Industrial Wind Turbines …. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Industrial Wind Turbines

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Written by: Anna Sand
This Monday and Tuesday, will bring to a finale a 4 year legal battle. The fight? To stop the construction of 9 industrial wind turbines (IWT) in Ostrander Point, one of North America’s most important migratory routes for birds and home to endangered species.
The battle pits residents and environmental groups, like Nature Canada, against Gilead Power Corporation and the Government.

But what is the problem? Aren’t wind turbines GREEN? Why would environmental groups be in direct opposition to a green energy project? Conversely, with such a small project and such opposition, why hasn’t Gilead just walked away?  The reason?  The hidden stakes are much bigger than they might first appear.

Part of the problem is the location: Ostrander Point, Prince Edward County. Sometimes called the New Niagara on the Lake, the ‘County’ has grown in popularity in recent years. An island 3 hours east of Toronto; it’s home to over 35 wineries, organic farms,
the world famous Sandbanks Provincial Park, a National Wildlife Reserve and Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory, which attracts birders from around the world. Ostrander Point and the County, it turns out, are homes to endangered species and are directly in
one of the most important migratory routes for birds in North America.

Unfortunately, Gilead has much bigger plans than just 9 IWT. If Gilead wins this fight, they plan to build another 90 Industrial Wind Turbines across the County.

Little Old Ladies with Sticks

Okay, they aren’t holding sticks but… holding bake sales, tea parties, selling t-shirts and anything else they can do, this mighty band of opposition, the ‘Turtle Defenders’ – after the endangered Blanding’s Turtle whose home sits directly in the path of the planned
IWT construction – includes some spit fiery seniors! So far they’ve raised over $193,000 to fight against the construction of the turbines. (Clearly, the public supports them.) It’s both a sad and empowering sight. Little old ladies up in arms and not backing down,
sitting behind their lone (but determined!) lawyer, Eric Gillespie, a specialist in environmental law. The Gilead Corporation, on the other hand, is flanked by a team of high priced lawyers, including government lawyers paid for with tax payer dollars. David
versus Goliath. Continue reading Industrial Wind Turbines …. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

PECFN will be defending the ERT ruling that denied the MOE approval

Court of Appeal Schedule

downloadOn December 8 and 9 PECFN will be defending the ERT ruling that denied the MOE approval of development at Ostrander Point.  The case will be heard in the Appeal Court of Ontario, Osgoode Hall Rm 2 starting at 1030.  Osgoode Hall is adjacent to the Toronto City Hall on Queen St. in Toronto at the corner of University Ave.  We expect PECFN to be well represented on the spectators’ benches – hopefully with Turtle shirts in evidence.  The PECFN case and intervenors (Nature Canada and South Shore Conservancy) will be heard first.  Gilead and the MOE with intervenor Canadian Wind Energy Association will be heard on Tuesday with a reply allowed for PECFN afterwards.

Cheryl Anderson

NRWC project estimates “1372” Truck Deliveries and Removals PER TURBINE Site!!

The following chart is taken from page 23 of the NIAGARA REGION WIND FARM CONSTRUCTION PLAN REPORT.   1342 Trucks Deliveries and Removal Per Turbine.  That’s 1342 x 77 turbines = 103 334 Heavy Industrial Trucks running up and down our country roads.

If you want to help prevent  this from happening then donate to the MAWT Inc. Legal Fund.  Donate Now Before it’s to late!

103 334 Trucks!!

truck loads

Health Canada study: Ontario wind turbine rules not protecting citizens

December 3, 2014


Health Canada study: Ontario wind turbine rules not protecting citizens

The results of a Health Canada study released November 6 show that Ontario is not protecting the health of residents living near wind turbines, and that longer setbacks between the wind turbines and homes are required.

Health Canada’s summary of its Wind Turbine Noise and Health study results included the fact that responses to the study’s questionnaire show participants reporting experiencing distress or annoyance when wind turbine noise was at 35 decibels/dBA.   Current Ontario regulations are based on the World Health Organization Night Noise limit of 40 dBA but that limit was designed solely for traffic and airport noise.  Continue reading Health Canada study: Ontario wind turbine rules not protecting citizens

Wind turbine appeal to be heard in “Wellandport” (not Smithville)

Please donate to the Legal Fund, we can fight only as far as the money takes us.

Wind turbine appeal to be heard in Smithville   Wellandport

1331173896981_ORIGINALAs they said they would, an advocacy group has appealed the decision to allow a 77-turbine wind farm to be built in west Niagara, but they have no disillusions of their chances of winning.

A preliminary hearing for a tribunal that could overturn the wind farm approval has now been scheduled for Dec. 19 at the Wellandport Community Centre.

That building, on Canborough Rd. in Smithville, has become a key site in the wind turbine debate, with numerous public meetings held there as progress on the massive development has slowly moved forward.

Niagara Region Wind Corp. was given the green light to move forward with its industrial wind turbine project in early November when the Ministry of the Environment issued its Renewable Energy Approval.

The project calls for 77 three-megawatt turbines to be built in West Lincoln, Lincoln and Wainfleet. The total development has a capacity of 230 MW, enough to power 70,000 homes and make it the fifth-largest wind farm in North America. Continue reading Wind turbine appeal to be heard in “Wellandport” (not Smithville)