IESO Changes Capability Reporting on Eve of Ontario Liberals Paying Wind Companies to NOT Produce Electricity

 IESO is obscuring the truth to further a political agenda that will bankrupt the people of Ontario!

In Communist countries, Politicians are  paid by the public purse stuff the money into their own pockets, sell out the resources of the country to private for profit multinational corporations and the people become poorer and poorer – Sounds Like Ontario!!!!!!!!
I am calling on you to write a letter to the IESO demanding they bring back the Capability Information to Ontarians.
The IESO has changed thier Generators Output and Capability Report to EXCLUDE Wind’s Capability, in replacement of Wind Forecast.
Forecast now Matches Output which is a SPIN for reporting to the public.
All other Energy Sources for Ontario show Capability Vs Output – Except WIND!
This is wrong and also deceitful to Ontarians on the cusp of the Liberal Government now curtailing Wind while also paying contracted rates to Industrial Wind Turbine Companies.
An example of Why This Matters and what is now missing from the Public Eyes:
On August 29, 2013 at 1:00pm
IESO Reported a Demand of 29479MW
Of this demand, a MEASLY 0.0885% was generated by Wind Power
& Wind only used 1.1% of it’s CAPABILITY!!!!!
Marianne Kidd – Mothers Against Wind Turbines

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