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IESO Changes Capability Reporting on Eve of Ontario Liberals Paying Wind Companies to NOT Produce Electricity

 IESO is obscuring the truth to further a political agenda that will bankrupt the people of Ontario!

In Communist countries, Politicians are  paid by the public purse stuff the money into their own pockets, sell out the resources of the country to private for profit multinational corporations and the people become poorer and poorer – Sounds Like Ontario!!!!!!!!
I am calling on you to write a letter to the IESO demanding they bring back the Capability Information to Ontarians.
The IESO has changed thier Generators Output and Capability Report to EXCLUDE Wind’s Capability, in replacement of Wind Forecast.
Forecast now Matches Output which is a SPIN for reporting to the public.
All other Energy Sources for Ontario show Capability Vs Output – Except WIND!
This is wrong and also deceitful to Ontarians on the cusp of the Liberal Government now curtailing Wind while also paying contracted rates to Industrial Wind Turbine Companies.
An example of Why This Matters and what is now missing from the Public Eyes:
On August 29, 2013 at 1:00pm
IESO Reported a Demand of 29479MW
Of this demand, a MEASLY 0.0885% was generated by Wind Power
& Wind only used 1.1% of it’s CAPABILITY!!!!!
Marianne Kidd – Mothers Against Wind Turbines

Help Message Loud and Clear on Gobles Grove Beach

On a cold and windy Labour Day Monday, wind warriors from all parts of Ontario united at Gobles Grove Beach in the midst of an un-welcome CAW Turbine. Our Mothers Against Turbines bus, filled with supporters from Haldimand, West Lincoln and Wainfleet, walked beside our fellow Ontarians, sending a message to Kathleen Wynne and wind companies everywhere that Turbines are not welcome on our doorsteps!

Hundreds of people were positioned on the beach where the word HELP was spelled out in advance of our arrival. United and in position, we gathered into the letter H, trying to beat a Guinness Book of World Record!

The event was well organized and even included a sound equipment demonstration. The SWEAR and STOP groups are actually able to monitor infrasound, utilizing hundreds in testing equipment and software, that can then be analyzed by a sound/noise expert.

The Charter Challenge, brought forth by Julian Falconer, if successful, will set a precedent and will assist ALL those following. This action has the potential to shift the burden of proof from the need to prove serious harm to human health to the need to prove the possibility of harm, a much lower threshold.

Thank you STOP and SWEAR for organizing this event! It has managed to bring Ontarians closer together in this battle against the Liberal Government and Big Corporate Wind Companies.

WLGWAG takes a Different Direction with HAF Wind Energy Project

Thank you for fighting for the people Anne and Ed! Press Release Below from WLWAG:

On the advice of our Lawyer Eric Gillespie, Anne Fairfield and Edward Engel (on behalf of the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group), in an agreement with the Lawyers for Vineland Power Inc , have asked for a Consent Dismissal of their Appeal for an Environmental Review Tribunal Hearing and their STAY Motion. Our Canadian Constitution is called our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our constitutional question asks if the manner in which Industrial Wind Turbines are being approved is unconstitutional insofar as they allow for the violation of our rights under Section 7 of the Charter, among other things. The Minutes of Settlement indicate that when the matter of the Constitutional Question is decided before at least two other Tribunal Hearings, which are currently in process, the answer will be brought back before the Tribunal hearing the HAF Wind Energy project and applied to our Constitutional Question as well. In the meantime, residents of West Lincoln should watch for announcements of the upcoming information event, Year in Review, being planned for September 25th in the Wellandport Community Centre. This will be your opportunity for “one-stop shopping” for all the information you wish you knew about Wind Turbines in West Lincoln and Haldimand County, and why WLGWAG has been opposing this potential Industrial Invasion for over three years. Mark this “Go-to-Event” on your calendars now and spread the news to your neighbours so they can get involved.