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Jericho wind project opponents taking case to environmental tribunal

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer


Wind turbines near Kettle Point.


Opponents of NextEra Energy’s 92-turbine Jericho wind energy project have appealed its provincial environmental approval.

Marcelle Brooks, with the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, said an appeal filed by member Bob Lewis has been accepted by Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal, and a hearing is expected to be held June 24.

Construction on the wind project that will see turbines built in Lambton Shores and Warwick Township, as well as transmission lines in neighbouring North Middlesex, began days after it was approved April 14 by Ontario’s Ministry of Environment.

Ontario allows construction of renewable energy projects to continue while an appeal is underway, unless the tribunal issues a stay order.

Brooks said they know odds of an appeal succeeding are slim but still decided to go ahead.

“We need our voice to be heard at every opportunity,” she said.

Brooks said they don’t have money for a lawyer and Lewis will represent himself at the tribunal hearing.

“It’s quite complex, when you’re not a lawyer,” she said.

The group members plan to make use of experience gained when members of the wind action group appealed other wind projects.

As well as arguing that wind turbines harm the environment and human health, Brooks said the appeal will challenge the provincial approval under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“We really did not have any say in what is going on here,” she said.

“There has been no freedom to choose, to decide location, to do what’s best for the community. The whole wind energy fiasco has been imposed on us.”

Brooks said the wind action group didn’t file the appeal itself because of past experiences with the tribunal, an independent body established by provincial legislation.

“The tribunal doesn’t care for us, all that well, because we always represent ourselves,” she said.

Brooks said they will request the hearing be held in Lambton so members of the community can attend.

NextEra has said construction of the Jericho wind project is expected to take six to nine months.

See original article here: http://www.lfpress.com/2014/05/02/jericho-wind-project-opponents-taking-case-to-environmental-tribunal

What the Liberals are doing to this province….is disgusting!!!


The people of this, once, “proud and strong” province, have got to open their eyes, and realize the devastation that is being caused by the Liberals, and condoned, by the NDP.   We need an election as soon as possible, and we need a Conservative majority, to do damage control.  The Greed Energy Act, is going to destroy our economy, if we don’t repeal it NOW!  We cannot take no, for an answer!

Wind energy- we need it…like we need a hole in our heads….

http://ep.probeinternational.org/2013/11/17/parker-gallant-wynne-government-picks-ratepayers-pockets-for-wind-turbine-developers/ Wynne has got to go….and the sooner, the better!

WLWAG: Wind Battle Year in Review


WLWAG Year in Review.   This year has presented many  difficulties and at times disappointments for wind action groups around Ontario but Wednesday night was definitely a bright moment for the West Lincoln Wind Action Group.
Speakers, community members and WLWAG came to together at the Wellandport Community Hall to be updated on the status of the battle against the NRWC and the IPC projects.   Neil Schwitzer, chairperson of the event gave an informative overview of the status. Updates were also provided by the  leaders of  sub-committees and wind actions (health, environment, legal actions, appeals, communications, finances, fundraising etc.) as well as an update from our allied friends at “STOP” and “Mothers Against Turbines.”  A special thanks to Tricia Vaughn  who recognised a need for this  information update for the community and Deb Murphy who encouraged us all to spread the information.
Ed and Ann Fairfield relayed to the audience their own battle with the IPC and what their next step would be.  As always finances would be an issue and requested help with this.  They reminded us that this was really a community battle.
Coming all the way from Goderich, Shawn Drennan was the  special speaker for the event.  He updated us on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  battle against the GEA and its legislation and urged us all to “Unite the Fight”.  He stressed that we really needed to pool our resources and focus and that if he and his lawyer Julian Falconer were successful with their court case then it would have wide ranging implications for all wind projects and its victims across Ontario.

Current schedule for St Columbian/Julian Falconer

The ERT for St Columban starts Monday, Sept 23 at 10.00 am. at Brussels Arena Community Hall.

Below please find list of witnesses.

Monday -motion- Jim Murray being allowed in to give evidence
-opening statements
-Ryans and Dixons evidence

Tuesday-Barb Ashbee
-Sandy McLeod

Wednesday-Nicky Horton

Some time Wednesday or Thursday there will need to be time
set aside for HALT to give evidence.

Thursday- Oliveria
Rick James (full afternoon)

Friday-  Tomlinson

Toronto (Tribunal venue)
Tuesday    October 1 Denton Miller (acoustician)
Dr. Baines
Wednesday  October 2 Dr. Moore
Hose Menendez