could not drive.
  • As my ears continue to ring, I find I am asking people to repeat themselves uncharacteristically. I have always had excellent hearing.
  • I had some difficulty focusing on conversations and have uncharacteristically lost train of thought in conversation, impacting social and work performance.
  • I have been nauseated from the dizziness.

Switch to Slide 7

  • How it is impacting my performance in providing for my family at work;
    • I had booked and confirmed a business trip to Lima, Peru as part of my job, but I was forced to cancel it due to the severe vertigo and ringing in my ears.
    • I have not been able to go to work since the vertigo set in October 16th. (Edit: as of Dec 23 I am driving again, but still encountering some dizziness and other symptoms.)
    • I have also encountered difficulty recalling facts when speaking and had difficulty concentrating while both are extremely important to me as an Enterprise Architect

Does this sound familiar? It should as many other people in Ontario and worldwide who live near large Wind Turbines have experienced strikingly the same issues!

Slide 8: How MoE protections lack

The MoE is our sole protectorate against such noice/vibration emissions. The poor response I have experienced is an enabling factor toward the occurrence of serious health impacts if the HAF project is allowed to proceed. The Health and Wellness of people is our primary entitlement.

I am profoundly disappointed in the MOE, that they have set proceedings such that;

  1. The MOE is focused only on the human ear. They employ A-weighting to process their noise/vibration recordings, which severely attenuates low frequencies such as 60 Hz and completely discards infrasound emissions which many know are present and the professional submissions I’ve provided such as the [11] NASA study, [75] Steven Cooper, 2015 inform us they are prevalent and can lead to serious health issues. (Which my experience confirms.)
  2. Your process affords us, the people you are mandated to protect, grossly inadequate time to notice issues, make connections, seek experts in multiple medical disciplines, have them form hypotheses, do their work, analyze their findings, make conclusions and document them. A real life example is; I saw my doctor October 18th. I was diagnosed with Benign Positional Vertigo. I was given a medication which didn’t work, but requisitions were submitted to have an MRI and to see an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist. Well it is now January 2, I still do not have a date for my MRI and I just received yesterday and appointment to the ear/nose/throat specialist – It is for March 24th, 6 months after determining it was necessary.
  3. The financial requirements alone are impossible for a family to bear.

Instead of the MoE paying experts to refute my actual experiences, you should be better fulfilling your mandate by using our tax dollars providing experts to work with my family.

Slide 9: How I know HAF Wind Turbines are the source of the Monotonal Noise/Vibration infiltrating our home:

On November 10th, 2014, I went for a 6.5km walk as I usually do three times per week. Here is a log from that day;

  • 5-7 AM – I could not hear/feel the familiar multi-cyclic noise/vibration and noted the HAF IWTs were not turning.
  • 8:20 AM – As I walked, saw 3 IWTs started spinning and by 8:36 all 5 HAF IWTs were spinning
  • 9:10 AM – Upon my return home, I noticed the HAF IWTs were still spinning and the familiar multi-cyclic noise/vibration had returned.

I have since confirmed this on several other days. I have also switched off my main circuit breaker to eliminate any potential sources in our home as well I’ve walked the perimeter of my property and more to ensure no other external sources could be responsible. Further, the characteristic of the noise/vibration from the HAF IWTs bears a familiar “Whoom Whoom Whoom” characteristic which corresponds with the observed Rotational Speed of the HAF Wind Turbines (Ie: One turn every 6 seconds divided by 3 (3 blades) and I can identify within the familiar monotonal “Whoom Whoom Whoom” within which a single cycle which agrees with a “Whoom” every 2 seconds as produced when the IWT blade passes its tower.) It is very subtle audibly and this is yet another barrier that many people won’t surpass in recognizing the source of their issues.

Many of the supporting documents I’ve included predict, observe and confirm the same emissions I hear and feel in my home as do many experiences of other people living near IWTs.

Slide 10: Supporting Information

A partial brief of the information I’ve included with my submission;

