Preliminary Hearing, Dec 19, 2014. Please come show your support.

For Immediate Release:

Wellandport, West Lincoln.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.  is going to Court.  Opposition to  the approval  issued for the Niagara Regional Wind Corporation project will be heard at the Environmental Review Tribunal.

It is a very busy time of the year for most families, but the Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. continues to be hard at work over the Christmas holidays.  On Friday December 19th 2014  the legal battle against the Niagara Regional Wind Corporation  project  located in West Lincoln, Wainfleet, Town of Lincoln, Region of Niagara, Haldimand begins.  The problems surrounding the NRWC project are many but simply put  it is that the turbines are too close to where rural people live, work and play.  The most vulnerable members of our communities needing protection will be the children.

The renewable energy project has proposed 77 wind turbines comprised mostly of the large 3MW rated capacity size.  The turbines have hub  heights ranging from 124- 135m tall  and blades which will create a rotor diameter of 101 m .  These will be some of the largest turbines to ever be introduced so closely to people and their homes in North America.  Children of host “wind farm” properties are not being protected to the same level  of regulatory protection as other children.  Lease holders can agree to have closer set back distances and noise level exposures from the industrial wind turbines placed on their properties.  Money is being exchanged that puts children’s well- being at an increased risk of potential adverse effects affecting health and safety, for a financial benefit.  

Recently Health Canada released its preliminary summary report wind turbines and health that stated  16.5% of residents within a 2km exposure zone were negatively affected.   It is important to note that these were smaller turbines that were studied.  Using that figure, the Niagara Regional Wind Corporation alone  could be creating adverse health impacts for at least 2 000 or more residents within the project boundaries. 

The issues  and controversy surrounding wind power electrical generation are varied but they will have an  impact for everyone.  We would welcome your presence and continued support as the hearing proceedings get underway.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

Details about the appeal notices can be reviewed on the Environmental Registry – Search for EBR 012-0613:

Preliminary Hearing:

A Preliminary Hearing will be conducted by the Hearing Panel on:

Date: Friday, December 19, 2014

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Location: Wellandport Community Centre,

5042 Canborough Road (RR#63)


Date:  Monday,  January 19, 2015

Time:  10:00 am

Wellandport Community Centre:

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc:



Family in West Lincoln Suffering Ill Health Effects from Wind Project 4.7 km away!!

odds of getting sickHere is a letter sent to Jim Vandenboogaart from Brown County from a Resident in West Lincoln who lives just east of the HAF Wind Project.  The HAF wind project is a “5” turbine project that has just recently started spinning and already there are reports of ill health effects.  What are the odds that more families will suffer ill effects if “77” even larger turbines of the NRWC wind project are built?   

Brown county – Winconsin Wind Turbines declared Health Hazard

You are world leaders – my family and I thank you

My family and I are located in West Lincoln to the east of the HAF Wind project. Weeks after the Wind Turbines started spinning,  I started to have a ringing noise in my ears,  beginning very suddenly waking me up one night.  After this, they would ring 15 minutes duration some days, then 45 minutes more days and later pretty much all day every day at varying levels. (Often loud enough to be heard over conversations I was in.)

After approx. 4 months of this, suddenly again as I woke up for work at 5am Thurs, Oct 16, I suddenly had vertigo which took me off my feet. This continued when I moved my head certain ways and persists to this day. 

I have seen my family practitioner who after become questions and a brief exam concluded it is likely I have Meniere’s disease. I was prescribed Teva-betahistine which I took to its completion and this did not make a difference.

My past is no allergies and no significant issues. I have not missed a shift of work in 13 years and historically have not had much need to see a doctor. I also went to a clinic critical care and after a 40s eye inspection was told I have Benign Positional Vertigo, but again, the “Use as needed” medication made no difference. One daughter’s ears ring from time to time now too and a second just displayed symptoms of a migraine for the first time ever.

