Receptors 2297, Mr & Mrs Atkins – Presentation at MAWT vs. MOE , ERT

We wish the Atkins all the best and hope the ERT consider your presentation.  As will all the presenters who had the courage to step forward and challenge the Approval of the NRWC wind project for West Lincoln.  Thank You!!

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Attn Ms Eva Pietrzyk                                                                           27th December 2014


My husband Leon & I are known as receptor 2297, we purchased our property 15 years ago & built our dream home, a modest 1,100 sq ft residence & a barn with an arena for our 29 horses, ponies & donkeys, most of whom are rescued or retired, ages ranging from 17 months to 38 years. We operate a pony ride business attending fairs, festivals & children’s birthday parties. We have 27 years experience in all aspects of horse husbandry, including training, farrier work,worming, medicating etc;  Our equines undergo regular yearly physicals from our vet which include vaccinations. Looking after & caring for our horses is our life, although 24\7 we love this lifestyle & could not imagine our life without our animals. The economic impact that the proposed W.T.s could have on our lives is frightening, our livelihood depends on our ponies and they depend on us to take good care of them. I fear that being surrounded by so many W. T.s, our well, which is our only water source, may be affected in some way, how would we water 29 horses ?????  Water makes up 62-68% of horses body weight and is essential for life, an average size horse will drink approx; 10 U.S. Gallons per day-multiply that by 29!!!! It is critically important for horses to have access to a fresh clean supply of water at all times. Moving our horses and ponies to another barn is out of the question, how could we possibly afford to board 29 horses and ponies at $400-$600per horse per month and what barn could accomodate an extra 29 boarders????

We are extremely concerned that N.R.W.C. Intend to erect 3MW  Enercon 101 industrial wind turbines so close to our property, the 2 closest WTs are T31=587 meters with a predicted 39.5 decibels & T32= 600 meters with a predicted 39 decibels, another 5 WTs will be located less than 2 kms = T33 T34  T76  T35  & T55 another 3 are less than 3 kms T02 T06 T01 making a total of 10 in close proximity & 24 less than 5 kms. The R.E.A states……a minimum setback of 550 meters for one to five wind turbines, with setbacks increasing with the number & the sound level rating of turbines  On the 29th April 2013 Premier Kathleen Wynne signed a document which reads….The R.E.A.establishes one of the strongest setback requirements in North America;- a minimum setback of 550 meters with setbacks increasing with the number of turbines and their sound level rating. Some of the largest wind facilities will require 1.5 klms setback from the nearest residence….. Also at N.R.W.C.’s first presentation to the public they posted…….Note; If there are more than 5 turbines within 3km of a noise receptor or if any turbines have a sound power level greater than 102 dba, greater setback distances must be met and/ or noise studies must be completed. [I took a photo of this statement with my cell phone].

We are concerned that these 3MW industrial wind turbines are 600ft tall yet the setback remains the same as the setback distance for much smaller turbines at 550 meters, common sense dictates that taller the turbine  greater the setback distance .Our horses grazing paddock will only be approx; 500\600 meters from T31 &T32.

Also the N.R.W.C. Has proposed a lay down area opposite our property This 10 acre parcel of land is delegated to all maintenance equipment pertaining to W.Ts. I have to wonder what will become of the 2000 pigs approx 800 goats & the approx 200 baby goats that reside on the farm & are so close to T31.Industrial W.T.s can harm animals…

I also fear for the safety of the children that visit our farm….the amount of construction & the volume of huge trucks that will be using our DIRT unfinished road will be of great danger to them, it will be an accident waiting to happen, I shudder at the thought!!!!  I am enclosing photos taken by Leon Atkins depicting the close proximity of our farm to T31. And the lay down area.

I would like to address two other big concerns

#1 We are very concerned for our own horses & ponies as well as the many other horse farms in our rural area. Our horses & ponies will be subjected to the mechanical noise, acoustic noise, infra sound, low frequency noise,shadow flicker,stray voltage & electro magnetic energy produced by these WTs. It is well documented that horses auditory capabilities far exceed that of humans & that low frequency noise contributes to wind turbine syndrome in horses; source…; Nina Pierpont MD Ph. D. additionally a Portugese study;   Mariana Alves-Pereira….. documents a family & 11 Lusitano horses all suffered the effects of living close to WTs…..Also Eyes & Ears ; Heather Smith Thomas .

#2 In January 2012 I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma a rare tumour on the 8th cranial nerve that attaches the inner ear to the brain, although not malignant it does continue to grow, the result being loss of hearing & possible surgery depending on the rate of growth. I am under the care of Dr, Sushma Amin E.N.T. Ph D.specialist, in St Catharines, & Dr Joseph Chen Dept of Otolarynology, Sunny brook Health Sciences Toronto, requiring me to have M.R.I. Scans every 6 months to monitor the rate of growth, the three things I have been advised to avoid are stress, noise & wind…… I am already  feeling the stress of the impending WTs. I avoid going outside in windy conditions and try to avoid loud noise by wearing ear protectors when necessary, as even the noise from Dyson hand dryers is excruciating. The fluctuations in the barometric pressure is particularly difficult as I feel as though my head is about to explode. My fear is that if the N.R.W.C. proceed with such abandonment my condition will accelerate, which I have taken all precautions to avoid.

To this date there has been so much research and data proving the  dangerous effects of W.T.s from all over the world – Why isn’t Canada listening? Noise & Health

I lack confidence in the noise monitoring calculations done by N.R.W.C. As they failed to base their calculations on the appropriate source sound power level for Enercon 101 which is 106 dba I believe this misguided information could cause serious harm not just to me but to other  people living in the project area, some of whom, already suffer from hearing problems.

Our living conditions shape our health & they form the resources for healthy resiliency for well being & resisting illness. Losing the full use & enjoyment of our rural residence & horse farm would drastically change our lifestyle. If our farm is negatively impacted by this decision, what would become of our horses & ponies?????? This decision could have a serious economic & devastating impact on our business & our lives. If we are forced to sell our farm who would buy ????? with the mounting evidence of W.T. Syndrome in humans & animals, it certainly wouldn’t be an animal farmer.

I am not asking that this contract be cancelled, but I am requesting that it be moved to a more suitable location, where it will not have such a negative impact on so many peoples lives.

Yours truly

Sue Atkins



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