  • My wellness log. Contains 61 entries over 7 months. Only updated every few days whereas the most recent study ([75] Cape Bridgewater Acoustic Report.pdf) recommends completing it hourly. In retrospect, I do see value in that as the study’s author did.
  • A letter from my family doctor – Dr. N. Mussani
  • 40 Scientific papers/studies – Here are a few highlights;
    • Several studies ([11] NASA 1990, [69] Bill Palmer 2014, [75] Cooper 2015) confirm the acoustic and vibrational environments inside buildings must be considered to evaluate people’s response to Wind Turbine noise.
      • No one associated with HAF nor NRWC has made any predictive models in consideration of the characteristics of our home or measurements inside our home, even after I’ve specifically sought out how to reach them and reported our issues over 6 months.
      • Note the Steve Cooper study was released less than one week ago and was paid for by the Wind Turbine farm operator
    • Several studies ([11] NASA 1990 Pg 447, [75] Cooper 2015)…) state people’s responses to direct acoustic radiation must be considered to evaluate a person’s response to Wind Turbine noise.
      • Note the plural form in responses. This is an admission that each person will respond differently and this must be considered in order to understand the impact of large Wind Turbines on people. Neither the MoE nor its experts have evaluated the people in the environs of the NRWC project’s responses to direct acoustic radiation. Being reasonable, it would be a huge undertaking to create accurately representative models for each of the 10,000 people in the area. But given the MoE have already deployed large Wind Turbines in the area and have had specific people seek them out to report issues – now it is not only realistic to expect these people and their past hearing and medical history be looked at closely, it is encumbant as part of the founding mandate of the MoE in protection of communities to do so and they have not. (Both [69] and [75] did focus on homes where people reported issues and they broke new ground in discovered facts which corroborated the complaints of the residents. Thus the MoE and its experts have not done the work required to know how people around NRWC will respond to confirmed emissions from large Wind Turbines and do not know how they will respond. What you do have which is certain is the experiences of people who have suffered unexpectedly, observed and reported. Here I am, with practical experiences to warn you to not let NRWC proceed.
    • The NASA study ([11] NASA 1990 – Pg 447) states “If wind turbine noise levels are below the corresponding background noise levels, they will generally not be perceived; therefore no human response if expected. When any noise level exceeds the threshold of perception, however, there is the potential for community response.” And regarding Wind Turbine noise exposure inside buildings “People who are exposed to Wind Turbine Noise inside a building experience a much different acoustic environment than those do outside. The noise transmitted into the building is affected by mass and stiffness characteristics of the structure, the dynamic response of structural elements, and the dimensions and layouts of rooms. People may actually be more disturbed by the noise inside their homes than they would be outside.”
      • The MoE has not considered the characteristics of our home, nor created sound/infrasound models in our home nor lived in our home. So the MoE does not know exactly what they have subjected us to. But I do. As I’ve stated, we live out in the country. A great thing about living in the country is that it is extremely quiet at night. Our background noise is much lower than that of the city and as such, universal dB to typical noise comparison charts are of little application to rural neighbourhoods. This is yet another reason why you can believe me when I tell you under oath that I have had a negative health response to the HAF Wind Turbines and studies corroborate all the parts of what I and others have experienced and told you about.
      • I have also indicated that our home has a poured concrete foundation of higher, more dense mPa rating than most homes and that our footing structure is complex and topsoil thin which all may allow for more efficient propagation of Low Frequency Sound and Infrasonic vibration – which is validated by the fact I can hear and feel the HAF Wind Turbine signature noise/vibration many nights.
    • The NASA study ([11] NASA 1990 – Pg 453) states “One of the common ways a person senses noise-induced excitation of a house is through structural vibration. This mode of observation is particularly significant at low frequencies, below the threshold of normal hearing.”
      • The MoE concluded because it paid an expert to do Google Searches in 2010 that it has all the information it needs to reject/severely attenuate repetitive Infrasound and Low Frequency noise which they allow to infiltrate our homes. Well my experiences and reporting, the testimony of many before me and studies I’ve included for you all should tell you this was a mistake and that as the Cooper Study in Australia released last Wednesday that much has been learned since 2010 and they should not allow NRWC to proceed.
    • Further, the studies ([69] Bill Palmer 2014, [75] Cooper 2015) both performed detailed measurements inside the homes who of people who reported the same serious health issues I have reported both found through measurement the same signature, monotonal, repetitive and predictable noise/vibration we hear and feel inside our home which our experiences tell us caused us the same serious health issues those people reported.
    • The paper ([67] Effects of Monotonous Auditory Stimulation on the Human EEG) states “Monotony is the result of continuous predictive or repetitive stimulations and can be considered a functional state of the central nervous system, a state characterized by lowered cerebral activity. The present work investigates the effect of monotonous auditory input on cerebral electrical activity. … In conclusion, each different auditory stimuli produces a characteristic pattern of changes in cortical micropotentials which could be associated with the in-duced psychoemotional state.”
      • The speaks to the fact that a repetitive, predictable, monotonous noise/vibration such as the one I am subjected to by the HAF Wind Turbines is perceived by the human body in more than just the ear, including the Central Nervous System. This could explain why the MoE, who relies A-Weighting to de-emphasize low frequencies significantly in attempts to model after the human ear, has acted hastefully in rejecting Infrasound and Low Frequency sound, based on a review of literature back in 2010.
    • In the study ([69] Abandoned homes help understand Wind Turbine Annoyance – Late 2014 – Bill Palmer) “At the Wind Turbine Noise Conference in Denver last summer, I showed evidence from testing that wind turbines alter the soundscape, producing an easily identified repeatable change, exhibiting a higher amplitude of sound levels from 5 to 15 dB for frequencies below 2000 Hz, a more rapid rise and fall in sound level, sharper transition, and distinct low frequency pulses not masked by wind and waves.” and “The Ontario Ministry of the Environment accepted this array density, and the accepted environmental noise report based on an acceptability criteria of the sound level to be less than 40 dBA outside the home for wind speeds of 6 metres/ second or Iess at a height of 10 metres. Although the wind turbines first started up some 6 years ago in November, and complaints were filed with the operator and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment regarding the noise and adverse health impacts observed soon after startup, and many times since, at this time, 6 years later, a Ministry called for audit of the acoustic conditions still has not been completed. The turbines continue to operate. The residents of this home, and of some others in the array, have vacated their homes.”
      • This is one of many examples which demonstrate how the rigour the MoE applies to renewable energy projects does not adequately protect people and how it can occur that my experiences and health impacts are possible. We know over 40 people in Ontario have abandoned their homes due to serious health impacts they’ve suffered over years living around large Wind Turbines. It has been 6 months for us and consider the issues we’ve had already.
    • Moller and C. S. Pedersen from Aalborg University in Denmark reported in the JASA (129) June 2011, that the relative amount of low frequency noise is higher for larger wind turbines, and “It is thus beyond any doubt that the low frequency part of the spectrum plays an important role in the noise at the neighbours.” They also noted that “Indoor levels of low frequency sound in neighbor distances vary with turbine, sound insulation of the room, and position in the room.”
    • The Shirley Wind Study of 2012 documented in the 4 team consensus report of Walker, Hessler, Rand, and Schomer, (3 present) concludes, “The four investigating firms are of the opinion that enough evidence and hypothesis have been given herein to classify LFN and infrasound as a serious issue, possibly affecting the future of the industry. It should be addressed beyond the present practice of showing that wind turbine levels are magnitudes below the threshold of hearing at low frequencies.”