I know neither of these doctors have significant knowledge of Wind Turbines and the cyclic infrasound they can emit. I can hear/feel a noise/vibration in my bedroom many nights when it is quietest which is unique in that it is very subtle, can be felt more than heard and appears to propagate not through the air,  but through the ground and up through the structure of our home. I do a very good job of ignoring this noise/vibration and the ringing in my ears.

I have had somewhat unique hearing in that I can hear higher frequencies than most people.  I have an Electronics background and was able to hear the noise emitted by an insect repelling device outside the old location of the Keg restaurant in Burlington that only one other person I know out of 40 I was there with could hear and for me it was so loud that I could feel it in my neck.

It was not easy to find how to do this, but I have been reporting these issues to our local MoE&CC office. The guidelines they’ve been provided – only to look for exceedance of a loud amplitude of audible noise, completely discards infrasound and characteristics being multi-cyclical. They also do not reply to any concern outside 1,500 meters away.We are 4.7km away from the nearest Wind Turbine.

With other study including yours noting such harmful effects, and my noticing that my vertigo is worse when the noise/vibration is its most intense and when I don’t have a furnace fan running all night to fill in the gaps, I feel completely let down, even infringed upon by those charged with our well-being and using in part our money to do so.

I am happy that is not the case in Brown County, Wisconsin. Between that and the Packers, you are on our radar should we relocate!

Thank you

M.J. with family, West Lincoln, ON,  Dec 2014

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Last night while you slept…

Donate the West Lincoln Legal Fund!  We MUST do everything we can to prevent this from happening to anyone in our community!!   There are many stories just like this from people just like you and me.  Please help!!

Pro-Wind Cyber Bully and Propagandist Mike Barnard Ordered to Cease His Online Assaults

Quixotes Last Stand

People have been wondering lately, where our perpetual cyber-bully and pro-wind weasel Mike Barnard has disappeared to! We certainly didn’t know, although certainly the air seemed a bit sweeter, the sun has been shining a bit brighter and generally, it has felt as if there was a shift in the space time continuum.

Today, we found out that Mr. Barnard — whose attacks against wind victims and their advocates has been well-documented and well-known for years — has been ordered by his employer IBM to “stop writing on wind power, resign his fellowship from the Energy and Policy Institute and to take down his blog ‘Barnard On Wind’.”

You can read the full media release from NaPAW (North American Platform Against Wind) here…..MEDIA RELEASE MIKE BARNARD IBM

We owe a debt of gratitude to Australian researcher, Jackie Rovensky and NaPaw’s Sherri Lange for helping to ensure that wind victims…

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Update – MAWT Inc. ERT appeal

Hi all,

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc has met the first filing deadline in the appeal against the Niagara Regional Wind Corporation’s  project approval.  Witness statements of both expert witnesses and of various group members have been filed.

There is still time to request presenter status if you are interested.  The  deadline if you wish to be a presenter at the Tribunal, is Monday December 15th before 4pm.  For instructions and/or  to register,  you must contact the Tribunal via the case coordinator, Eva  Pietrzyk: 


Legal counsel will only be available to MAWT on a part -time basis due to a funding shortage. Please show your support by donating today if you have not already done so.
Financial suppot

We also ask that you share this message with others in the community.  Please note key dates and plan to attend if possible.

Preliminary Hearing:

A Preliminary Hearing will be conducted by the Hearing Panel on:

Date: Friday, December 19, 2014

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Location: Wellandport Community Centre,

5042 Canborough Road (RR#63)


Date:  Monday,  January 19, 2015

Time:  10:00 am,

Location:  Wellandport Community Centre

Wellandport Community Centre:

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.


This could happen to someone YOU know!!

Please help us prevent this from happening to a family YOU may know!!  Donate to The Legal Fund, Today!! 

Sheffield: Therriens Moving Away From Wind Farm

The Therrien family on their Sheffield property.

122254-0The Therrien family, who live near the First Wind industrial wind development in Sheffield, are moving to Derby.

