Pro-Wind Cyber Bully and Propagandist Mike Barnard Ordered to Cease His Online Assaults

Quixotes Last Stand

People have been wondering lately, where our perpetual cyber-bully and pro-wind weasel Mike Barnard has disappeared to! We certainly didn’t know, although certainly the air seemed a bit sweeter, the sun has been shining a bit brighter and generally, it has felt as if there was a shift in the space time continuum.

Today, we found out that Mr. Barnard — whose attacks against wind victims and their advocates has been well-documented and well-known for years — has been ordered by his employer IBM to “stop writing on wind power, resign his fellowship from the Energy and Policy Institute and to take down his blog ‘Barnard On Wind’.”

You can read the full media release from NaPAW (North American Platform Against Wind) here…..MEDIA RELEASE MIKE BARNARD IBM

We owe a debt of gratitude to Australian researcher, Jackie Rovensky and NaPaw’s Sherri Lange for helping to ensure that wind victims…

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