Family in West Lincoln Suffering Ill Health Effects from Wind Project 4.7 km away!!

odds of getting sickHere is a letter sent to Jim Vandenboogaart from Brown County from a Resident in West Lincoln who lives just east of the HAF Wind Project.  The HAF wind project is a “5” turbine project that has just recently started spinning and already there are reports of ill health effects.  What are the odds that more families will suffer ill effects if “77” even larger turbines of the NRWC wind project are built?   

Brown county – Winconsin Wind Turbines declared Health Hazard

You are world leaders – my family and I thank you

My family and I are located in West Lincoln to the east of the HAF Wind project. Weeks after the Wind Turbines started spinning,  I started to have a ringing noise in my ears,  beginning very suddenly waking me up one night.  After this, they would ring 15 minutes duration some days, then 45 minutes more days and later pretty much all day every day at varying levels. (Often loud enough to be heard over conversations I was in.)

After approx. 4 months of this, suddenly again as I woke up for work at 5am Thurs, Oct 16, I suddenly had vertigo which took me off my feet. This continued when I moved my head certain ways and persists to this day. 

I have seen my family practitioner who after become questions and a brief exam concluded it is likely I have Meniere’s disease. I was prescribed Teva-betahistine which I took to its completion and this did not make a difference.

My past is no allergies and no significant issues. I have not missed a shift of work in 13 years and historically have not had much need to see a doctor. I also went to a clinic critical care and after a 40s eye inspection was told I have Benign Positional Vertigo, but again, the “Use as needed” medication made no difference. One daughter’s ears ring from time to time now too and a second just displayed symptoms of a migraine for the first time ever.

I know neither of these doctors have significant knowledge of Wind Turbines and the cyclic infrasound they can emit. I can hear/feel a noise/vibration in my bedroom many nights when it is quietest which is unique in that it is very subtle, can be felt more than heard and appears to propagate not through the air,  but through the ground and up through the structure of our home. I do a very good job of ignoring this noise/vibration and the ringing in my ears.

I have had somewhat unique hearing in that I can hear higher frequencies than most people.  I have an Electronics background and was able to hear the noise emitted by an insect repelling device outside the old location of the Keg restaurant in Burlington that only one other person I know out of 40 I was there with could hear and for me it was so loud that I could feel it in my neck.

It was not easy to find how to do this, but I have been reporting these issues to our local MoE&CC office. The guidelines they’ve been provided – only to look for exceedance of a loud amplitude of audible noise, completely discards infrasound and characteristics being multi-cyclical. They also do not reply to any concern outside 1,500 meters away.We are 4.7km away from the nearest Wind Turbine.

With other study including yours noting such harmful effects, and my noticing that my vertigo is worse when the noise/vibration is its most intense and when I don’t have a furnace fan running all night to fill in the gaps, I feel completely let down, even infringed upon by those charged with our well-being and using in part our money to do so.

I am happy that is not the case in Brown County, Wisconsin. Between that and the Packers, you are on our radar should we relocate!

Thank you

M.J. with family, West Lincoln, ON,  Dec 2014

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