Steve and Luann Therrien are making arrangemets to relocate themselves and their children away from the six 400-foot wind towers within a few hundred yards of their 50-acre property off New Duck Pond Road in Sheffield.

First Wind, the corporation that built and operated the Sheffield development, changed hands last month. The new owners are SunEdison and TerraForm Power and nothing about the operation is expected to change. Continue reading This could happen to someone YOU know!!


by: Annette Smith

DECEMBER 10, 2014

Today, December 10th, 2014 is Human Rights Day.

hr3It is a day that marks the 66th anniversary of the United Nations Charter on human rights. It is a day celebrated in 192 United Nations member states throughout the world, in observance of a charter that provides for the support and protection of human rights.

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the late president Franklin Roosevelt, in 1948 wrote the following in a special document which “declares” the rights that everyone in the entire world should have:

“In small places, close to home — so close that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the individual person; the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerted citizen action to uphold them close to home we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world”

What is the declaration?

The Declaration is not in itself a legally binding document. However, it contains a series of principles and rights that are based on human rights standards that are found in other international instruments that are legally binding.

Relevant excerpts in regards to the noise and pollution issue that we face on a daily basis;

Article 1 – All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 12 – No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, or home

.Article 24 – Everyone has the right to rest and leisure.

Article 29 – Everyone has duties to the community and are encouraged to be defenders of human rights.

In 1997, Mary Robinson, second United Nations High Commission for Human Rights encouraged grass roots movements in communities to know, demand, and defend their rights.

“Human rights belong to people; human rights are about people on the ground and their rights.”

Challenges lie ahead. Many in the international community believe that human rights, democracy, and development are intertwined.

Source Victims of Industrial wind FB page. Dec 10 2014

Contradictions and bias undermine credibility of the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise Study

3 December, 2014


The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister

The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health

Contradictions and bias undermine credibility of the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise Study

The Multi-municipal Wind Turbine Working Group is comprised of elected municipal councillors and appointed citizens from parts of Southern Ontario where approximately 30% of industrial wind turbines are concentrated. Over the past several years we have received a growing number of delegations from constituents
whose health has been adversely affected by proximity to the wind turbines. It is not easy to listen to people who continue to suffer from ringing and pressure in the ears, pounding vibrations in the head and chest, nausea, dizziness and the ongoing inability to sleep. Their stories are especially disturbing because we know these people; we know they are not lying; and it is our responsibility under the Municipal Act to protect their health.

We are dismayed that the recently released Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study has ignored the distress of real people by hiding behind meaningless “estimated” noise projections and predictive modeling rather than first making professional clinical observations based on the histories of actual sufferers.
Investigation of anecdotal evidence is the foundation of all medicine. The Health MULTI-MUNICIPAL WIND TURBINE WORKING GROUP Page 2 of 4 Canada study summary contains no reference to the growing body of research that contradicts the main theme of the summary. Our Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hazel Lynn has found 18 peer-reviewed studies that “provide reasonable evidence . . . that an association exists between wind turbines and distress in humans”. The Brown County (Wisconsin) Board of Health has declared its wind turbines a “public health nuisance” and a “human health hazard for all people . . . who are exposed to Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise and other emissions
potentially harmful to human health”. Continue reading Contradictions and bias undermine credibility of the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise Study

The unsinkable German anti-CO2-Titanic just found its iceberg

Unpleasant encounter with hard facts

Guest opinion by Fred F. Mueller

Until just a few days ago, the determination of the German government to halt the presumed Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) seemed to be absolutely imperturbable. The main driver behind the German resolve to hammer down CO2 emissions both domestically and abroad while at the same time finishing off its last remaining nuclear power generating units is Chancellor Angela Merkel. The daughter of a clergyman socialized in the formerly communist east of the country, she is known for her outstanding political cleverness and flexibility in avoiding conflicts she feels she can’t win. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects where this cleverness is superseded by an almost fundamentalist doggedness when it comes to certain key points – such as exterminating nuclear power or saving the planet from overheating.

