Sick Again – motion sickness sufferers cop it worst from giant fans

Just like the kid at the carnival, who vomits on the rides, the victims of wind are NOT faking it!


The bi-annual Wind Turbine Noise Conference was held in Denver, in August 2013. The conference is hosted by ICEN: Europe (International Institute of Noise Control Engineering) and looked at 79 research papers about wind turbine noise around the themes of:

  • Low frequency noise and infrasound: Measurements and effects
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Instrumentation
  • Effects of WTN on individuals
  • Sound Imission and Emission Measurements
  • Structure-borne Noise/Vibration
  • Propagation Wind Effects Modelling
  • Regulations & Policies.

A few of these papers are now in the public domain – one of them is the work of Paul Schomer – one of America’s leading acoustic experts – and a band of others, including medical researchers – aimed at reaching an understanding as to why a significant proportion of wind farm neighbours suffer motion-sickness like symptoms. The opening summary of the paper says:

For at least four decades there have been reports in scientific literature of people being made…

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