IESO curtailment update

Pay for nothing….that is disgusting!

Ontario Wind Resistance

On January 3, 2013, Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”) published amendments to the Market Rules that authorize the IESO to dispatch certain renewable generators in Ontario. Dispatch means to turn on and off as electricity demand from consumers or ‘the grid’ requires. The Ontario Power Authority (“OPA”) is currently re-negotiating (now completed, Sept 2013) approximately 50 power purchase agreements (PPA) with certain affected renewable generators. At present, the OPA’s proposed compensation model is to compensate these renewable generators for any curtailment above specified contractual caps. This means pay wind and solar to not produce electricity.Read more here

IESO Improvements Help Transition to More Sustainable Supply Mix: 18-Month Outlook
September 3, 2013
Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) will mark a major milestone with the introduction of a new dispatch tool for all grid-connected wind resources. Previously wind and solar could only be shut off…

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After a party that was bigger then the end of WWII – STT says: “hats off, Tony”

It brings me great joy to see the greentards getting the boot! Go Aussies!


The “unelectable” Tony Abbott has just been elected – picking up some 18 seats – to end up with a thumping 32 seat majority in the House of Representatives.

When we say “thumping” we’re not just talking about the almighty hangovers suffered by the STT crew this morning.

Among the 90 seats that the Coalition bagged were those taken by STT Champions:

Craig “Ned” Kelly:


Craig picked up a traditionally Labor seat in 2010 and has been returned with a swing of 6% in his favour. “Hats off, Craig”!

Craig’s a mighty big man with a mighty big plan to put energy policy back in order and is very keen to slam the bag on the wind industry scam.

Bruce “the wind scam smasher” Scott:

The Member for Maranoa came out swinging after the National Rally – tipping an almighty bucket on the wind power fraud – which we covered

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Australia liberated from their long national green nightmare

Warning to all politicians clinging to the faux-green agenda! IT’S OVER!!!

Watts Up With That?

Australia_open_for_businessToday is a great day not only in Australian history, but also in world history. It marks the day when people of character and sensibility pushed back against an overwrought and pointless green agenda, and pushed back in a big way. They’ve had enough, and they’ve scraped the Krudd off their shoes and are moving forward.

Tony Abbott has won the Australian election in a landslide, and vows to abolish the carbon tax as a first order of business. Abbott has declared Australia is “once more open for business” in claiming victory in Saturday’s election.

It is a huge blow to the Rudd-Gillard labor party and their green goals, which were built on a lie foisted on the Australian people. In 2010 when Gillard said “no carbon tax” in a  videotaped speech that has been seen as the key moment Australians lost trust:

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New paper says ‘No evidence of planetary influence on solar activity’

The only sales gimmick they faux-green industry has, is the climate scare. They are fighting to hold on to that!

Watts Up With That?

“Barycentric” influence of the planets on the sun is just statistically insignificant, and a previous paper that claims to find a signal in isotopic records is proven to be nothing more than a statistical artifact.

In 2012, Astronomy & Astrophysics published a statistical study of the isotopic records of solar activity, in which Abreu et al. claimed that there is evidence of planetary influence on solar activity. A&A is publishing a new analysis of these isotopic data by Cameron and Schüssler. It corrects technical errors in the statistical tests performed by Abreu et al.

They find no evidence of any planetary effect on solar activity.

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Why existing Wind turbine “Health Studies” are skewed and pathetically inadequate

We KNOW there are health effects….we just need the wind industry to be forced to acknowledge it, but they don’t want to be responsible!

Quixotes Last Stand

The Massachusettes Dept. of Environmental Protection/Dept. of Public Health commissioned a study on the effects of wind turbines on humans.

Wind Turbine Health Impact Study:

Report of Independent Expert Panel January 2012

Prepared for: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection /Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Several things to note about this “independent” unbiased 163 page report.

They go to great lengths to mention the qualifications of the board members who evaluated the research.  All sorts of PHD’s flying around the room.  And we know that they know their “stuff” because right off the bat, they give this unbiased view of wind turbines.

