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Wind power approvals pushing Ontario hydro bills up

February 11, 2014
Wind Power Project Approvals Driving Up Cost of Ontario’s Electricity
By Parker Gallant
The provincial government would have us believe it is taking steps to manage rapidly rising electricity costs. Meanwhile, in the background, they are pushing 55 wind turbine projects through the Renewable Energy Approval process, projects  that will add $1.1 billion per year to Ontario’s electricity costs.  The impact of these turbine projects is 20 times the cost of the gas plant relocations.
The 230-megawatt  (MW) Niagara Region Wind Project proposed for West Lincoln and Wainfleet in the Niagara Region alone will add $78 million annually to Ontario’s electricity costs when approved.  The cost over its 20-year contract is $1.6 Billion.  Rather than declining or delaying these 55 projects, the provincial government continues to issue approvals and increasing electricity costs to levels that Ontario household and business users cannot afford.
In fact, wind power projects continue to be approved almost weekly despite Ontario’s current surplus of electricity.  Some operators of existing wind power generation facilities are actually being paid not to produce electricity, and neighbouring jurisdictions like New York and Michigan are being paid to take Ontario’s surplus power, which they in turn use to attract jobs away from Ontario with cheap electricity.  To create capacity on the grid for the expensive power generated by wind turbines, Ontario is also idling the Niagara hydro plants which in the past have powered Ontario’s economy by supplying cheap clean electricity.
The truth is that wind is not a reliable source of electric power.  In Ontario, wind turbines generate most of their electricity at night, and in the fall and winter months—exactly when we don’t need it. To provide the electricity needed by the province during the day, and in the hot summers, Ontario has had to supplement wind turbines with gas plants to provide electricity when the wind is not blowing.  This means that the average Ontario electricity user will not only pay about $220 annually for the cost of the wind turbine contracts but also another $200 annually to pay for the base costs of the gas plants needed to back them up.  Ontario electricity ratepayers could do a lot with that $420.
While the government argues that it has no option but to proceed with these projects, Ontario court have confirmed that the Feed-in-Tariff contracts issued for these projects only allow the proponent to enter a “complex regulatory process that might have led to approvals” and that the Environmental Project Act gives the Ministry of the Environment Director “broad powers to issue, reject, or amend Renewable Energy Approvals.”  The known impacts of existing wind power projects on communities in rural Ontario give the Ministry of the Environment Director a basis for rejecting or delaying these projects.  The Ontario government is pursuing wind power without a proper cost-benefit analysis, as was pointed out by the Auditor-General in 2011; no analysis was done before launching into the wind power program, or since. Citing benefits to the environment, is not an appropriate rationale:  with the coal plants closed, there is no need for concern about pollution from them, and there are also valid concerns about environmental damage and harm to wildlife from wind power plants.
For example, the government’s own Environmental Review Tribunal revoked approval to construct the Ostrander Point project last July because the project would cause “serious and irreversible harm” to the endangered Blanding’s turtles native to the area.  Rather than accepting that decision, however, the Ministry of the Environment partnered with the wind industry in January to appeal this ruling in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto; the Ministry is trying to overturn the decision to protect the turtles.  Similarly, the Ministry continues to support the Wainfleet Wind Energy project, despite the obvious dangers presented to users of the nearby Skydive Burnaby facility.
Electricity costs in Ontario are now among the highest in North America. Ontario households and businesses have reached the limit of their capacity to pay for this Green Energy experiment. It is time for the Ontario government to stop approving more wind turbine projects, like the Niagara Region Wind Project, that will drive up the cost of electricity in the province for the next 20 years while generating electricity we do not need.
Parker Gallant is a former vice-president with the TD Bank, a former director with Energy Probe, and currently an energy analyst and commentator. He is vice-president of Wind Concerns Ontario.

The Incredible Similarities between Wynne Power & Wind Power

Hockey Fight Wynne

1. They both have a total disregard for democracy.
2. They both garner acceptance through “favours”, or money.
3. They are both guilty of incredibly high levels of greed and waste.
4. They both brag about what they can do, but neither of them can prove any net benefit, for
their “efforts”.
5. They both travel in circles that are continually being accused of extreme corruption.
6. They are both fond of back room deals, deleted e-mails, lack of transparency, nondisclosure,
and secrets.
7. Neither of them do the job they were intended to do, but both are costing us far more than
they should be, even if they were producing at 100% capacity.
8. They are both treating the rural residents in Ontario, with utter disdain
9. They are both willing to cause physical harm to people, all the while denying it, to avoid
10. They are both notorious for telling lie after lie, after lie.
11. They are both willing to destroy our environment, while pretending to “help” the global
warming “problem”.
12. They are both pushing the faux-green energy scam, based on the unproven theory, that
CO2 is responsible for global warming.
13. They are both in complete denial of the physical, psychological, financial, social, disaster,
that the wind scam has turned out to be.
14. They both point the finger of blame for the damage they are doing, at anyone but
15. They are both willing to pay off one segment of the population (cities/towns), in order to
convince them, to turn a blind eye to the abuse of the other segment,(rural areas).
16. They both use climate fear mongering, to push their useless agendas.
17. They have both survived up till this point….because people can be gullible, and they have
taken the word of these wind pushers, without first doing their homework, and
researching the truth.
18. They are both heavily invested financially, in the windscam, and would hate to see it fail,
even if it bankrupts our province.
19. They are both bold and brash enough to push themselves onto the rural people and
communities that do NOT want them.
20. We need to run them both out of the province, before they run our economy into the
ground! SUPPORTERS OF WIND, ARE SUPPORTED BY WIND….always follow the
money trail.

By Shellie Correia –  October 21, 2013