As noted in ([71] Duke energy’s Shirley Wind Turbines Declared Human Health Hazard) “Since the erection of the 8 turbines in Glenmore, three families have vacated the homes they still own and complaints involving over 75 people in the project area have been filed with the Brown County Board of Health.” “The declaration of Duke’s Shirley Wind turbines as a “Human Health Hazard” follow a year long study linking the signature of inaudible low frequency noise (created by the passing of the massive  turbine blades past their supporting towers) to the homes that have been abandoned and to the homes where people continue to suffer. The Board of Health was asked to look at the study’s raw data, the evidence linking the sound data to the wind turbines, peer reviewed medical research and the complaints of the people living in the conditions around Duke’s Shirley Wind project. They looked at the facts, they listened to the residents, they studied the medical literature, and then made the connection between Shirley Wind’s operations and the suffering in Glenmore declaring the wind turbines a “Human Health Hazard”.” “The Brown County Board of Health, the Brown County Human Services Committee, and the Brown County Board of Supervisors have all taken action on the wind turbine issue over the past four years.” See also [72] Plympton-Wyoming By-Law 62 of 2014. Such problem projects operated 6 years before learning of this magnitude was acknowledged and action taken. Must we in Ontario repeat the same mistakes?

There is so much more. I’d like to show you the many video testimonies of people who have been seriously impacted by emissions from Wind Turbines, but we are only allotted so much time. If I may impress one thing upon you, it is this:

Wind Power is a great idea, but now we know from our own experiences and learnings many people have been harmed and will continue to be harmed and more will be harmed because our own province with Wind Power corporations continue to build giant Infrasound generators near the homes of families. The latest studies are only just now breaking new ground to see how this is happening. This is not only an Ontario problem. Even Holland has Wind Action groups and I am aware of one source which tracks over 2,000 Wind Action groups globally. The media does not give this topic the coverage it deserves. Wind Power probably became harmful at some point when the Wind Turbines reached a certain size threshold. As, several studies I’ve provided for you state: It is known and not debated – the larger the Wind Turbine, the greater the percentage of its acoustic emissions which is inaudible – and – the lower the frequency, the less the amount of attenuation over distance. (And the less audible – people will not be aware what they are subject to.) This means more health issues which people will have a difficult time figuring out what the source was. I respectfully say “Wind Power has been a great idea to address a key challenge to humanity, but we request a full stop on it as the way we have proceeded with it is as Brown County, Wisconsin’s Board of Health declared – a Danger to Human Health. We are human too. Thank you for listening.

Mike Jankowski

Thank you Mike for coming forward and agreeing to be a presenter.  Thank you for sharing your story.  We truly wish you and your family all the best and hope this nightmare your living  soon ends.

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