Only a few weeks ago, Germany engaged in a new initiative to revitalize the ailing international effort to reverse the course of constantly increasing worldwide CO2 emissions by replacing the vintage Kyoto protocol by more stringent and binding reduction targets at the UN conference that will be held in Paris in November/ December 2015. To this effect, Germany convinced the other European Union states to agree to a 40 % reduction scheme by 2030, sweeping across opposition from negatively affected member countries using a combination of compromises, financial incentives and sheer politico-economic pressure. As a result, the EU came out with bold CO2 reduction commitments. These in turn were meant to be used as a political lever during the preparatory meetings taking place in the current run-up to the big show.

The push for increased CO2 sobriety…

In order to underscore its ambition to shine out as a beacon of climate saving efforts, the German government additionally decided to further strengthen its position by renewing domestic efforts aimed at achieving its own commitment of reducing national CO2 emissions by 40 % (compared to 1990) until 2020. This target had at first seemed to be easily attainable since the country benefitted from the opportunity to decommission the ridiculously inefficient and energy-squandering industry it inherited from the former communist DDR. But in the past years, this special effect waned and the CO2 emissions even reversed course and climbed again. This countertrend was further underpinned when in the wake of the Fukushima events; the German government ordered to halt eight out of 17 existing nuclear power plants and decided to phase out the remaining ones by 2022. The share of nuclear power was largely taken over by lignite- and coal-fired units, with the result that in the field of power generation, Germany was unable to achieve any reduction since 2000. During the same time period, the electric power markets were flooded with heavily subsidized “green” power, causing prices to collapse to a point where conventional power utilities were unable to generate sufficient revenues. Share prices collapsed and more than ten thousand qualified jobs disappeared. In the centers of political power in Berlin, the grievances of the sector went unnoticed and even the most urgent submissions fell on deaf ears. To add insult to injury, just a few weeks ago, the sector was confronted with tough additional regulations requiring it to further reduce its CO2 emissions, while signs of mounting albeit muted unease in a growing number of industrial sectors heavily burdened by skyrocketing energy prices were ignored. Continue reading The unsinkable German anti-CO2-Titanic just found its iceberg

Shirley Wind Human Health Hazard Declaration * BCCRWE Requests Your Words of Support *


At the October 14, 2014 Brown County Board of Health meeting a motion was made to declare the Shirley Wind turbines a Human Health Hazard. The following motion was unanimously approved by the Board:

“To declare the Industrial Wind Turbines at Shirley Wind Project in the Town of Glenmore, Brown County, WI. A Human Health Hazard for all people (residents, workers, visitors, and sensitive passersby) who are exposed to Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise and other emissions potentially harmful to human health.”

Brown County is located in Wisconsin, USA.

Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy (BCCRWE) has issued a press release regarding this Human Health Hazard declaration, which can be seen at :  BCCRWE is requesting your words of support for this action.

Research indicates that industrial wind turbines can negatively affect the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals if placed too close to homes. BCCRWE has been working
intensively for the past 5 years with professional researchers, physicians, acousticians, and legislators to protect citizens of Brown County, the state of Wisconsin, the United States, and those in other countries from the negative health impacts resulting from industrial wind turbines being built too close to people.

BCCRWE welcomes and encourages individuals, organizations, and governmental agencies from around the world to send their words of support regarding the Board of Health’s action. BCCRWE will pass your emails on to the Brown County Board of Health as support for their courage, integrity, responsibility, intellectual honesty, and care in declaring the industrial wind turbines at Shirley Wind to be human health hazards.

If you or others you know have experienced negative health impacts from living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines and would like to share that experience along with your words of support with the Brown County Board of Health, please do so.

Send your words of support, and if applicable your experiences, to:

Thank you,

Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy

BOH Support Request (1)