“Many countries have turned to wind power as a clean energy source because it relies on the wind, which is indefinitely renewable; it is generated “locally,” thereby providing a measure of energy independence; and it produces no carbon dioxide emissions when operating.”  

No mention of course, that wind…

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Wind turbines may have hidden hazards–New Report from UCLA

Hidden hazards???? Not hidden very well….the victims knew all along!!!

Quixotes Last Stand

William Ezell — New London — June 23, 2012

Mr. Ezell is a Fellow in the Acoustic Society of America.

My last letter questioned the wisdom of our financially destitute government granting federal permits to Deepwater Wind Company to build five huge wind farm generators near Block Island for various reasons (“Keep wind farms from Block Island” on June 6).

My concern has been strengthened after receiving the April 2012 copy of Acoustic Today, a publication of The Acoustic Society of America.
It has a timely relevant technical article titled “Wind Turbines….The Effects of Infrasonics on The Human Auditory System,” by Annie Chen and Peter Narins, UCLA specialist in Neuroscience & Ecology & Bio-Acoustics. These specialized trained scientists have concluded that low frequency noises in the 19 Hz range of the intensity typical of windmill generators can have psychosomatic adverse effects on humans, such as depression, anxiety, irritability…

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The Great Energy Swindle: Tax Payers’ Alliance hits the target. Again.

The windscam has got to go!!!

Roger Helmer MEP

energy swindle

As UKIP Energy Spokesman, I have stated two clear and straightforward objectives for energy policy: (1) Keep the Lights On; (2) Keep energy affordable.  We shall be issuing an up-date on UKIP energy policy later this month at Party Conference.  No major changes, but a discussion of the shale gas opportunity.

We need affordable energy to take households and pensioners out of fuel poverty.  But equally important, we must have affordable energy if we’re going to stop driving industry and jobs and investment overseas; if we’re going to restore the competitiveness of British Industry; and if we’re going to get the industrial regeneration which this country so desperately needs.

With this in mind, we’ve backed our Polish colleagues in their Affordable Energy campaign.  They’ve launched a “European Citizens’ Initiative” calling for the suspension of the EU’s climate and energy package, at least until other major economies adopt similar measures.  Clearly…

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Abbott on the verge

Aussies about to oust the windweasels!!!

Australian Climate Madness

The Coalition, led by Tony Abbott, is on the verge of regaining power after the worst six years of government in Australia’s Federal history.

The Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-again experiment proved to be the most untrustworthy, incompetent and arrogant administration one could conceivably imagine. Broken promises, failed policies, epic waste, smear, lies and corruption lay strewn in its wake. Labor’s shabby deal with the Greens in 2010 was bought with a promise of urgent action on climate change, which gave Australia the most pointless emissions tax on the planet.

Producing barely 1.5% of global emissions, Australia has always been a bit-part in the fairytale theatrics of global climate action, and Labor’s tax was supposed to reduce that tiny figure by a paltry 5%, all at a cost of billions of dollars to the Australian economy. And what effect would it have on the climate? Nothing. Well, as close to nothing as one could…

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Report on the Preliminary ERT Hearing of Platinum Produce vs South Kent Wind

The poor victims in the Hell known as Chatham-Kent.

Ontario Wind Resistance

The second appeal of the South Kent Wind project began with a preliminary hearing in Blenheim yesterday (Sept 5). Robert Wright was the only tribunal judge presiding. Two lawyers (Bunting and Powell) were there to represent South Kent Wind, and at least 3 lawyers (Jacobs, Horner and ?) were there for the MOE as well as a representative or two for the minister of the Environment. The appellant, Platinum Produce, was represented by Graham Andrews (from the Gillespie firm).   No one requested any status to present material or raise issues at the hearing.

South Kent Wind began by seeking dismissal of the constitutional challenge raised by Platinum Produce as well as a complete dismissal of the hearing. This was echoed by the MOE who also said that the Tribunal was not the proper jurisdiction to raise constitutional issues.

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Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power Emissions is our first priority!

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